Alcohol Free Tequila

Alcohol free Tequila, maybe a new one on you as it was on me!

I am not the biggest Tequila fan in the world and its something I would only really bother with in a Mexican restaurant to join in with the crowd.

But if want to go alcohol free could you still join in and be the only alcohol free drinker in the bar!

Or in a Mexican food fest at home.

Now I am a big fan of Mexico, Mexican food and Mexican eating events like festivals.

I was also a big fan Mexican Beer.

Now I am alcohol free because of health so I decided to look into alcohol free tequila a bit more.

Your reason for not drinking alcohol may be different, you’re driving, pregnant, fed up of that famous “Tequila Hangover” or just hate the alcohol stuff.

It’s your choice!

What is Tequila?

Before we go down the alcohol free route let do a quick summary of what is alcohol based Tequila?

That just might give us something to compare it to.


And with this product it might not be what you are expecting but stay with me!

At its basic level Tequila is a distilled spirit from a very specific area of Mexico.

Have you heard of the Blue Agave or as it’s better known locally as the Agave Azul.

It’s a bit area specific I guess like champagne in France and it is produced in only a specific area of Mexico where the product grows.

In Mexican restaurant that I have been to its generally drunk as “a shot” but it can be drunk as a cocktail although that is news to me.

Alcohol Free Tequila

It can have various different colors depending on how it’s made.

So there is clear spirit (blanco) which is classed as unaged, there is light gold known as reposado so rested and a gold color known as añejo so aged.

If you wonder why you might get a really bad hangover after shot you may need to look at something I get very obsessed about as an alcohol free drinker and that is ABV.

ABV is alcohol by volume and as an alcohol free drinker my preference is 0.0%.

So the higher the ABV the quicker you will get drunk.

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However, the tequila ABV will blow your mind.

If you are worried about how much you are drinking check it out at the drink aware website

Depending on where its bottled you might get some varied figures but essentially its very high.

  • 35% abv in Mexico
  • 40% in the US
  • 38% in Europe.

Not much in it is there!

If you have ever heard that Tequila is made from a cactus you would not be far wrong. The planet it comes from looks very similar.

It’s called the agave plant and is from the lily family and you would only really find the plant in Mexico.

Top end Tequilas are produced from 100% “blue agave”, while lower quality tequilas which I have seen on menus are called ‘mixtos’ and have 51%.

Then molasses, corn syrup and a range of sugars are added.

It’s named after the Mexican town of Tequila.

Who would have thought that!

It’s distilled and even takes longer than whiskey to be made.

Alcohol Free Margarita

The range of Tequila cocktails you may have had include:

  • Margarita / Frozen margarita
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Tequila Paloma
  • Tequila Martini
  • Matador
  • Tequila Slammer

Which brand works in terms of Alcohol Free Tequila?

Now you really have to scrap around for some Alcohol Alternative Tequila.

With alcohol free and since doing this blog I seem to often bump into these brands.

Generally through friends or people who know I am alcohol free and really go out their way to make suggestions.

However, this comes with a bit of a health warning. It’s not all alcohol free bliss this Tequila!

It’s the taste and this choice is certainly not up there with alcohol free wine, gin or beer for me.

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However, it is an alcohol alternative so I will go with it!

As an alcohol free consumer we need more choice not less so I really encourage us to embrace and either love it or feedback.

This Alcohol Free Tequila is called Mockingbird Non Alcoholic Spirit

It comes in a bottle around 50cl which is a standard size.

It’s not a brand I had come across if it had not been for the suggestion from friends.

Alcohol Free Tequila

The Mockingbird Tequila brand works on one level because it does a great job on “mimicking the taste” of an alcohol version to a certain degree.

You do have to trade off the taste for the lack of hangover here!

On the upside it does use the Mexican Blue Weber “Agave” that we talked about in the production of regular Tequila.

It’s made by Alcoternative and it has vegan ingredients which I know is becoming a big thing in the alcohol free world.

In fact alcohol drinkers who are vegan are coming to these products for this very reason.

We see this in many alcohol free beers

Now the skeptic in me was not sure about the claim that it uses Pure Ashwagandha, an adaptogen which is supposed to help our mental and physical well-being by helping with stress.

I was not sure about that!

You can purchase through my affiliate link below.

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases but this does not affect what you pay. I do my best to make that clear at all times and follow FTC guidelines.



What I can say with confidence is that it is Zero Alcohol and the ingredients are based very much on alcohol tequila 100% Mexican Blue Weber Agave.

And that at least keeps it authentic.

What more could you ask when its alcohol free. But the experience maybe different.

What do you think of it ?

This is not going to taste like Tequila, but it is made from 100% ingredient you would expect in Tequila!

If you are expecting to party the night away with plenty of Tequila shots then this won’t get you very excited.

So many people try alcohol free drinks and then complain it’s not alcohol free.

It’s an alcohol alternative but the good news is you won’t be falling down after knocking one of these back.

This brand would be a surefire bet for mocktails though and it does give you something a bit different.

It gives you the tequila flavor but its very different experience even more so than other alcohol free options.

So a great idea and probably needs more execution on the taste experience.

I will be honest and say it’s not the best alcohol free option I have ever tasted!

I would definitely try it with soda water, ice and lime rather than a shot so you might want to be a bit more inventive with it.

It does have a bit of kick to it which is a good thing!

I would also rank it highly on its natural ingredients, the brand and the smell!

When Would You Drink It?

It has to be with Mexican food and a few drinks before or after.

I would also really recommend Free Star beer to go with the Mexican food.

Alcohol Free Tequila and Mexican Food

Yes, given it is alcohol free I can’t see it being part of an alcohol filled occasion with friends.

More as a drink, like shot either before or after some Burritos. Or some fajitas, I do like my fajitas!

But again I say it’s not really Tequila and once you get past that you will probably be OK!

Leave your Views

Are you a big Tequila drinker?

If so I am not sure if this alcohol free option really hits the mark for me personally but then again I am a big fan of choice.

Maybe spirits in the alcohol free world are behind beer and wine but then producers have successfully created some excellent non alcoholic gin spirit like the Duchess Brand.

I would love to know your views on Alcohol Free Tequila and if you have tried Mockingbird.

Leave your comment below.



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