Alcohol Free Kombucha

So you decide to cut down on your drink and you think I know Alcohol Free Kombucha.

Good option right?

Well I have some advice. The alcohol free journey is an interesting one as you have to work out if it’s alcohol free totally, got a trace or just low alcohol because of its fermentation.

Its a mine field but you can get too hung up on it.

Crikey even some foods have natural alcohol in them and who would have thought bread rolls and orange juice do.

Does Orange Juice Have Alcohol in it?

Once you realize that fermentation is everywhere you become a bit more relaxed about it while remembering that especially for me alcohol consumption where possible is a no go area because of my health.

It may be different for you of course.

In the UK anything under 0.5% abv ( so alcohol by volume )  is considered alcohol free and to be honest you would get more in a natural banana.

By and large for my health I keep to the alcohol free rule and by that I mean 0.0% abv.

However, alcohol free Kombucha causes a little bit of a dilemma, yes it classes as alcohol free, but it’s natural, probiotic, contains tea but does have a natural trace of alcohol but there is probably more in my glass of processed orange juice.

Is Fruit Juice good for you?

Having flagged all of those concerns I do love the ethics of the LA Brewery and their Alcohol Free Kombucha drinks range.

I especially love their English Rose Sparkling Wine for example.

It’s one of my favorites so what did I make of the LA Brewery Citrus Hops ?

Nice but it’s not for everyone! And maybe even me.

What is the L.A Brewery?

Actually it’s pretty impressive and they have just started a crowdfunding appeal to expand their brewery. They certainly have a good fan base I will give them that.

If you have searched for Alcohol Free Kombucha you may have heard of a lady called Louise Avery. She by all accounts is an impressive individual.

She clearly has a love for anything natural when it comes to ingredients and her dedication to great tasting alcohol free drinks jumps through.

Alcohol Free Kombucha

Again like a lot of these alcohol free gurus ( can I call her that ) Louise started concocting these drinks from her kitchen.

I think this is a trend for a lot of these people who started a brewery and the same is true for chef who start their onw range to be fair.

She started in her kitchen with the Probiotic Kombucha and added everything from flowers, fruits, and botanicals and then added the sparkling aspect of the drink.

We like bubbles!

Her microbrewery is based in Suffolk in the UK and it seems to be going from strength to strength and overall I am a massive fan of the brand.

The brand stands for something and that is a good thing.

How is Kombachu made?

I am not able to make it from scratch to be honest and would not want to do it.

But that is just me!

The good news is if you are after a bit of this kind of drink you don’t need to as the brands and options are flying out although again like most alcohol free drinks go to a local store or bar and you would really struggle to find it.

The same is true for beer and wine overall.


Alcohol Free Kombucha

These stores and bars are so behind the curve it’s crazy.

I would sometimes love to go into a store and prove the opposite by loading up some stock and taking on a sales job for the week.

The Process of Komucha

I like to think of Kombucha as tea full of pumped up bacteria.

So yes health wise you have the benefit of both green and black teas that many of the brands use and they should use good quality.

I know the LA Brewery prides itself on it.

Then we get to the alcohol confusion bit and fermentation. The process creates alcohol as part of its natural process whether we like it or not.

The fermentation takes place at around 25 degrees.

Of course the key ingredient is SCOBY which is a snappy title and stands for (symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast).


So think of the yeast eating the sugar creating what we know as ethanol and carbon dioxide.

The good news is then the alcohol is eaten up by the bacteria and turned into something called acetic acid creating Kombucha with of course, it’s trace of alcohol.

So in is some respects its a fruit fermented drink with tea chucked in for good measure! With of course lots of good bacteria.

You can discover the Alcohol Free Komachu range through my affiliate link below.

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases but this does not affect what you pay. I do my best to make that clear at all times and follow FTC guidelines.

LA Brewery Citrus Hops

Now I will be upfront that this is not going to be for everyone and it’s certainly not a full on alcohol free beer if that is what you are thinking.

Yes its hoppy in that sense and its nice but I would not drink a lot of it probably.

It’s good as a nice occasional treat if its been kept in the fridge.

It’s certainly refreshing so I will give it that!

Of course, you get the Citrus, Floral, and Tropical hops with the tea and it really does have to be drank really cold in my view. 

You do not need ice but its needs to be cold.

Having said that, as an alternative treat it is good as it is low in sugar and there is plenty of the so called “friendly bacteria” which I hear is good for the stomach and digestion.

Many of the readers talk about alcohol free being gluten free and vegan friendly in nature. The good news is that this product ticks all those boxes.


Filtered water, Green Tea, Black Tea, Organic Sugar (GB-ORG-05), Kombucha Cultures, Hop Extracts, Natural Flavors

Does It contain Alcohol?

Yes it does up to a trace of alcohol or as much as 0.5%. Now I would probably freak out.

However at this point I also like to remember I eat very ripe bananas which can also be up to 0.5g of alcohol per 100g.

So if there is a health reason like me you can’t touch alcohol you need to make a call but in reality many natural products contain very small amounts that your body just gets rid of easily.

It good to be aware though.

Alcohol Free Kombucha

Having said that I would normally keep a totally alcohol free drink or just a trace of up 0.05%. However, there is also the daily reality.

It is not exactly a large glass of wine is it ?

It’s technically and legally alcohol free in the UK. Many natural foods have more alcohol in them.

Does it contain Caffeine?

Absolutely one of the key ingredients of Alcohol Free Kombucha is tea either green or black.

There are plenty of antioxidants in the mix but also caffeine. Caffeine is not bad for us per se but of course the usual rules apply.


Green Tea

A certain amount of caffeine is perfectly OK but it can raise our energy level which is why the drink can give you a kick but avoid too many before bedtime.

But of course the same rules apply to coffee.

As well as checking your coffee intake you could check your alcohol content – you can do that through a great website called drink aware.

My take on Alcohol Free Kombucha

Would I say this is a delicious drink?

Probably not it’s an acquired taste in my view but was it refreshing?  Yes it was.

It is alcohol free but then I do try to avoid any alcohol at all even if it is part of a natural fermentation process.

LA Brewery Citrus Hops

However, legally it’s an alcohol free drink and I probably consume more through my morning banana or an orange juice to be honest.

However, if you are going to try any Alcohol Free Kombucha drink this is one of the better ones out there. I certainly would not dismiss it at all.

I absolutely adore their English rose sparkling wine and you can read my review of that here.

Back to the LA Citrus Hops.

It is really refreshing and comes with a very light citrus flavor and is a great non alcoholic alternative for many to be fair.

I am also not a massive fan of too many hops but I am not sure this could be leveled at this drink.

Of course going alcohol free often means you end up supplementing your diet or choice with a drink high in sugar.

The good news with this Alcohol Free Kombucha it is low in sugar from a natural perspective.

There many brands of Kombucha out there now so you have a choice which is a good thing but I would say this quality wise is one of the best.

Of course, it may not be for everyone and I would include myself in that.

What’s your View on Alcohol Free Kombucha?

Have you ever tried it full stop or even this brand? I would love to know what you think?

What did you think of the taste and were you aware of all the alcohol free options out there? How do you feel about the low levels of trace alcohol in Kombucha?

I would love to get your thoughts on Alcohol Free Kombucha either this brand or maybe one of the others. Just leave your thoughts below and I always get back to you as I love reading your comments.


4 thoughts on “Alcohol Free Kombucha”

  1. I never even considered that Kombucha had alcohol but now that you have broken down the process, it makes sense.  Kombucha is certainly an acquired taste but I know many who add naturals flavors to it or even mix it with homemade ginger ale, although that may also contain alcohol as it’s a fermented drink.  Thank you for posting this eye-opening article.  For those who must completely cut out alcohol, it’s good to know the facts.

    • Hey thanks Cynthia, Alcohol Free Kombucha is an interesting one and in many cases it can have a trace or nothing but in some the alcohol can be quite high is some countries. 

      Again it is one to check. I am pretty relaxed about a trace and it is less alcohol than is in many natural foods but it will depend on how its produced. Its why the labelling is key. 

      Thanks so much for a great comment and an engaging one as well. It is really appreciated, Phil

  2. Self-made kombucha can’t be completely alcohol-free kombucha. The reason for this is that during the fermentation process yeast is using sugar and forms carbon acid and alcohol. The lactic acid bacteria require alcohol and other nutrition to build lactic acid. This is why the kombucha has a slightly sour taste.

    • Hi Abel, thanks for your comment and yes I guess that was the thurst of the article that even many products that are classed as “alcohol free” will often have a trace. 

      You clearly know your Kombucha!

      As you say this is the result of fermentation which is many products have including naturally. I guess it is one of the dilemmmas of alcohol free branding. I really appreciate you stopping by. All the very best, Phil


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