Are Mocktails Good for You?

If you need to cut back on alcohol, absolutely, but cutting back on sugar may not be so good when it comes to Mocktails.

There is a lot of mocktail choice, but non-alcoholic drinks are not diet drinks. So are mocktails good for you?

Although a few have some secret weapons up their sleeve, most have calories, which I can tell you about later.

A mocktail is a cocktail without alcohol.

Check your limits through the drinkaware website.

People overcomplicate it, but that is what a mocktail is.

There is one thing you can say about mocktails that I wouldn’t know about any other alcohol-free options.

They often have a mocktail menu!

Yes, bars or restaurants have a soft drinks section but an alcohol-free drinks section. No way!

Why? Because they don’t stock alcohol-free options, probably.

Or maybe bars think having mocktails is the only option important enough.

The best places that make cocktails will have all the ingredients for mocktails. You just won’t put the alcohol in it: Voila, and you sorted.

In fact, with the ever-increasing range of alcoholic free spirits, you can now make them at home.

Of course, you add to the expense, but it’s not that difficult to make an alcohol-free martini or even a mojito.

You can get some mocktails to mimic the taste of the alcohol counterpart.

And of course, they won’t taste the same; they are alcohol-free after all!

So my mixologist mate says that in reality, leave the alcohol out and add in things like :

  • Juices
  • Sodas water
  • Syrups ( coffee syrups are great)
  • Flavoured water
  • Teas
  • Pieces of fruit
  • A spice that you may find in your kitchen cupboard like black pepper.
  • Open the salad draw and see what garnishes you can add.

Plus, with the advent of alcohol-free spirits like the Lyle range, there is every possibility of going.

I have listed an affiliate link below for Lyles, mainly because they do the whole range of options.

As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, but this does not affect your pay. I do my best to make that clear at all times and follow FTC guidelines.


You also have the benefit of alcohol-free gin like Gordon 0.0, which I have reviewed.

Mocktails can be what you want them to be, and you can quickly come up with your own.

That is what a mixologist and experts in making cocktails do at the end of the day.

It is a craft, and yes, we can learn it.

Start with chucking everything in, and you will soon get the hang of making a good mocktail!


Can You List the advantages of Mocktails?

The bottom line is they are social drinks. And believe it or not, the pressure to drink alcohol is crazy.

Although I have noticed a considerable prejudice in not drinking, so go figure that one out!

Mocktails are great for people that want to cut back on alcohol :

  • Family events
  • BBQ’s
  • Birthdays
  • Hen and Stag Parties ( especially if you are responsible for the future bride or groom)

I have often asked if you can drink mocktail at any time, and the answer is, of course.


What Are The Benefits of A Mocktail?

Anyone can make them, but a mixologist should make it better!

Never underestimate the skills of a talented MIxologist.

And Mixologists seem to love making them; I certainly get a different reaction than if I asked for a non-alcoholic beer.

Although, in reality, if I am at home, it’s a bit like my homemade, alcohol-free sangria. I chuck anything into the mix.

Don’t tell anyone!

Are Mocktails Healthy overall?

Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, but if you are trying to reduce alcohol or giving up alcohol in moderation, it’s a great opportunity.

Alcohol is a poison at the end of the UK, and the UK’s NHS says we need to keep within our 14 units.

Read what’s one unit of alcohol.

The one thing to remember is that some mocktails have a lot of sugar, but then an alcohol free-gin and using something like seedlip are excellent examples that can make good diet drinks with a bit of thought.

But that is the exception rather than the rule.

There are many opportunities for sugar in mocktails, and there is no point cutting back on alcohol if you are massively increasing your sugar.

But let’s be clear having less alcohol, and less sugar is a “win-win” on all sorts of counts!

So it’s all about the ingredients!


What about the calories in a mocktail?

Just like abv alcohol by volume, calories and mocktails are everything.

It would help if you didn’t fall foul to people mixing it up with alcohol cocktails.

Read Alcohol-free Cocktail versus Mocktails here.

Now there are calories in alcohol, so of course, you are losing that aspect which is a good thing.

But it’s a big but, make sure you don’t add extra sugar as a result.

Mocktails and Calories


Fresh fruit, herbs or other natural ingredients are all great, and if you are making them well, the more fibre, the better.

If you make themselves yourselves be mindful of adding fresh stuff rather than prepackaged orange juice that might have more alcohol than you might first imagine.

Read how much alcohol is orange juice.

The good news is the more natural ingredients you use, the better, and you will get plenty of vitamin c and so-called antioxidants.

So with a cocktail, it is all about balance and keeping an eye on what goes in?

Of course, for a treat, who cares and go for it.

Mocktails Help You Avoid Dehydration, Hangovers and Spending

We know alcohol consumption can lead to dehydration, so we have to reach for a pint of water the next day.

So by using mocktails to celebrate rather than some of the spirits as in strong alcoholic cocktails, you will suffer no hangover.

I know many people who comment on the blog say that one reason for their health improvement is that they start to choose alcohol-free drinks.

Your body won’t get rid of alcohol any quicker than your system is designed to do, despite what you may read.

Read about alcohol metabolism here.

In terms of saving money, you may end up paying just the same when you are out. That may be unfair, but mixology is a big business.

Could A Mocktail Help Avoid A Hangover?


And if the mocktail is made of an alcoholic free spirit, they are not that cheap, although many are worth it.

Seedlip is a great addition to the alcohol-free drink mocktail menu.

All you need to do is add tonic water and other ingredients like grapefruit and syrups, and with an umbrella, you won’t go far wrong.

Could you read my review of alcohol-free gin here?

In terms of spending, you will save some cash if you use your ingredients, and I would encourage you to look at the cheaper alcohol-free spirits like a coffee liqueur.

Of course, when we are drunk, we decide on spending money that we would not otherwise, including that kebab on the way home.

Add in taxi’s as well, and well, you get my point!


My favourite Mocktail

An alcoholic Bloody Mary Mocktail recipe is known for its health benefits, including a hangover cure.

Nothing can sort out a hangover in reality!

What if you can’t drink alcohol or are cutting back? Can you still enjoy one? Yes, you can?

The 00abv Virgin Mary Mocktail is ideal.



Virgin Bloody Mary 00abv


As part of brunch New Year’s Day, maybe?

Remember, don’t get hung up on the small amounts; chuck it in to taste.

You can always add to taste as you go along, but about half a teaspoon will do.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Tomato juice enough for a cocktail maker or jug.
  • Lemon juice
  • Horseradish
  • A teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce
  • Pinch of turmeric
  • Tiny amount on a teaspoon of extra-virgin olive oil
  • Celery salt
  • Ice cubes
  • Black pepper
  • Take all the ingredients and shake it in a mixer or stir madly in a jug if you have one.

Garnish the top with your choice. A piece of lemon is always excellent.

Read about another version of a virgin mocktail here.

What’s Your View?

I would love to know your view on the mocktails. Have you ever tried them as an alcohol favourite alternative? Which one is your favourite? Do you keep them for special occasions and do you make them at home?

Leave your view on are mocktails good for you below. I always get back to you. Enjoy!


The Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast Episode 3


4 thoughts on “Are Mocktails Good for You?”

  1. This is a great read on mocktails, and it certainly sounds nicer than alcohol free cocktails. I first came across mocktails on a menu earlier this year, and the restaurant made them sound and look delicious. And yes the only difference is that it is without alcohol. Personally I am a wine drinker, rather than cocktails, mainly because I don’t like the sweetness and hidden calories. But mocktails are the perfect solution for those that enjoy cocktails.

    • Yes, I would choose alcohol-free wine like Torres over mocktails, but you often can get mocktails over anything else alcohol-free. Thanks so much for a great comment, it is really appreciated, Phil

  2. I came across this website online. The title grabbed my attention. Mocktails!

    What is a mocktail, as I cant seem to find the definition, despite reading a couple of pages.

    Like you I am a socail drinker and have a bottle of decent wine, once a month, sprad over 3 days, which amounts to a small galss of wine, sipped as opposed to necked.

    I guess it goes to show that we all need to look after ourselves and as a non smoker as well, I can’t stand the smell of it and see no benefit too it, so this article has opened my eyes somewhat to a topic I knew very little about

    • That is great, Dave; well put, a mocktail is a cocktail with no alcohol! I will make sure that is in as it is a good point. 

      There is a lot of confusion between mocktails and cocktails, but it’s all smoke and mirrors. Thanks so much for taking time out. This may also help what is a mocktail. I have also written this article as well on alcohol-free cocktails . All the very best, Phil


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