Alcohol Free Hampers UK – Now without the booze

Have you ever got a hamper and you can’t enjoy it because it had most things that you didn’t like?

Ever thought what are the options for alcohol free hampers UK ?

Secondly you realize the person that purchased it spent a fortune on it. When you go for an alcohol free lifestyle it can double the embarrassment, not only do you not like the coffee sweets ( insert your dislike here) but you end not being able to drink the many wines and beers that come with it.

Being alcohol free is a bit like being left-handed as you end up living in an alcohol dominated world just as you would live in a right-handed person’s world.

So how did we end up in this position of such a restrictive hamper world where everything has booze in it and what can we do about it? Do it yourself?

Maybe that could be a cost effective option, after all its a wicker basket packed with goodies isn’t it?

Where did a hamper come from?

Now I have two old hamper baskets in my living room from ages ago. They actually look smart and I have created them for putting things in, OK clutter maybe but kind of “trendy” at the same time.

I also have a lamp on it and the wireless thermometer for my heating. OK then its clutter!

However, to confuse things even more I also have a laundry basket in the bedroom so how did these things get so confused over the years! And why all the alcohol, who said alcohol and hampers were never to be separated?

It seems hampers and food were always meant to be but unlike a laundry basket a food hamper has space in between the wicker threads making sure the stuff inside is allowed breathe.

And now of course we are into picnic baskets. See it a wicker basket!


As my Dad used to tell me the local farmers who would use hampers on their back during harvest full of fruit or vegetables. They were then thrown into the truck or tractor for transportation to the local market in my home town.

Now the holes that led to keeping all the harvests fresh is why the where the picnic hamper made of wicker is so popular. It has over the years made it suitable for the transport of food and drinks to the local park or beach, hence the use of them all summer long!

Imagine all the cheese, ham and bread getting all sweaty, well with the holes in the basket it was fine. Allegedly!

Now the laundry “hamper service” comes from the early Chinese laundry services and we are going back a bit in fact all the way to the 19th century in England and also America. This is a weird cross over here!

Of course like any history it can sometimes go back even further and this time Hampers in food use goes back to Victorian times and I guess in many ways they invented the Christmas Celebration as we see it today which moved it on from a basic religious festival as such to a much more colorful event.

The first gift hamper came from the French though but the Victorians could not wait to make it their own.

I guess they nicked the idea from the farmers. So it was thick with gifts, chocolate, alcohol and even clothes were put into the mix.

Although there is evidence that they were around in 1066 so it seems in this history story everyone want to be an author of success or maybe it was just a practical use of an item and it was a shame to chuck it out.

Maybe recycling in its early form.



In the 11th century it was like a scene from Dickens and the basket was filled with support in terms of things to live on so that the poorer families could eat and drink at Christmas.

It also seems that me keeping my mortgage and pension documents in my old hamper crate is not that far-fetched.

As early as 1200 the word changed so they were called hanapers rather than hamper and were use to store key documents. After all why would the nasty thief look into the hamper basket!

In 1706 around the railroad days people would use the hamper basket to carry food on board so it was all very practical and it makes sense if you see some of the old movies people have baskets attached to the back of their horse and carts.

I guess this moved on to the “trunk” you see on the back of transport heading to the boat in the Titanic movie or the big railways journeys starting at those packed stations. I do love black and white films!



So it seems the big move came from food and harvesting for practical reasons and even laundry, who would have thought they would become big business alas based very much around alcohol.



What is it with all the alcohol?

So it was when the Christmas hamper started to get a bit more extravagant and became a time to keep up with the Jones’ that they really changed.

Here are some of the things people started to push the boundaries on. This all started from a simple wicker basket. Of course and herein lies the problem. Alcohol played a big part!.

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It went from basic food stuff to more elaborate items:

  • Biscuits
  • Cheese
  • Crackers
  • Chuntney
  • Savory snacks
  • Biscuits
  • Truffles
  • Wine
  • Whiskey
  • Rum

The one item that probably did not feature is beers but at some point later so called “specialist beers” played a part.

Of course people being people they want to go the extra mile if even it makes no sense at all!

It became a way of impressing people with the big stores in the UK like Harrod and Selfridges getting in on the mix. It went from giving to the poor to being out of reach of the poor. Ironic on many levels

People would raise the stakes even higher and again alcohol would be involved which if you can’t touch alcohol means it would be out of reach.


  • More expensive drinks
  • Luxury wine
  • Deluxe whiskey
  • Very elite cookies
  • Smoked salmon
  • Lobster
  • Oysters
  • Board Games
  • Books
  • Candles

Of course the packaging had to change to accommodate these and I even heard of a mini cooler refrigerator bringing fitted or at least ice packs.

So had it got out of hand?

No I actually don’t think so but the range up until this point has made it so if you are alcohol free you were paying for stuff you just did not want! Now there is more choice out there and as the world changes so does the choice available.

That is good news if you are avoiding alcohol for lots of different reasons.

What can you put in an alcohol FREE hamper?

So you can now have two choices when going for an alcohol free hamper you can create a wicker basket from scratch or you can buy one. If you are going it at alone and there is a good reason to do that here are some of the great things you can add:

  • A mix range bottle back or 0.0% beers for those totally alcohol free
  • A mix of 0.5% ABV wine for those who like low alcohol beers
  • Alcohol free wine red white or rose is ideal as a mix
  • Alcohol Free Fizz perfect for celebrations
  • Chocolate
  • Crackers
  • Cheese
  • Alcohol Free Gin
  • Alcohol Free Spirits.
  • Presse
  • Tonic Water
  • Alcohol Free T-shirts
  • Mocktail Makers

In fact any drink that is alcohol free will fit well within a hamper and someone who is alcohol free or adopting an alcohol free lifestyle will love you forever.

Trust me there is nothing worse than opening up an expensive hamper to realize that you can only have a few things in it.

One of my affiliate drinks partners offer great bundles to add into your own carefully crafted alcohol free hamper UK and you can find their offers here. You always pay the same and only I work with the best company in terms of variety.

Of course, you may want to buy a gift bag and create a non-alcoholic drinks package it certainly does not have to be in a hamper. Just be creative!

There is now of course an alcohol free hamper that is done for you which is a great idea although remember sometime they can still have stuff in them that you could not use or like very much.

Apart from alcohol there is also vegan gift hampers which seem to be tied very closely with alcohol free hampers UK for some reason.

Here is one that goes down well and I have had really good feedback on but search around there are others.

Things to double check if you can, is the person you are sending it to totally alcohol free or low alcohol, as this can often determine the mix that you choose however if there are different people in the household it might be a nice introduction into low alcohol options as well.

You might want to order some great alcohol free beers to go with it!

Please note this is an affiliate link but you pay the same, just click the picture to browse the range



Snacks and treats always work well get to know your audience

Hampers can be a great source of introducing new people to new products. I have often had something in a hamper and thought actually I will get some more of that. Here is a nice quote that sums up a great hamper:

“Growing up, I would take out books from the school library and hide them in the hamper. I’d wait until my parents fell asleep, and then I’d sneak into the bathroom, turn on the light, and dig out the books and read all night.” Lisa Joy

Plus true story

I once also worked with a coaching client who was the biggest earner of a finance firm in London. He earned the company lots of money and I mean millions however he felt very unappreciated. When I asked why given the amount he was earning he said “Every month they send me a food and drink hamper worth thousands of pounds. They have never once taken a deeper interest in me as a person to know I don’t drink” He actually walked and was employed by another firm for less money later that day!


Have you brought an alcohol free hamper and what was the reaction? Did you find them hard to get hold of?

What was the last expensive hamper you were given that you hardly used. What do you do with the basket afterwards? I would love to know your story about any alcohol free hampers UK and what you thought of them?



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