Sainsbury’s alcohol-free beer

sainsbury's alcohol free beer

Sainsbury’s alcohol-free beer I am always interested in how local supermarkets in the UK deal with the new alcohol-free beer phenomenon. Well, it seems that Sainsbury’s alcohol-free beer has arrived, and it’s an “own label”. We discussed on the Podcast this week how cheap it was and wondered if it was a mistake. We …

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NonSeco Cheap Alcohol-Free Plonk

nonseco alcohol-free

Non-Seco – Cheap Alcohol-Free Plonk As the market for alcohol-free drinks starts to try out different options, it seems that supermarkets in the UK often only have one fizz option, and it is called Nonseco but is also called Nonsecco! It seems while I could search today and not find any alcohol free wine or …

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Podcast Episodes Week One

alcohol free drinks podcast

The Alcohol-Free Podcast Episode One In the first episode of the alcohol-free drinks podcast from, meet presenters Phil Roberts and Ian James, who talk about what we can expect. They talk about future guests and what they have been trying out on the alcohol-free beer front this week.  But! Its turns out Phil has been …

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Best alcohol-free red wines

Best alcohol free red wines

Best alcohol-free red wines If you think alcohol-free drinks, get a raw deal, give a thought to the best alcohol-free red wines. After all, with a high brow reputation with the red wine smell, and oaky flavour, red wines are often called “the wine’s wine”. After all, they’re so protected; heaven forbid that anyone takes …

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Insights into gin alcohol-free

10 insights gin alcohol free

Ten insights into gin alcohol-free There is an excellent buzz about gin alcohol-free right now, and why would there not be. It’s a great alcohol-free alternative that is high quality and can add to the options. However, many people go into gin alcohol-free hoping for something else and maybe get a few surprises along the …

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Is alcohol-free sangria worth it?

sangria alcohol free

Is alcohol-free sangria worth it? Yes, it is the answer. People often ask if making alcohol free sangria is worth it, holidaymakers, and the answer is a big yes. The reason is that with the advent of alcohol-free wine and spirits, you can quickly create an alcohol-free sangria that is worth it. And no, it’s …

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