Alcohol free sparkling wine

Social situations either at home or at work where you are expected to drink can be very stressful and actually hard. Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine is a great option.

People do expect you to drink alcohol sometimes even if you are driving or if like me you have liver disease and people just presume you have a problem.

Even more so than if you are drunk which I can never get my head around!

Help is at hand with my new favorite choice for alcohol free sparkling wine.

Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine

I was just a social drinker but through a mix of circumstances I ended up with my liver starting to fail so I knew it meant zero alcohol if I wanted to live.

Yep my social wine drinking had to go but I did enjoy the social side of drinking but they had to be 0.0% ABV so alcohol by volume.

Being honest beer was my first choice, I passed on wine at the time, I think down to poor choices but alcoholic free fizz was an early winner but I kept on searching.

I was on a mission to find more choice when it came to alcohol free options.

Does a glass alcohol free bubbles really work?

Yes it is the big honest answer or at least I think so and I have one brand that really does jump out for me.

Of course, we are talking about alcohol free sparkling wine so not champagne or prosecco but good old-fashioned fizz.

The one thing that stopped me from trying alcohol free sparkling wine was the sweetness of some of the graph juice alternatives and to be honest and upfront some alcohol free wines on sale which left a lot to be desired.

Alcohol Free Wine Choices

However, there are now some great alcohol free wines coming through and I will increase my honest reviews on my blog. I am not some kind of drinking guru, I am just a guy with liver disease who wants alcohol free options.

There are many reasons why people don’t drink alcohol from religion to pregnancy, so yes there are many reasons out there.

Please don’t be ashamed that you don’t drink, let alone like a glass of fizz.

Thomas and Scott Alcohol Free Fizz

My number choice hands down is by Thomas and Scott and I am so pleased that many of the brands coming through really shout about their ethical branding, production process and that is great to see.

The main reason I love this brand is the dryness of the taste and to be honest I found it hard to distinguish between this and the real thing.

Of course that comes with not knowing it is alcohol free so if you are driving or avoid for health reasons always check what you are being served.

The ABV labels, so alcohol by volume should be your guide.

The ethics are very clear on Thomas and Scott Alcohol Free Sparkling wine which I think is fantastic

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • 100% Chardonnay
  • Alcohol-Free

There are many reasons why people come to alcohol free drinks and one of my surprises is that people go this route if they have a vegetarian lifestyle and are really keen on being as sugar free as possible.

Its one of the great byproducts of alcohol free production!

That is good news for the market and alcohol free is increasing at roughly over 23% per year and that is attracting a bigger audience and that is good news for the market.

There is also a big trend of younger people going down the alcohol free route. There are also university research here in the UK that show people do really want alcohol free as an alternative to alcohol.

However, there is a but as we need good alternatives and Thomas and Scott Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine really delivers on that.

Please find below an affiliate link which helps support the blog but you pay the same.

The owner Amanda Thomson has prided herself on creating a transparent product with all the credentials and I think she has done a fantastic shop of that.

If I could I would thank her personally!

So what is alcohol free sparkling wine?

This alcohol free sparkling wine is made with 100% organic Chardonnay grapes. Now this may be controversial but I can give or take Chardonnay but this really does not over depend on the chardonnay taste like it or not.

It has a very smooth taste and most importantly is very dry compared to many other alcohol free wine beverages.

Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine


Its bubbles are gentle but without the losing the fizz and of course its de-alcoholised giving me the confidence that it is 0.0% abv. This is an important statistic which means alcohol by volume as opposed to just low alcohol.

I guess it is one of the reasons why it’s called Noughty! I am smart like that.

The bottle label is also cool and very transparent which is key.

Why is it not called champagne or prosecco?

It all down to countries and legal branding. For example champagne needs to be grown in that area of France. There are many legal battles that go on and it’s the same in the UK with a Cornish Pasty not made in Cornwall.

It’s a minefield.

All you need to think about is whether it is alcohol free, good quality grapes, does it have fizz and if you love the taste overall who cares what people think or say!

I remember when no-one would have prosecco or cava and would only ever insist on champagne. Of course that has changed and many people now go for prosecco as a preference.

Although I do find it slightly strange when Brits in Spain call cava Spanish champagne.

It is not champagne its cava and means cellar in Spanish and was used to distinguish the drink from their French counterpart. Even in France though champagne can only be called that from a specific district so you can see how strict it is.

Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine

For me I am happy with either alcohol free fizz or alcohol free sparkling wine as in my book as long as it has no alcohol, looks good and tastes great I’m a happy customer.

My preferred brand is also very ethical so that is a bonus.

Overall Rank – Thomson & Scott Noughty, Alcohol Free, Organic Sparkling Chardonnay

Rating 10/10

I will make no bones about it putting all the other ethical benefits aside from halal to veggie and low sugar this would not be getting 10/10 if it tasted pants. At the end of the day if it does not taste great you are onto a loser before you even start!

Let go through some of the pro’s and cons, and I will be upfront as there are more pro’s than cons. It is an honest review at the end of the day.


  • Yes it’s alcohol free so we don’t need to just cope with very sweet grape juice topped up with soda water. Yes I am all for being flexible but when it comes down to a fizz alternative that is just taking it too far!
  • Even though I don’t mind elderflower presse, I actually quite like it but I don’t want to drink it all the time!
  • The brand uses a dealcoholization process which means the fizz is dealcoholised so you know it has no alcohol for whatever your reasons to avoid it.
  • They are clear on their product about being vegan suitable.
  • Its halal friendly and again if that is something important to you the brand is upfront about that so no confusion there.
  • This prides itself on the owners dislike of sugar so that impact of that is a calorie count so only 2.9g of sugar per 100ml and this is much less than many other of the fizz alternatives out there.
  • It uses organic chardonnay grapes from Spain so as far as production goes it really tastes very clean rather than a mix of grapes and this shows in the quality of the drink
  • Great for showbiz events, parties, birthdays and celebrations where there may be pressure to drink alcohol.
  • It’s B-CORP CERTIFIED which I had never heard of but Thomson & Scott Sparkling Wine is up there in minimizing social and environmental impact. That has to be a good thing right?


To be fair as you can probably tell from my pro’s that I would struggle to find things I disliked.

  • Many people expect it to taste like for like with alcohol versions of like champagne or prosecco. If that is you, well you will be disappointed but this certainly gives it an excellent go.
  • There is a core group that just hates’ alcohol free so regardless of the taste this won’t be a good choice for you!
  • Although the option to purchase alcohol free sparkling wine online is now available including through my blog it’s still difficult to get this brand when you are out. Ask for a glass in a bar and you will sometimes discover you have two heads!

My affiliate link is below but you pay the same and support the alcohol free blog.


This is now a respectable alcohol free sparkling wine brand with great ethics, a passionate creator and owner by all accounts. It was great for me over Christmas so much so that I brought some extra bottles.,

For me though it has to be the taste. I have not really drunk it with food so I can’t really recommend those options as such but for casual drinking if you are alcohol free then this is a great buy.

The quality of the grape and the process shines through.

Treat yourself to a flute though if you don’t already have one, with fizz looks count for a lot in my view.,

I would love to hear your view on alcohol free sparkling wine and if you have tried it. What are your thoughts on alcohol free and social pressure? Just leave a message below and I always get back to you. Here’s to a glass of alcohol free sparkling wine!

For more information on alcohol and drinking visit drinkaware


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  1. Haha thanks for the article my guy! Ya know, to be honest with you, I’m not much of a drinker myself… I’m technically not even of age XD (shh don’t ask me why I’m here).. But, I have a lot of family that drinks every so often for parties,gatherings and whatnot.. I’m sure they could find this article more helpful than I could!

    • Ha ha that made me smile. Thanks for your honesty and stoppping by, I really appreciate your comment and thanks for reading regardless. All the best, Phil

  2. Hi Phil, I really enjoyed reading your blog post about Alcohol free sparkling wine. I am a girl who has always loved bubbles (of the alcoholic kind), so was really interested in this review. I think it’s great that Thompson & Scott have managed to make a DRY version of non-alcoholic sparkling wine. I have usually avoided such wines in the past because they generally tasted just like fizzy pop! I am tempted to try this one. Thank you.

    • Hey Jenni, thanks so much for for your comment. I shared your view about fizzy pop and I think at one time the alcohol free drinks world was guilty of this! Its great they have moved on and like you despite the fact I don’t drink I love my bubbles! We share a love there!

      Let me know what you think if you try it, I would love to know. All the very best and thanks for taking time out to comment. All the very best, Phil


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