Alcohol-Free Spritz

The fact is Spitz is one of those alternatives that not everyone gets if you were to ask for it when you are out.

Ask for an alcohol-free spritz, and it creates even more confusion.

A Spritz can go in and out of fashion, but there is a strange movement happening right now, and that is, alcohol-free drinkers are rediscovering it as an alcohol-free alternative.

The good news it is easy to make as if you can find the ingredients, and it’s pretty easy to get one together.

But can you be bothered? I know I can’t.

Is it a mocktail?

I am not sure about that one.

I think it’s very country-specific, and I found out about a spritz years ago when I did drink alcohol, and now I am rediscovering it but alcohol-free.

It started with a need for choice, but maybe I am finding it more a “want” because of the taste.

As tipples and fresh go, it’s up there.

As ever, we start with the alcohol version.

What is an Alcohol Spritz?

Before we say what an alcoholic free Spritz is, go back to the real alcoholic version to see its mimics it at all.

I always think that is an excellent way to get things moving.

One of the most common questions asked on the blog is :

Is does alcohol-free one taste like the alcohol one, and the answer is always no!

Alcohol-Free Spritz Review

It would be alcohol, then, a minor factor that often seems to escape most people.

But it’s the difference between having an option versus not having any. So we have to be a bit flexible in an alcohol-free world.

However, an alcohol-free version needs to taste good.

A few wrong moves by an alcohol-free drinks producer, and it could be very damaging.

I drank my first Spritz near the Spanish steps in Rome, and I remember it was rather expensive.

But many of the local Italians recommended it, and so I decided it would be rude to refuse.

Bear in mind this was years ago!

Long before, I had to give up alcohol.

It was officially winter, but sunny and warm, and bubbles were just what I needed!

The sparkling drink was placed in front of me by the waiter and a few Italian snacks, and all I remember is the warm winter sun cutting through the bubble glass.

I wish I had taken a photo even though I am alcohol-free now. I love bubbles and fizz.

I love the fact that alcohol-free fizz is so much out there now.

I was hoping you could read my review of alcohol-free sparkling wine here.

I eventually gave in and asked the waiter what this spritz that I was drinking was.

It was a pretty simple combination once I had got around the language

  • Prosecco
  • Bittersweet liqueur
  • Sparkling water
  • Served over ice
  • A slice of orange and a green olive

And weirdly, it was served in a cross between a champagne and a wine glass.

It was how the locals drank it, apparently, and it went back years in Italian history, even into the 1920s and 1930s, orientated by the Italian’s desire for a bit of glamour.

It was often drunk as an Italian Aperitif, and although you might have different versions out of it, the basics were the same.

You could see how it would be relatively easy to replicate, but I was shocked now as an alcohol-free drinker that a few were made for you by one of my favourite alcohol-free gin providers.

That provider is Seedlip, which I review here.

Now what is clever is they have got the two brands very much apart.

Is that a good thing? Maybe, maybe not? It does keep it separate from gin, after all.

What is the Alcohol-Free Solution?

The brand is called Æcorn and comes in three distinct brand flavours.

Can you be bothered to make your own?

Æcorn is a real option, and sometimes making it yourself is more trouble than it’s worth.

All you need to get for this is a tall gin glass or one of those big wine glasses.

Plus, ice and a slice won’t go a miss.

In fact, it’s a must!

Alcohol-Free Spritz Review


This drink is more like a so-called Aperol, and ideally, mix it with some great chilled soda; you are pretty much there.

The Positives

  • It’s not sweet
  • Combines bitterness with citrus
  • The scent of grapefruit and orange comes through.
  • Aftertaste of Quassia, Honeycomb & Oak.
  • Now the good news is it’s alcohol-free and from the makers of the alcohol-free, non-alcohol free spirit or gin as I call it Seedlip.

To be clear, for something to be called GIN, it has to have certain ingredients and a high ABV, so alcohol by volume.

You are not going to get this alcohol-free.

People often try to make alcohol free alcohol in terms of their expectations, which will never work.

This Spritz is pretty straightforward, and given its alcohol-free, you can guarantee that the natural botanicals are first class.

After all, it has to taste good.

Ingredients of Alcohol-Free Spritz

Water, Verjus, Natural Botanical Distillates & Extracts, Preservative, Potassium Sorbate, Acid Malic Acid

There are three separate brands, and they all come to switch their unique flavour and smells, to be fair.


Æcorn Bitter Citrus

Does what it says on the tin, so Grapefruit, Bay Leaf & Orange. Feel free to add a slice of orange on top of the ice with this one.

Æcorn Dry,

It is a bit more like the Seedlip Garden variety, so floral & herbaceous aromas topped up with Clary Sage & Chamomile.

I would add lemon to this one over the ice.

Æcorn Aromatic

This drink is the one I would find the hardest to decipher, and yes, I get the fact it contains smoked Cherrywood, Vanilla but I would not know the other descriptions on the label if it hit me in the face.

The aromas I could not put my finger on must be Kola Nut & Chinotto.

Add sparkling water or soda and a slice of Grapefruit with this one.

Overall you have three distinct flavours here.

Where Can I get it?

As with many alcohol-free options, this is almost non-existent in the bars.

It’s hard enough to get an alcohol free beer, let alone wine.

The good news is that the Seedlip brand is now cutting through, so it might like its cousin to begin appearing in bars.

The best bet is online, to be honest, and I have left my affiliate link below.

As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, but this does not affect your pay. I do my best to make that clear at all times and follow FTC guidelines.


What Do I think?

It does not look like beer, gin, wine, alcohol-free sparkling wine in any way, so if you fancy a change, it’s a great option.

Plus, it comes from an excellent Seedlip stable.

Please read my review of Seedlip in a Can here.

All alcohol is free, of course.

The fact comes from the Seedlip; maybe I am biased.

But I make no apologies for this brand or their cousin Æcorn

Yes, it will not be the cheapest Alcohol-Free Spritz on the market, but hey, can you be bothered to make your own and source those excellent botanicals.

This spritz is not a tacky drink either; it’s a grown-up alcohol-free brand and an alternative to other options out there.

I was very impressed by the flavour, and to be honest; the biggest plus is that it is refreshing.

With some sparkling water and a fresh piece of fruit, depending on the flavour.

I did think about adding a can of seedlip, but then I remembered the cost of it all. That was a step too far.

Suppose wine drinking is an issue. I would avoid a wine glass and go for a tall glass.

Regardless, always seek help for alcohol issues and know your limits, and an excellent place to start is the drink aware website which you can access via my article below.

One standard measure is 1 unit.

I would love your views.

Are you a fan of Spritz? When was the last time you had one?

Let me know what you think about the idea of an alcohol-free spritz, and did you know that Seedlip made a brand?

Leave your view below, and I always respond.



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  1. Hey there, thank you so much for this amazing piece of work though, I have never heard of alcohol free spritz before though, this was my first time hearing about it and you explained it so well that I got the hang of it so easily and it was also very easy to understand as well…. Thanks for sharing this amazing article here. I really appreciate it.

    • Hey, my pleasure Collins and to be honest, it is a bit new to me. So I thought I would review it. It tastes perfect, but then it’s got a good brand in Seedlip behind it.

      I really appreciate your comments on Alcohol-Free Spritz Review. Much appreciated, Phil

  2. As someone that is not too much into alcohol I can admit that I find the idea of an alcohol-free drink very intriguing. I like to try out these drinks that don’t have the side effects of alcohol as most of the times I feel bad and my head aches. To be honest I had never heard of this Spritz so I will keep it in mind and maybe try it out. I am always into trying new ones whenever possible!

    • Hey Stratos, thanks so much for a great comment on the blog about alcohol-free spritz. It was fairly new to me as well. 

      But I keep finding some gems on this journey.

      I really appreciate you stopping by; all the very best, Phil.


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