Alcohol free wine brands – Eisberg

It feels to me that this is one of the brands jumping out right now in the alcohol free wine brands range but is it the only one?

Having become an alcohol free kind of guy because of health I am always looking out for various wine options that may not be the “early taste” types which were not great at all at the beginning of this journey.

It often feels like alcohol free beer and alcohol free gin has stolen the march on wine.

We are of course looking for the same taste but without the alcohol and certainly not the morning-after hangover! Drinking regularly can be a killer if you are not careful!

In the UK Eisberg is making a name for itself in the alcohol free wines brands that retain taste. Their goal is simple: keep the wine without losing the taste and as we know that may be harder with alcohol free wine than beers.

This brand is good if you are avoiding wine for

  • Health reasons
  • Prenant
  • Driving
  • Lifestyle
  • Calorie counting although bear in mind alcohol free does not mean no calories!
  • You are drinking over your weekly limit which in the UK is 14 units.
  • You find alcohol free beer too gassy which some brands can be
  • You are fed up with the social pressure of not drinking
  • You just fancy a change

Remember and this comes up a lot you can choose alcoholic free options for any reason and you don’t have to justify to anyone especially when there is social pressure or the guy behind the bar says “what’s the point?”

Believe me I have been there so you are dammed if you drink and damned if you don’t!


Alcohol Free Wine Brands


How is Eisberg Alcohol Free Wine Made ?


So their aim of the wine making is to keep the taste of the wine while removing the alcohol. Of course, it does not taste exactly the same. Why would it?

It is different as it does not have alcohol but I think it goes a bit deeper than that as the flavor and process is very different to making beer for example.

Remember fruit fermentation creates alcohol. There is even some in orange juice!

To be fair it is made in the same way as alcoholic wine but then the magic happens and the alcohol is removed. It’s known in the business as “vacuum distillation”, now there is one to roll off the tongue!

So imagine two parts, one wine and one alcohol and they are separate, just like that. The process has taken years of exploring and nurturing.

Good for calories?

Well as I said and you know what it is asked all the time on the comment section here. Is diet wine is alcohol free? Well not exactly although if you take out the alcohol and balance the sugar it is going to be a bit better on our waistlines!


Most of their wines are around 33 calories per 125ml glass so I guess there is a benefit here but again it will depend on the amount you drink and do check with all alcohol free wine the sugar content as well as the abv factor.

ABV is alcohol by volume and helps you decide if the wine is alcohol free or low alcohol. If you are drinking the “full on alcohol” stuff then maybe it worth checking to see how strong your wine is ?

If you would like a sense of how many calories are in alcoholic wine and I was certainly shocked at the alcohol content and you can read about it here.

What are the Alcohol Free Wine brands by Eisberg?

AS you may expect they go for the main ones that are popular on the street in bars and restaurants. I will tell you the one my friend recommended the most in a moment.





Not I am not a fan of Chardonnay per se even when I drank. I think there was an influx of very oak based ones that really did not agree with my stomach or as it turned out, my liver.

But yes many consider this in terms of wine to be the party drink. This one is no different so alcohol free yes but very fruity with the usual vanilla and apple essences that jump through.

It is certainly the one that gets chosen for light lunches with chicken salad and Caesar salad or quick drink after work.


My feedback from readers on this one leads me to believe this seems to rank the highest after red. Maybe because people expect Rose to be a bit sweeter than some of the other brands.

It has also crossed the male female barrier whereas at one time you would never see lads drinking it.

I am probably the exception there!

Rose is a summer garden party wine which I think is unfair as it can work well with salads, chicken, barbecues and pizza. It is a blush mix which If like me you can find red wine a bit heavy or chardonnay a bit rich it is the perfect solution.

Please find an affiliate link below to browse the range of wine, just click on the picture and bear in mind you pay the same.


Red that is best described as a Cabernet Sauvignon

This according to many gets the biggest thumbs up especially from my friend Ian who describes it as deep in colour with an aroma of cherries and plums. Works really well with Sunday lunch or those deep meat casseroles.

The grapes that are used are specific to the brand and of course aim to make good red wine.

The feedback on the red comes in various forms but its good by and large so such thing as :

  • Not a fan of alcohol free wines but this is the best out there.
  • A good substitute if you’re driving when having a dinner party
  • A feeling that this is a good option as the chardonnay is a bit too sweet
  • People seem to rank them including my mate in the order of red, rose then chardonnay


Eisberg is not the only brand on the market and I explore some calorie beating ones here but it does seem to have its marketing and distribution sorted so if it’s the difference between getting some or not is it’s definitely the place to be.

If you are out and about alcohol free wine is improving but it needs to go some to catch up with the beer and other offerings.

I would definitely say good with food from salad to spicy and then summer barbecues.

My biggest frustration with them is that despite saying they sell them my various local supermarkets do not and yet they make a big thing about saying they do! What’s that about!

Only recently I got redirected to the soft drink aisle and even I know I will not find them there. However, the good news is that we can generally order them freely now online although I would love a taster session in real life


Finally, over to you!

I would love to know if you have tried any alcohol free wine brands and what do you suggest I could review or better still send me your thoughts. How was the taste for you and would you try it again? If you had to choose an alcohol free option would it be beer, wine, gin, or fizz?

Do you find the choice of non-alcoholic wine to be sweet and how would you compare it to other non-alcoholic offerings in the market place right now.

Restrictive when you go out? Do you find it harder to buy than beer. I always respond to your views.

Leave your message below and I always get back to you.


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