Alcohol Stomach Problems – Truth or Myth


Alcohol stomach problems – is it true or a myth?

There are lots of rumors about these kinds of issues to do with the stomach and alcohol. So it maybe its liver disease I am living with but my stomach was in the mix. I actually looked like I had not eaten months, it was exploding and filling with fluid. So I decided to take a few myths of alcohol stomach problems and do a bit of digging.

This is not medical advice so if you have an issue seek urgent attention.

Taking Painkillers True or a Myth

alcohol stomach problems

There is no doubt and painkillers can have a big impact on the stomach especially if you are sensitive to ulcers. Now with liver disease I take none whatsoever but guess what I don’t have a hangover.

The zero alcohol options can help both your stomach and your head. Have you ever woken up to find out that your head bangs then take a tablet and before you know it your stomach hurts and you shout “never again”.

Of course if you drink lots of alcohol it dehydrates you so of course the circle continues. Watch out and get advice from your pharmacy on any issue around ulcers and things like aspirin and while being champion for your heart it may not be as good for the stomach.

If you are diagnosed with liver disease as a result of alcohol or anything else certain pain killers can be a no go area if you are to keep your liver working.

Eat before drinking, myth or fact.

alcohol stomach problems

This is my experience here but before I was diagnosed with liver disease from drinking and complications and what many would say not much above the normal alcohol intake, I followed a low carbohydrate diet a lot. Now of course this can be OK for some people. No-one ever did not champion a salad for example.

Of course on a low carbohydrate diet just one glass of wine would hit my system pretty quickly. Not that I was never drunk but it seems that a low carbohydrate lifestyle and wine does not play well for either your stomach or your liver.

So maybe your grandma was right when she said eat before you drink and it seems people having a good meal does slow down the absorption of alcohol in the blood. According to the drink responsibly website :

“Eating food before as well as while drinking will slow absorption and moderate your BAC. The concentration of alcohol in your body depends not only on how much you drink, but also on your body.” So let’s give that a big tick and maybe you won’t need that kebab at the end of the night or insist on stopping off at your local burger bar post not pre session.

Eating something, preferably carbohydrate-rich food, before you start drinking may help slow the rate your body absorbs the alcohol. Drinking water or soft drinks throughout the night will also slow your drinking down.

Both can help you drink less overall, lessening the ill effects on your stomach. One tip though watch the bar snacks. They are filled with salt and will dehydrate and make you drink more. Seriously.

Ginger beer is a good alternative option with an ice or slice, my review is here.

Mixing drinks is the cause of alcohol stomach problems

Actually it won’t really make your stomach worse according to the experts as it’s all alcohol. But the type of drink and the concoctions could make you physically ill but that goes with food as well. Mixing drinks means this. Mix it up with non-alcoholic options as well.

I love the fact that people hear what they want to hear. “I mixed my drinks so my stomach is bad”. It’s bad because you drink too much alcohol. Great tips for mixing drinks that could help are as follows:

  • Pace yourself with some soft drinks half-way through or at the beginning as its get harder as the night progresses
  • Add soda water to wine it will help with dehydration issues
  • Be brave try some non-alcoholic beers like my review of Peroni Alcohol Free
  • Drink some water or add lots of ice
  • Remember alcohol is a poison, don’t over think it but it helps change the frame
  • Alcohol free bubbles do exist if it’s a wedding so ask the venue in advance.
  • Avoid social pressure – think ahead to the consequences.

It may seem that I am being over conscious but let us remind ourselves of one key point.

Alcohol can cause bleeding in your stomach

This can be a mix of all sorts of reasons from ulcers to your stomach lining being aggravated by alcohol poisoning. In severe cases this can be linked to liver issues as I know from experience. As always remain calm and get checked out as soon as you can especially with bleeding.

I was checked over for varices ( enlarged veins in the stomach ) which can kill you in minutes and can be linked to the liver and stomach acid if your body is under pressure.

My stomach was scarred and it was not a pretty sight and I will now be on medication for the rest of my life, so making a few adjustments to help with alcohol stomach problems, well it can be a life saver.

If you are drinking over the recommended limit or less than in my case it can lead to a serious list of diseases and on hearing them you will need a drink to get over it!

When I was given 48 hours to live even the social drinking I was doing stopped there and Then. It is when was born as I was frustrated with zero options and alcohol in products generally from sun cream to moisturizer.

So fact check

There can be a mix of myths concerning alcohol and the stomach. Be careful of the painkiller factor and try to deal with the cause rather than the symptom. Remember in just treating the symptom you could be making the causes worse. Easing the headache but making the alcohol stomach problems worse.

Food and alcohol can ease your stomach issues so don’t be like me and have a few drinks on an empty stomach. It will be like the Niagara Falls in there.

Now even if you are totally sober your organs including your stomach and your liver are taking the full thrust of that alcohol. It’s not good and I am sure that played a part in my liver disease.

The things you do for your waistline and you forget alcohol has calories and the damage internally it causes. Eat something before any binge.

Mixing drinks is a good excuse but unless it has lots of different concoctions it is the alcohol causing your stomach issues.

Be brave, the non-alcoholic market is increasing for me, people like me and maybe for you if you are reading this article.

Forget social pressure and my reviews for no alcohol beers to alcohol free gin give the options are out there! Search this blog to get some ideas and I try everything I review.

One final sobering thought, your stomach & liver and everything else in between to do with alcohol in the UK alone is costing the national health service about 3.5 billion a year. How’s that for a statistic?

I would love to hear your thoughts and remember I am just a patient with liver disease so go and talk to your doctor or especially if you are bleeding get emergency help. Leave your comment below. What zero alcohol options have you consumed ? I will always respond.

4 thoughts on “Alcohol Stomach Problems – Truth or Myth”

  1. Hi, thanks for this very important information on myths and facts on alcohol and other drug intakes to our health. I know that everything we eat or drink has either a positive or negative effect on our bodies. It is always advised to eat and drink in moderation because our body may be overburdened if we do not consider it when we consume what we have before us.

    The body supposed to have a balancing mechanism to take care of most of the things we eat or drink but most of the time, the organ in our system may be weak and this leads to a health challenge.

    Personally, I encourage moderation in whatever we do and when in doubt, consult experts that will guide us with advice. Also, I love the part you mentioned eating before taking any drink. This helps the body in so many positive ways.

    I wish you a quick recovery in your health.


    • Thanks Joseph, your comment about food is so right so thanks for pointing that out and about the bodies moderation in terms of food and drink. I really appreciate you taking time out to comment and it add values to the article and encourages others to share their view. Much appreciated, Phil

  2. The knowledge in your post is a huge learning for me and others.

    I and my family have never consumed alcohol in our life. But I am surrounded by drunks and occasional consumer in India. Many People are suffering without their knowledge of the consequences of drinking. They are drinking with friends because of social pressure, to relieve stress because of family problems, and lingering unemployment. 
    Never had I have an opportunity to read such a valuable article. I feel like posting it next to liquor stores here in my village and near by areas. After pandemic I will visit families to spread the consequences of drinking. One can not imagine how many families have been destroyed and continuing to do so with alcohol issues. The kids and wife’s are victims always.

    Thank you so much.

    • Thanks so  much Anusuya for sharing your perpective, it is really interesting to read. I think the link to stress and using alcohol to cope with that is an issue for many mainly because it is so available and alcohol stomach problems are just part of that. You are very kind with your comments so I appreciate you taking time out. These are the kind of comments that help increase opinions on the blog and that is a really good thing.  I wish you all the best, Phil


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