Alcohol Free Wipes – Review, Their time has come!

Alcohol free wipes are becoming a bit of a must in the current environment, It’s funny that we have been only obsessed with wipes until the recent lock down. Yet I have been finding them useful for travel especially on airplanes for a while now.

I was inspired by an article that said that table and seats on places / trains were the most infected with bacteria while our toilet seats were probably the most hygienic. I did not spend much time on that though.

In 2020 after a serious scare with my liver and a very bad reaction to alcohol I was a social drinker and nothing out of the ordinary compared to many of my friends, action was needed!

I decided as a precaution to remove alcohol products from my lifestyle. So from drink to shampoo to wipes. Once you get started you realize there more products than you think with alcohol and that got me searching for alcoholic free wipes.

Now there is a bit of a cross over here as many of the brands are designed for medical purpose clearing wounds so not one of the basic medical necessities that we may carry around. And yet with alcohol free wipes I have learned to bother less about the branding and focus more on the quality.

The ones I am reviewing work well for the table-top or your gran’s hearing aid. Remember many people choose this option because alcohol can be very unkind to your skin and can dry you out.

During lock down not only do I have to explain that I don’t drink alcohol but get the double whammy of explaining why I don’t use alcohol wipes as well. For that reason these products get a big thumbs up from me.

As every entrance to a bar as a table with sanitizer on with those eyes watching what you do? Now you can now produce your alcohol free wipes and stay it’s OK I am well sourced. I normally say I have an “allergy” and as the bouncer said to be the other day, ” it’s OK son have a wipe and come on in!”

Overall Rank PDI Sani-Cloth Active Alcohol Free Wipes, Canister of 200 – Rating 10/10

This is a great product and has a wider range as alcohol free wipes than just medical application so yes it’s not the sexiest brand but I am not particularly looking for that in this case. Overall it gets favorable reviews. I give it 10/10 because it feels fresh, clean and it’s purpose is clear.

Product Description

These Alcohol free wipes are multi-use and although it lends itself to be more practical medical applications it’s fine for general use. Designed with a safe and easy dispenser mechanism.


This is an impressive bit. It comes on the label as citing European testing values so it covers the following Bactericidal – EN1040, EN1276 and EN13697; Fungicidal – EN1275 and EN1650; Viral – EN 14476, Polio, Hep B, Herpes, Norwalk, Adenovirus and TB. It has also been shown to be effective against Bird Flu. Crikey!

So there you go, you are fine! I know some of you will tell me something I have missed. I think that they really cover off a lot of the bacteria that omits an extra guarantee if you like. Personally don’t know how all of those bacteria function but it gives me confidence.


  • 200 wipes so good value
  • Can be used on basic medical appliances
  • Great for cleaning glasses, I’m serious!
  • You can use this for tables and seats so you could be that person sitting opposite who cleans your side as well on trains without asking 🙂
  • Extra protection against bacteria on flights and public transport.
  • The container keeps them fresh.
  • East and convenient.
  • No alcohol ! So for a basic “cut” this is fine if you do not want alcohol getting into the bloodstream.
  • Controlled dosage so lack of waste, you choose what you need not the other way around.
  • Gets in nooks and crannies!


  • Does not replace proper sterilization but then again they never do unless you’re in a hospital
  • Probably not ideal for a small bag so great for the household and a big bag out and about.
  • Maybe considered quite small but see this as practical and saves waste.
  • If you just buy for the look this brand is not for you I’m afraid, get over it.
  • You might want a smaller pack to carry around with you.
  • I have personally not seen this product in a shop and a quick check shows most of the brands contain alcohol on the aisles.


Alcohol Free Wipes PDI Sani-Cloth Active Alcohol Free Wipes, £15.99 for a canister of 200. A fair price given the volume You can purchase that here.


The usual standard terms apply.

Ideal for

Although if you think this lends itself to just medical application that is not the case , what you are getting here is a multi antibacterial wipe that is alcohol free.

My review for alcohol free soap is here

In the current world it seems that everyone thinks alcohol is the be all and end all for germs for many this is not an option especially if you have a bad reaction to alcohol on the skin.

The uses are endless including my door handles when so it was lock down. I took extra precautions after deliveries. Due to my liver condition I had to be extra careful before you say I am paranoid! Well I might be actually on bad thing.


This may sound a weird thing to say but I think alcohol free products like this will become more mainstream in terms of options available like anything from beer, to shampoo to gin. Now there’s a combination! Alcohol free wipes are crucial to have access to.

Have you used alcohol free wipes and what was your experience? I would love to hear your thoughts and if you felt a bit left out or looked down on. Personally find it very hard to explain it every time so I would welcome your thoughts and strategies. Are you searching out alcohol free products and if so what are they? Leave your comment below and of course I always respond.

4 thoughts on “Alcohol Free Wipes – Thank goodness”

  1. I usually have a pack of wipes with me. You never know, when you might need them. I think they are good for many uses, but some use they do not work that well, and I have to get some wipes that contain alcohol. But these cases are rare. I am impressed by the verification the product has related to testing values. It seems to cover most of it and as such should be safe to use.

    Your information about where the most “bacteria-infested” areas in the public space of society, I was a bit surprised that the toilets were one of the most hygienic. 

    As I said earlier I have always a pack of wipes with me. Since I have started to have a tendency towards very dry skin on my hands, PDI Sani-Cloth Active Alcohol Free Wipes should be a perfect choice for me.


    • Hi Roy, thanks for commenting on alcohol free wipes. I think the thought behind the toilet was that because generally people think that because it could contain more bacteria it was cleaned more often than standard tables and chairs especially on public transport. They tested it and it was true! I guess it makes sense. 

      Dry skin be a symptom of alcohol because it dries out the skin. Its the same for many products that contain alcohol which is one of the reasons for my review on the alcohol free shampoo list. I appreciate you taking time out to comment. All the best, Phil

  2. I’ve heard of baby wipes that are alcohol-free but I didn’t know regular wipes could be or that they were antibacterial. I think this is a great option. I don’t like the alcohol in hand sanitizers and wipes because they dry my skin out so much. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. 

    • My pleasure Paula, and thanks for commenting on alcohol free wipes. I know it does feel like evey wipe in the universe has to have alcohol in the them and it does not need to me that way. Its certainly a steep learning curve. I went throught the same journey on alcohol free mouthwash . I appreciate you taking time out to comment. All the best, Phil


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