Alcohol Free Hampers – at last ( Review)


Alcohol Free Hampers – at last no more waste – Review

So since I became alcohol free for health reasons I have often thought hampers were just a no go area. They come and they are stacked with all sorts of drinks you can’t touch. So they look nice but really you know unless some people come around they will go to waste. Maybe I am selfish but now there are actually alcohol free hampers believe it or not.

I think we buy hampers either as a gift so alcohol free hampers are great if you have friends and family who are teetotal or you are self-indulgent and want something just for you. So I am really happy to be reviewing this alcohol free hamper

Overall Rank for Downtown Hamper with Alcohol-Free Pressé

This is a good for savory and sweet and I have ranked it highly given this is a new area for alcohol free options.

Rating 9/10

I thought this was excellent in terms of its snack, cheese and chocolate range and a nice touch of some presse. Presentation is also first class.

Product Description

The Downtown Alcohol Free Hamper has Alcohol-Free Pressé and has what I would call an abundance of treats including British cheeses. Plus to add with it Oatcakes and Marmalade.

If you have a sweet tooth it also has Shortbread you know the pure butter one from Scotland! Biscuits Strawberry Jam made with hands ! Yes and yes it does include chocolates OK now?


  • Great cheese and confectionery.
  • Really does look the part with its presentation
  • Compared to other hampers good pricing
  • No wastage as in products you would not it
  • The products work together so not some random shove together.
  • Award-winning company Gold Trusted Merchant status was awarded to Regency Hampers
  • Decent presse
  • It can be personalized with a gift tag so I gifted it to myself 🙂


  • I only have one criticism which is there is a temptation to put more savories in but it would be nice to see a wider selection of non alcohol drinks. They would make it a cut above the rest.


To purchase online you are looking at around £39.20 but prices vary. Probably a special product linked to an online purchase and you can buy it here now. Next day delivery in some places. Very good value for a hamper in my book and it looks cool.

Enjoy With

Now before you say it is just a “Christmas” or “party thing” event I would say this is great for a gift for even a Saturday night film. Just have the hamper in front of you and enjoy the treats. You might want to order this bottle of alcoholic free fizz to go with it. I have a review if you are interested in bubbles!


In the world of creating choice for people who choose to or can’t drink alcohol this is a great step forward. However even just with the one bottle of presse this alcohol free hamper saves on wastage so you are not being delivered lots of alcoholic drink that you can’t touch or even give you the temptation to.

I think as the hampers gear themselves up in terms of non-alcoholic choice you will see more of these and not as a second thought either. The more alcohol free drink they can include without losing the other goodies the better!

Let me know what you think of alcohol free hampers, I would love to hear you thoughts! Just leave your message below and I always respond.

4 thoughts on “Alcohol Free Hampers – at last ( Review)”

  1. I had never thought about Alcohol Free Hampers until I read your amazing article.

    Once I finished reading I completely understand that there is a space in the market place for these especially as my partner does not drink so something like this is perfect for him. I also know so many other friends that also have stopped drinking so this would be great.

    The price represents such great value for money due to no alcohol. I forget that whilst it is easy to remove the alcohol from other more well known hampers you are actually paying for that privilege which would not be used.

    I will definitely be purchasing thanks to this article. 



    • Thanks Imelda, you are spot on, it is such a waste and a reason I have avoided them. Thank-goodness the market is catching up! I really appreciate you commenting on alcohol free hampers. Much appreciated, Phil

  2. Wow, it’s an amazing hampers idea! I have seen almost every hampers are containing alcoholic drinks but I never notice there’s a choice of non-alcoholic hampers. It’s suitable for bringing it to the party that no need of alcoholic drinks especially when the party is mostly children. Besides, some alcoholic drinks that come with the hampers taste bad and it will be waste when nobody wants to drink it.

    Thanks for sharing such amazing idea! I would definitely consider this kind of hampers before I buy any other hampers.

    • Thanks so much Jolly for commenting on alcohol free hampers. Yes I am exceptionally excited by this option and I a sure it will be appreciated by those living alcohol free. The choice is increasing all the time which of course is one the goals of the blog. I appreciate you taking time out to comment, Phil


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