Aldi Alcohol Free Gin

Aldi Alcohol Free Gin – Worth It

It smells like Grandma!

Slightly harsh I thought when I read some of the reviews so they must have been trying a different product.

After all I may not want to drink alcohol, in fact I can’t, it would kill me but I still want choice and good choice at that.

Of course many reviews of alcohol free products are very negative because basically people looking for a drink that is really still alcohol will be disappointed.

The reason is really simple. It is because it is not. If you are looking for an alcohol kick then you are in the wrong place and the wrong product. Poor Grandma!

Otherwise, what would be the point, so I read some of the reviews with a careful detachment especially the Grandma one. I thought let’s not go there despite coming up with all sorts of funny comments which would have probably been in bad taste.

So what is this new arrival from Aldi? Is this the first of many discount alcohol free brands to come to market. Actually I hope so as I am a big champion of choice. If you have an alcohol free lifestyle we need some help along the way please.


Aldi is an interesting one as everyone thinks its a new brand on the street but actually it first started as many do as a family concern.

This was in 1961 in Germany so they kind of know what they are doing.

Their entry into the UK market took the retail world by a bit of a shock as well as the customers. Let’s be honest most of the supermarket stores were focused on choice and good quality.

I think Aldi were even looked down upon at the time.

However, once the cash squeeze happened their ideas and choice started to get real for shoppers who wanted less choice, less cost but good quality.


That is really when the likes of Aldi came to the fore. I don’t know if you are familiar with a journey around the store but there isn’t much product choice but what you get is good from cereals to ham and it’s like the basics but you are very well catered for.

Aldi then started to branch out and I know for one I have had some good things from there like moisturizer, candles and diffusers as they provide great quality at almost if not less than half price compared to some of the big brands,

It is not something you would expect to get there. But there is a market for it!

You ain’t paying for brand at Aldi you are paying for the quality at a discounted rate which why they dois  no nonsense branded products really.

And to be fair it looks the part in most cases.

Alcohol Free Gin or Alcohol Free Spirit could really steal the march on many alcohol free options including beer in some cases.

The alcohol free market has been the center of some expensive options namely Seedlip which despite its price is fantastic in my view but the market is catching up with options that taste decent but cost a fraction of the price. The market like any will sort itself out. Choice is good and is needed.

So what is it called and what does it taste like?

Let’s find out.

What’s it called?

Haysmith's Water Aldi

Not my best pic if I am honest, I took better when I drank!

Haysmith’s non-alcoholic still water is a mixture of lemongrass, ginger and citrus, which makes this a very refreshing long drink. Best served in a tall glass with lots of ice, lemonade or tonic and citrus peel.

Lime and Lemons of course work well as ever with gin and tonic, it fact with this brand I think they could make it! My personal choice is Fever Tree Tonic which is a great quality product.

They have other brands which work in similar way to other alcohol free spirits or so called gin and include:

Element By Haysmith’s – Water and there is a whole range of them but this was the one I was treated to. To be honest, the branding on the bottle is quite hard to read but the water element is a big part of the branding and the bottle is clear although it is difficult to read the ingredients but at least you can see what it is called.

The alcohol free message does stand out though.

Elements by Haysmith’s Fire Gin mixes chilli with pink and szechuan peppercorns, and is another distinct flavor. It is suggested pink peppercorns to garnish which I have seen before in alcohol free gin and it works well.

Element By Haysmith’s Gin – Earth

This has Darjeeling tea flavors with citrus fruit so again fresh and delicate flavors. The usual rules apply around tonic and orange peel or a slice with ice.

Is it just water ?

Kind of yes but then so are most alcoholic drinks. What you are getting here is the mix of the added ingredients which you would in any gin product. Remember gin is really flavorless as such until it has all the botanicals that goes into it and its the tonic water that really makes it come alive.

On tasting, I was pleased with it although to be fair you can tell it’s a much cheaper version of the other alcoholic substitute drinks out there, but the flavors did come through. So the lemongrass citrus flavor was definitely there but maybe not as much kick as some of the other brands.

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You will certainly need Tonic and a slice with this brand and ideally want to mix it with a slice so lime and lemon. I actually did not have any in my fridge much to my disappointment but I eventually found my favorite Fever Tree Tonic Water which really made a difference.

This certainly lends itself to a midweek relax on the sofa drink and you could definitely make mocktails from this. It was certainly light which I really liked and very drinkable.

Aldi Alcohol Free Gin


  • Alcohol free
  • Definitely the cost great value
  • Great with lemonade
  • Great especially with fever tree tonic
  • Clean cut taste
  • Flavors do cut through
  • Very refreshing
  • Very good value for money
  • A great gin alternative for weeknights
  • No hangover
  • Low calorie if you have one with a diet tonic
  • Smart branding
  • It does not smell like Grandma or her socks!



  • Aldi specific brand so you have to get it from there ( please correct me if I am wrong)
  • Not as smooth with depth and kick as some of the other brands
  • Could be deemed a bit watery
  • Easy to drink
  • Probably need a bigger measure than some of the more expensive brands
  • This is not gin so you won’t get a specific alcohol kick, people think they will
  • Either I need reading glasses or I found a bottle a bit hard to read
  • No vegan statement that I could see

Actually for the money this was a good buy and although it may not have the depth and history of some of the other brands for the money it’s certainly value. As my partner pointed out, it’s half the price of the other brands but to be fair to the big brands you can tell that.


If I could best describe it I would say think like you were in a bar and you were offered several alcohol gins and instead you went for the “house”. It’s probably like those all-inclusive hotels where the local brand is the main option.

I was also fine with that and now of course when I am in all-inclusive I do an audit on the alcohol free options which is very limiting to say the least in what I have experienced so far.

I would certainly give the aldi alcoholic choice 8/10 especially based on price. Clearly it is not going to be like alcohol and if you get that out of your mind you will probably have a better experience.

However, this is quality drink and actually very different from alcohol spirit although this version of Haysmith’s non-alcoholic water does say what it does on the tin!

Other alternatives

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I love doing reviews of my favorite alcohol free gin or should I say alcohol free spirit. There is now a great range and my favorite is still Seedlip although it certainly costs a lot more and it will be interesting to see if they move on price given the market seems to be zooming in on them.

Would I buy this product again, yes certainly!

I would love to know what your experience of alcohol free gin is and what your expectations are of it ? Does price matter or are you happy with a lesser known brands.

Please leave your comments below and I always get back to you

Disclosure I did ask Aldi for information regarding this drink but none was forthcoming as of writing. For alcohol awareness go to drinkaware


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