Alcohol Free Wines Online

I am often struck. I’m going out to shop and searching for alcohol free wine. There aren’t any and if we are lucky it may be a few bottles at best. Its why alcohol free wines online is the best option very often.

I can’t work out why but then it dawned on me that it has taken alcohol free beer so long to get a decent reputation going. I think alcohol free wine is lagging behind and quite significantly.

Maybe it’s demand but with alcohol free beer where I have suggested to a bar or restaurant that they get some in for my reservation it been a great experience for both sides.

You would be surprised how many obliged by the way only do discover it becomes their best-seller of the day.

As one bar owner put it, we don’t get many former alcoholics here.

I asked him to see a result of his survey and of course he could not show it to me. He was being sarcastic and making the whole thing up.

I found it quite derogatory and proud to be honest to champion lots of people have reasons from not drinking to being pregnant to just keeping fit.

Alcohol Free Wine can be better for our health

Of course as he said this he was drinking a large glass of red wine and didn’t really have any interest in what I had to say.

I never went back.

So it seemed if alcohol free beer took a while and it was a struggle to get some then alcohol free wine is on an even bigger journey to get into that place where it is the expected norm on most drink menus.

Why are alcohol free wines online the place to go?

I signed up to a lot of public relations clippings about alcohol free and the ratio is about 80 percent beer and 20 percent alcohol free wine if you are lucky.

The fact is making alcohol free wine is harder and they hit the headlines but less. The big breweries spend a lot of money marketing the alcohol free beer and less so the wine.

Alcohol Free Wines OnLine


Alcohol free wines with their dealcoholization process has been in the shadows for a while now and it seems much less out there.

It would seem to be that alcohol free sparkling wines get more newspaper headlines. It must be the fizz!

Not to mention alcohol free gin, spirits and mocktails!

Read my review of alcohol free gin here

If you delve deeper there are a number of fantastic alcohol free wines just waiting to be discovered once you get past this objection.

Does alcohol free wine taste like grape juice?

This used to be and probably still is the number one objection to more people not giving alcohol free wine a go.

And yet with the production process moving on where many of the aromas and flavors are kept well its really good news for alcohol free wine.

A far cry from when the first taste was spat out and the cry of its “just over hyped grape juice” was everywhere. Hopefully this has now gone.

Well fingers crossed.


Alcohol Free Wine and Grape Juice

However, If that was the last alcohol free wine you taste it will take you a lot to go back.

People also get confused about what dealcoholization means and for alcohol free verses low alcohol wine.

The labeling compared to alcohol free beer to be honest is still a bit confusing.

Even for someone like me who is used to checking labels I can spend nearly 5 mins cross-checking how much alcohol is in so-called alcohol free wine.

Read what is alcohol free here

Alcohol free wine tasted like fancy grape juice. Now they deliver a rich and complex range of flavors giving you an enjoyable drinking experience.

Alcohol free wine really has come of age but its awareness is not there yet.

Alcohol Free Wines online

And yet once you get past this there is a whole range of choice from sparkling which is generally excellent to dry whites, uplifting refreshing rosés or deep dark exceptional reds with full-bodied fruity flavors!

Apart from the alcohol you can still get a decent bottle once you get past the fact that of course it will taste a bit different.

After all it is alcohol free but you get some great wines that comes from excellent wineries.

Check your alcohol consumption through drink aware

Alcohol free options can provide a real alternative to cutting back on your alcohol intake

Alcohol Free Wines online provides the options.

And you make the choice.

It’s great ordering alcohol free wine online as many of the providers have a real passion for it.

They actually care about the product and many of them particularly the owners have gone through their own personal story with alcohol.

Not all clearly and some just wanted a better option to health while others may have had a serious wine, beer or over alcohol consumption issue.

It’s good to know there are those people out there who are prepared to share their journey.

The days of going to an off license and buying a bottle of nice wine to go with dinner has probably passed now and to be honest even going into such a store you would struggle to get a half decent alcohol free one in terms of choice.

Here are my top picks on line right now and given I am from an alcohol free stable because of my health I make no apologies for the 0.0 alcohol by volume so abv choices.

You can purchase the following wine through my affiliate partner picture below. The price you pay is the same but I get a very small referral free. Check them out !

Alcohol Free Wines online

White Red and Rose – All 0.0 abv

The Very Cautious One Gewürztraminer Riesling & Shiraz

Firstly what a name and I can never work out if it’s memorable or not.

It certainly is a bit of a tongue twister but the taste makes up for that.

Thank Goodness.

The good news online is you don’t need to say it. Just imagine ordering it in a restaurant. Maybe I am overthinking it!

The Very Cautious One is a Gewürztraminer Riesling and Shiraz.

For a 0.0%.brand – so alcohol free – it tastes like a first glass wine. In fact a few people do comment that they can’t believe it’s alcohol free.

This wine had some great aromas including rose, musk and spice and was described as being like being a “spice market” in Turkey.

And I think I know what they mean but it’s very subtle.

Alcohol Free Wine Online


Grapes used here are kept in the 14-day production process before undergoing the dealcoholization process.

You can read about dealcoholization process here as it certainly confuses me and still does a bit if I am honest.

The winery uses a “vacuum” that is created at a very low temperature of up to -30 degrees so you get to keep the flavor and the other aspects of the wine but not the alcohol of course.

The Shiraz is a great quality wine as well and you can think very good berries here and the tannin still shines through.

Shiraz Alcohol Free Wine

The Very Cautious One Shiraz is vibrant and a deep wine with warm flavors that really cut through despite the fact it’s alcohol free.

Having depth is one of the criticisms of alcohol free and that certainly cannot be aimed at this wine!

Important to know its alcohol free wine and they use the dealcoholised method again creating a vacuum.

Food suggestion

Again both wines are very drinkable but they do seem to go well with Thai or Chinese food. I think the flavors really complement the spices in the food

The Gewürztraminer Riesling does not really need food but fish and salads do well with the taste and equally I would not dismiss it with some Thai food either.

Italian food is also a surefire bet.

Torres Natureo Muscat, Rose & Syrah

This is such a great winery and full of traditions.

In fact Spain is one of the countries where you don’t get judged for going alcohol free.

They were the early adopter of alcohol free beer.

The Torres Winery has focused on going for 0.0% abv wine so alcohol free and they have not compromised on the taste either.

I generally am inclined to go a dry white first and for that reason I love this wine they call:

Natureo Blanco

Again it plays into its relationship with the Spanish Landscape and who can blame them.

As you would expect this alcohol free wine is pale and yellow in how it looks and the Muscat grapes cut through on the aromas.

Alcohol Free Wine and Tapas


I am not a wine connoisseur and I just know what I like and this is a great wine for drinking.

Torres Natureo Rosé 0.0%

Natureo Rose is a zero alcohol wine and although sometimes rose wines get a bad rap this certainly rises above all that.

The alcohol content of 0.0 goes unnoticed with the raspberry pink color of the wine. This is combined with a cherry kick and it is a very smooth wine.

Alcohol Free Rose Wine


Rose has grown in the alcohol wine world and it will in the alcohol free wine world as well.

Keep it nice and cold on a summer day, with a few tapas dishes and this alcohol free wine well you are sorted.

Many people say you cannot serve ice in wine.

Whatever, do what works for you.

In the summer many of the Spanish put red wine in the freezer for a bit so go figure that one!

It is what works for you at the end of the day when it comes now to alcohol free wines.

Torres Natureo Syrah 0.0%

Natureo Syrah would not be my first choice as I am a white alcohol free wine drinker mainly however this is a quality red wine with none of the alcohol .

When you pour you will see ruby red colors and for the aromas think plum and cherry.

Alcohol Free Wine and Sunday Lunch

It’s a smooth wine and has just enough sweetness to complement any tapas. It is also great with a traditional beef or lamb roast Sunday lunch!

Have you purchased alcohol free wines on-line?

I would say it’s a big shame but getting alcohol free wines online is the place to go right now as we can’t be certain what we will find at other people’s houses or indeed at a bar or restaurant.

The likely scenario is that they won’t have any options.

They may have one choice of alcohol free beer if we are lucky but in my home city I am yet to see an alcohol free wine section on a drink’s menu.

Mocktails maybe, beers maybe, presse maybe a bit, but no alcohol free wine. I would love your views on alcohol free wine online. Just leave a message below and I’ll get back to you!


6 thoughts on “Alcohol Free Wines Online”

  1. What is the point of drinking alcohol free wine? People drink alcohol to get a buzz, to drown out their sorrows. They drink for the effect that alcohol has on them so that they can relax and let their hair down. If the most significant aspect to alcoholic drinks are taken out, i.e, alcohol, what is the point?

    • Hi Shalisha, thanks for your comment. Much appreciated and thanks for stopping by. 

      I guess people drink alcohol free drinks for lots of reasons. Sometimes they want to be part of the social occasion or have something else to drink over and above water or soft drinks. 

      Some people are driving or even pregnant.

      Alcohol free wine can taste great and some people like that without having to drink alcohol. 

      In fact growth in the alcohol free market is now above 23 per cent per annum so there is clearly a demand. And it is increasing.

      The world health organisation states that alcohol contributes to health issues even at a social drinking level both  mentally and physically. 

      For example for me personally I would lose my life its that simple, so that is why I do not drink alcohol. I know many of my readers are allergic to alcohol in large amounts but like a glass of wine.

      However some people just want a healthier lifestyle or don’t want a hangover. 

      But of course I totally respect your view to drink alcohol and I agree for many its part of a very healthy lifestyle. Drinkaware is a good site to know your limits

      This blog is of course about alcohol free lifestyle, choices and options.

      I wish you all the best and thanks again for your comment. All the best, Phil

  2. I think it is always a good thing to have options for everyone. Many people don’t drink alcohol for different reasons because of religion, a medical problem, or they don’t like it. But they can still enjoy a nonalcoholic drink and have a good time the same way as the people who enjoyed the alcoholic wine. It’s an only preference for example my wife doesn’t drink alcohol but she always likes to drink nonalcohol drink still enjoy life. Especially nonalcohol wine is the best one.

    • Thanks Yirda, what a great comment, yes you are so right people tend to forget people don’t drink for various reasons so you are spot on there. Thanks so much for a great comment on alcohol free wines online, it is much appreciated, Phil

  3. I have known for years about the non-alcholic Sparkling Grape juices that are often popular during holiday parties. Guests that want to fill included prefer these types of drinks over champagne. I didn’t even think to look for other wines that would be non-alcoholic. I love to drink wine, especially good wine. I would be surprised to find a wine as good as some of my favorites. I will take a look at online stores and maybe give a couple of them a try. Thanks for the info on alcohol free wines.

    • Hey Rich thanks so much for your comment on alcohol free wine online its really appreciated. To be honest I am a recent convert to alcohol free wine after giving it some really bad reviews and yes it really did taste like grape juice.

      Thankfully the wine industry is slowing getting its act together and producing some excellent products and also with zero alcohol. The alcohol free sparkling wine is also a good bet. 

      I really appreciate you stopping by and leaving such an excellent comment and observation about alcohol free. All the best, Phil


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