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All Clear Travel Insurance

This is an independent review courtesy of my blog. I hope it helps you make a decision if you have liver disease or another condition not covered by certain travel insurance companies.

Why do all clear travel insurance reviews – I am not a travel writer!

If I am honest I never thought I would be writing a review of travel insurance but heads up I have liver disease and for a while it was touch and go if I was to live. After being given 48 hours to live and survive, the first thing I did when I got out of the hospital was think of a holiday.

We all do weird things after these experiences but this is what I did along with a ready-made meal and a programme on the TV I have watched a thousand of times before. Its called “A Place in The Sun”. No kidding!

We are all different of course.

I wrote this because of the company I used to get travel insurance and why All Clear Travel Reviews are important and not just on a review site per se. It makes it personal and hopefully it will be reassuring and helpful.

The three things that shocked me the most when I left hospital :

  • No-one would give me insurance for my life ! They were quite rude about it in some cases.
  • My existing travel provider who I had been with for nearly 5 years dumped me.
  • I had to look around and eventually I found All Clear Travel Insurance and no I don’t work for them! Choice however seemed to be not out there without being patronized and feeling depressed.

I eventually got in touch with All Clear not realizing that they specialized in pre conditions over and above the average. Their website made that really clear so I breathed a sigh of relief .

So I prepared myself for some intrusive questions before going on line and of course you can call if you need to.

PLEASE NOTE : I have just renewed with them a year on thus my review.



Benefits of the GOLD Plus Product

The great thing here is that the questions they ask you was done with an understanding and actually a bit of compassion. It was very factual and the wording was clear.

Even at this stage people were talking about my drink problem ( I was an average wine drinker or so I thought ) which was presumptuous to say the least and yet here I was answering honestly about myself in order that they would cover me professionally.

There were several things I needed to be honest on to the questions that came up on their web page.

  • Liver disease itself, what stage etc.
  • Now the questions don’t get personal so you just have to stick to the facts.
  • Yes I had been in hospital
  • No I was not on a transplant list.
  • No I did not have ascites ( which is where the stomach could start bleeding internally)
  • Yes I was an outpatient.

Funnily enough I can’t remember them asking me about my drinking habits ( did not and still don’t) They certainly did not ask me at the time of renewal but I offered that information anyway which probably did not fit in with their process.

Now is this a benefit, yes it is because when you have a medical condition that goes over and above the norm not feeling terrible about it or patronized is a key. This for me was a major benefit.

So imagine all the excellent features you get with travel insurance but the main thing I was concerned about was being covered for my liver and yes after the questions it was all sorted

Read more about my liver disease symptoms



Now I don’t want to kid you. Yes it is more expensive if you have just been in hospital so you have to be prepared to pay for the extra cover and also get a policy that does work for you. There is no point being on holiday with a policy that is useless!

Avoid be one of those scary stories in the newspaper who have to crowd fund to get home or medical care !

Important to note when I renewed a year on I got a massive discount and my premium dropped substantially as I have not been into hospital. The policy also included cover for covid-19 at the time of writing which may or may be relevant when you are reading this but there is always something!

How to use the product

Now there are two options and it depends on your preference but in an old-fashioned way wanted to call them originally but their website is perfect although I know if you then need to call them its fine as I have done to ask a question about renewals.

I personally found the website very useful, really clear and helpful. For me given the subject can be complicated this is a big selling point. Clear questions which help you give clear answers.


Is it like any other travel product?

Actually you have to do the due diligence that you would with any travel insurance company however the focus is on your underlying health conditions and to be honest I don’t think there are many conditions they could not help you on.

To be clear :

  • Know your conditions and history before you go on line
  • Be honest
  • Get clearance from your doctor that it is OK to travel! They will ask you.
  • Don’t be embarrassed

Who is the Product for?

This is for anyone with an issue not covered in day to day policies so:

  • Cirrhosis of the Liver
  • Liver hepatitis
  • Fatty Liver disease
  • Any kind of liver disease where the cause is not known ( it’s more common that you think)
  • Plus any condition were you have struggled to get insurance due to an underlying health condition

What I like about the Product

  • They set their stall out from the beginning, there is no hiding that they are there to help. It also gets a great rating on review sites mainly 4.5-5 star rating which is very impressive. The questions are clear to follow and you can add other info if you need to. The more clear you are the better and quicker they will be in your online applications.
  • The insurance policy comes via email with a password and you can house it on your tablet or mobile and stops you having to print it off unless that is your thing for the piece of mind which I totally get.
  • They also offer excellent covid-19 cover and your pre conditions well certainly for me this was covered.

Please note you are responsible for your own questions and going through the detail – what I am documenting here is my own experience.

What I don’t like about the Product

  • The product is first class and to know your are covered with something “out of the so called normal all-inclusive travel policy.” is reassuring. If there is a downside it their follow-up marketing material and surveys which I personally find a bit self-centred. I once filled out a survey about their product and they never asked me once about my experience with them which I found strange given it was from the big boss!
  • I think more of a marketing oversight than purposeful to be fair. However, this should not detract from the product.

Final Thoughts

On my blog I talk a lot about alcohol free drinks and alcohol free personal care. I talk about liver and alcohol health. However, If you have any condition including liver disease you want to be treated fairly and like a human.

I personally have found that with this provider which is why I was keen to do some all clear travel insurance reviews.

When I came out of the hospital and my travel insurer who I had been with for 5 year dumped me it affected my self-esteem and confidence before finding this provider.

These things matter so I would give them 5/5 as a rating. It seems many of their customers agree.


Your View

I would love to hear your views on travel insurance and other health conditions including if that was your liver.

Please let me know any experiences and it’s great to leave them here. Please be aware I cannot answer on behalf of a company so general comments please rather than specific issues. If you have a specific issue please take it directly to supplier.

Other than that I always respond.

This is a key area I had not even thought of when I got out of hospital but I am glad I did as now I can travel carefree knowing if anything did happen as a result of living with liver disease then I would be covered. I hope you found my All Clear Travel Insurance Reviews helpful.

For more help on Liver Disease visit the UK Liver Trust



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