Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Gel – Review

Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Gel – Review

Never more have we been asked to use gel on our hands that contains alcohol. My preference for health reaction reasons is to always go alcohol free as you might have guessed from my blog title! However, I was subjected to the same amount of sneering as I was when I normally ask for alcohol free drinks.

I was actually refused entry to an establishment and sitting outside for asking if they had any alcohol free I could use or could I use my own.

Now before you think I am overreacting, the use of alcohol is a choice and many people cannot use it for medical reasons or just choose not to. So I thought it was time I reviewed some alcohol free hand sanitizer gel. Now sales are increasing so we are alone!

Overall Rank Hand & Surface Sanitiser Spray – 100ml – Non-Hazmat, Alcohol-Free (2 Pack) – Rating 10/10

This is a great product with clear credentials and is gentle on the hands. The offer also comes as a two pack. I think this is great value.

Product Description

So this product just does what it says on the tin. The alcohol free hand sanitizer gel is 100% alcohol free so fits nicely with the 00abv philosophy here at the blog.

Now the thing is if you buy something like this you are looking for safety as well as alcohol free so it is good for the skin and not harsh as we know alcohol can be a real germ beater. This give us the guarantee without alcohol

It can also be used on surfaces and well as hands which is good rather than taking a whole bag of different one on the aeroplane! Yes it really does kill 99.99% of germs on contact. Hurrah!


  • Alcohol free so big tick
  • Multi-Use
  • Easy to keep in your car or bag
  • Ideal for flying or eating out
  • No water needed so it absorbs on contact
  • Full 90 day refund which I would say is more than impressive for a product like this
  • No harsh chemical so easy on the skin


  • The only one I could find is that it may not suit you if you firmly believe alcohol is needed to do the job and you won’t get that from alcohol free hand sanitizer gel. ( Myth)
  • You have to carry it about as there no evidence that public places are making allowances for people who can’t or choose not to use alcohol.


Hand & Surface Sanitiser Spray – 100ml – Non-Hazmat, Alcohol-Free (2 Pack) comes in at around £7.92 for a two pack and remember it comes with a guarantee. You can purchase it here -online purchase)


Yes totally which is very impressive. 90 days!.

Ideal for

Flying, trains, cars, eating out, surfaces, door handles and of the beauty here is that you can use it on your hands at the same time without the fear of alcohol and harsh products being involved.


An excellent addition for me personally and hopefully the time will come when the current restriction operates that you will be given a choice but of course for alcohol free hand sanitizer gel there is now a massive demand.

Please leave you comments regarding alcohol free hand santizer gel. How as it been for you when getting out after lock down and why do you prefer it? I would love to hear your views and I also respond to every comment even if you think I am fussy!



6 thoughts on “Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Gel – Review”

  1. Wow there is an alternative I was beginning to wonder. Here is the United States almost every single establishment right has hand sanitizer. However the drawback is they all have alcohol in them. I have been trying different things like the wipes but they are all too harsh on my skin. I had never heard of this brand until your article so I will be investing in at least 5 bottles. Anything alcohol free and kills germs is an A pluss for me and my skin.

    • Hey thanks so much for this. You are so right, there are alternatives out there but they have been shut out for some reason. Thanks for sharing your experience, these comments are really important on alcohol free sanitizer gel. Alcohol is not great for the skin. I really appreciate you taking time out share. Many thanks Phil

  2. Well! I have been using the alcohol sanitizers since the lockdown began an I must say that it has been doing the Job. Though I am a firm believer that alcohol should be reduced as it is heavily too depended on for all these kind of productsn however, it feels good seeimg something like this here and honestly, I wouldn’t nmnind getting into something like this again since I have reduced alcohol products drastically in my home. Thanks

    • Thanks Sherry, I think you are in the majority there and many don’t realise there are other options. Thanks for taking time out to comment, I really appreciate it. Phil

  3. Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. Hand sanitizers are onr of the most important thing to have around as they always come in handy to protect us from the dreaded coronavirus but getting the right sanitizer is very important and the best among them is the acholo based sanitizers.

    • Hey thanks for commenting on alcohol free hand sanitizer gel, and you are right really important right now but there are non alcohol options available. I really appreciate you taking time out to comment. Phil


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