Alcohol free pink gin – Review

Alcohol free pink gin – New or old?

It’s probably true that in my search for 0.0% abv choice the alternative to gin really packs some punch and does cover some ground now. When I started to search out products for my blog that I could make people aware of, I thought beer would be the main one.

However, it turns out the market is expanding but the awareness is still really low. There is choice out there and the gin market is fast playing catch up and good for them and good for us !

Where did Pink Gin come from?

However pink gin was a new one for me and it seems to be gathering pace but before you say this is a new thing, this “alcohol free pink gin” think again!

So we all know the gin range called Gordon’s. Well this the Gordon brand goes back to the 1880s. I am serious. It was called Gordon’s Pink, snappy title, so take the flavor of raspberries and strawberries which I really love then redcurrants which to be fair I don’t see much of nowadays and mix it all together. It sounds lovely.

Pink gin format became trendy in England again during the mid-19th century. However, this time they took a different tack.

So they took another famous gin so called Plymouth gin and added Angostura bitters you know the ones that go sparkling in the bottom of fizz cocktails and then added dark red bitters which of course made it pinkish. It will be beetroot next !

So Pink gin is gin with fruit that makes it go pink. Easy !

We can over complicate it but that’s what it is with fruits. There is something quite refreshing about adding fruit to a nice gin. However, rhubarb alcohol free pink gin was certainly not on the cards now or then and this is really an alternative gin as the latter is a specific recipe which you cannot encroach on. Lawyers await!

There has been some scary myths about gin over the year, it will depress you, it keeps away mosquitoes and I am sure some of that is true although when I did drink gin alcohol style I am not sure anyone told the mosquitoes.

The scariest headline I saw was that it is a cure for kidney and liver disease. Apparently the juniper berries help stop water retention in your body so more bacteria and water are flushed out of the system.

However, they seem to have forgotten that alcohol is a liver killer in large amounts. Funny that.

Now of course if you are a man you might get the mickey taken out of you for pink gin. I really do think those days are gone or maybe it’s just because I am from a media background.

Having said that it is not unusual now on an average day in an ordinary bar to see lads knocking back the chardonnay, something that would have been not thought of years ago! Now they could not care less!

Bear in mind that the female consumer is in charge decision wise of up to 70 % of spend so maybe there is a method in branding it a female drink.

The best marketing I saw for pink gin was on the London Underground where you could sniff the poster although all the posters were the other side of the track. My health and safety radar went into overdrive!

So here is a bit of a left field product that is going down well, rhubarb pink alcohol free gin. Well I never! And yes it is not for everyone.

Overall Rank for V.I.B.E – Vibe, Rhubarb Alcohol Free Spirit, 70CL – Alcohol free alternative to GIN

This is probably one of the better new alternative entrants to the alcohol free market, it is really well branded and gaining a reputation but still relatively unknown. I love the idea of alcoholic free pink gin and the rhubarb is certainly a departure from the normal fruits in this kind of product. Plus its pink, I like pink! Rating 7/10

Of course it is not gin nor should it be but it gets good points for its sugar free credentials and people generally like it as an alternative especially at parties.

Product Description

  • Zero calories, Sugar free, Gluten free, Vegan friendly
  • Alcohol free pink gin alternative.


  • Its pink
  • Alcohol free
  • Sugar
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Great with any mixer although Fever Tree tonic is my preferred choice
  • Gluten Free
  • Sexy brand which adds to its appeal, the branding is clear.
  • 70 cl
  • Refreshing taste good for parties and summer occasions,


  • This is made with rhubarb so if that is not your thing you probably won’t like this
  • Rhubarb gives it a kind of sharp taste which is not to everyone taste buds
  • Other pink gin is made with other fruit so this tastes different.
  • Some people will want the full alcohol version so it’s watery.
  • Some people say it’s only for females ( get over yourself!)


This comes in at a decent price actually and a bit cheaper than some other alcoholic free gin out there. The cost is around £25.99 and it is 70 cl. Of course a good mixer will make it go further and remember to serve it as you would alcoholic gin! You can buy it here with an option to subscribe.

Product Specifications

0.0% ABV. And Gluten free, natural and Vegan. Low in calories.

Enjoy With

Great for celebratory events including the usual hen events. However, I know someone who serves it as an alternative at awards night or even themed events where pink is a good color. Pink is now for men and women and looks great with celebrations.


It’s another option in the range and now we can have alcohol free pink gin and to be honest I think the rhubarb thing is a bit charming. Have you tried alcohol free pink gin and what did you think? Are you convinced yet by the alcohol free-range?

I would love to hear from you and chuck in a few gin stories if you like. I always respond to all messages as soon as I can.


4 thoughts on “Alcohol free pink gin – Review”

  1. Hello Phil, I have seen a lot of bad gin and so many times I have to stay away from getting these gin because I’m always careful son I won’t end up taking the bad one and regret it. These pink gin makes me really happy as I can now make a move to get one and take it without fear and I’m glad to have come across it

    • Thanks Justin, I agree alcoholic gin can disagree with so many aspects of our physical well-being including a very bad hangover , so the fact we have alcoholic free pink gin as another alternative to add into the mix is great!  Thanks for reading and sharing your view. All the best, Phil

  2. I am definitely looking to try this one you shared because it seems to be really good for me. I like the fact that it vegan free and that it still tastes good too. It is the first time I am hearing about the pink gin though because I don’t take alcohol and I supposed that anything with gin on it is alcohol. Love this you shared!

    • Hey Suz thanks so much for commenting on alcohol free pink gin, it is really appreciated. I think it is interesting how many of these alcohol free products are now aligning with vegan values. I get lots of feedback on that in a good way.  Its a very interesting trend. All the best, Phil


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