Mocktails drinks – what are they?

Are mocktails drinks’? They certainly are and a welcome addition to the summer drinks’ scene. In findings by Distill ventures last year the stats were quite spectacular but nothing non-alcoholic drinkers probably don’t already know.

In the UK alone 61% of U.K. drinkers want better choices in non-alcoholic drinks’ options while people serving the drinks’ believe the non and low ABV trend will continue to grow in the years to come and you can kind of see it albeit at a low pace.

In LA, the showbiz capital 83% of people who run bars said 0.0 abv % drinking is part of a growing trend. So is it any surprise Mocktails are on the increase? Although I wish they would drop the “mock” I take it so personally!

What are mocktails drinks’?

Well it now has a dictionary entry so we know it’s real and it should come as no surprise. a non-alcoholic drink consisting of a mixture of fruit juices or other soft drinks’. Sounds boring eh? But since I was a kid when you had a cocktail you were seen as flamboyant and got some funny looks if you were a man and if you were a woman you must live on a posh housing estate so thank goodness the world has moved on.

My mum would drink a schooner of sherry and call that a cocktail! So at the weekend party events here in Manchester UK, all the party goers pile into the first available bar in the morning and say that well-known question: “Is it too early for cocktails?” We know the answer will be no of course so everyone dives in. Firstly a mocktail is a version of a cocktail. So different alcohol mixed with fruit and other flavors.

From gin to mojitos they’re all there to try, raspberry daqui and long island tea. It is more than a drink session though it is an event. Normally the glasses are different, the colors amazing and some even come with a sparkler which have seen some people shove in their mouth. Not a good idea on any level.

So over time mocktails have begun to have their moment and are there on the drinks’ menus sometimes as an afterthought but they are there as well as an acceptable face to drinkers on special occasions. Think of all that jazz!


How do they help people on an alcohol free lifestyle?

I am a massive champion of alternatives, something different to try so let’s go through a few reasons why I think the rise of the mocktails drinks’ will continue:

  • They give us 0.0% abv drinkers more options and options are good
  • They allow us to celebrate with a crowd without the stares sitting there with just a glass of water or soft drink regular options during those group outings.
  • It’s a bit of showbiz, and it comes with a different look than your normal beverage and we know we buy looks and events.
  • Bartenders do seem to genuinely care what they taste like and are curious about what they taste like by asking you what it’s like!

A word of caution however, in a big drink order things can get confused so here are a few tips to help especially if you can’t drink alcohol full stop.

  • Order separately from the others, yes it’s a pain so think of it as an allergy then non-one bats eyelids.
  • Explain to the server why you can’t don’t or choose not to drink alcohol, you may think you will get some odd looks but actually I have had some really good conversations as a result.
  • Double check the abv figure ( if there is one and this stands for alcohol by volume and is a key indicator)
  • Email ahead or ask a question of the business on tripadvisor, they will respond if they are on their game and care. I’d say 9/10 places I post a question to respond, it takes longer if non one is responsible for their social media.

So it might seem like a pain but it does half the awkwardness and mix-ups later.


Best Options – My favorite Mocktails Drinks

For me these normally involve seedlip drinks’ which are similar tasting to gin and they can create all sorts of really nice mocktails. If your bar or restaurant serves it then they will probably do a mocktail.

Citrus Fizz


1.75 oz Seedlip Grove 42

0.75 oz organic marmalade cordial

Sparkling water, to top


Combine Seedlip and cordial in a champagne glass and top with chilled sparkling water.

How to make : Mix 300g organic marmalade with 150 mL hot water, Strain and store in the fridge or an ice bucket.

There will be lots of other options and if you are out and about and if the cocktail expert does not know they are not a good cocktail maker!

Watch the sugar?

Do they contain sugar? Of course, they do just like non-alcoholic beers. However, there are a few things to bear in mind. Real fruit is better than added sugar so read the instructions and if they have the actual fruit in the mocktails drinks’ then there is fiber as well.

Check the ingredients and if you can replace it with a diet version then that really helps. For example, I often ask for a tonic light version if my cocktail suits it and any reduction in chemicals will help especially if you want to reduce any impact on your liver.

However, as I say about my blog on sugar in non-alcoholic beers don’t get too hung up on it especially if you are on a zero alcoholic lifestyle. Give yourself a break with the careful reminder that you don’t want to replace calories or health issues with another. As ever sense prevails and mocktails drinks’ are generally going to be consumed on birthday special occasions and at the summer BBQ. I can’t remember watching a late night movie and I thought oooh I’ll make myself a mocktail

So another step on this journey of choice

So yes mocktails drinks’ are drinks’ and they are very en vogue. Just think about it, there are now menus with many options on although I accept in some places it’s limited. For me it gives us an option if you are 0.0 abv drinker and then that is a good thing.

Bars and restaurants are adapting to consumer demand and remember to double check you are definitely getting what you ask for. I would love to hear your comments and if you make cocktails for a living email me as I would love to share your favorites and give you credit. You can get me at Comment below.



2 thoughts on “Mocktails drinks what are they ?”

  1. Hi Phil,
    This is great news for me, thanks for this article. I’m a big fan of the alternatives also, and in some cases for me it’s a double whammy. I’m out to dinner with my wife and adult kids so it’s social but on occasion I just want a cool regular drink AND I don’t necessarily want a beer either. Until I read your article I thought a beer was my only non-alcoholic choice.

    Do you find yourself making these in your home environment also and not just when you head out to a restaurant or bar? I’m guessing there might be some mocktail “cookbooks” out there for consumption and ideas also?

    I’m glad to see this trending alternative now. My daughter is a part time bartender and told me that her estabilshment offers these drinks and although rare, they are becoming more popular. With outdoor entertainment opening up in are area now, I’m going to head out this weekend and sample one or two of these.

    Thanks for triggering me,

    • Thanks Kerry and hopefully this article will do exactly what you have talked about, so thanks so much. I think the market will only get bigger and bigger but not all the retailers have realized that yet. It will come with time. I have an article coming on mocktail books so watch this space. Having said that for me its more choice for when I go out mainly but nice at home on a summers day ! Happy sampling! Phil


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