Alcohol Free Gin Tonic – It’s a key drink to miss out on!

So where does gin comes from? The answer as ever is a confusing one and it is a bit like whiskey so everyone wants to claim it. The Italian Monks used it for medicinal purposes back in the 1800’s. A center piece of course was the juniper berries.

However, it is the Dutch apparently who created it, a dutch physician and therefore the soldiers in the great Spanish war drank it to calm the nerves and so its where the term “dutch courage” came from. What about the tonic bit?

In India British army officers in the 19th century added a mixture of water, sugar, lime and gin to the quinine thus gin and tonic was born. It’s amazing how these stories grow and change.

In your are moving to an alcoholic free lifestyle like I had to because of health the gin and tonic is a stable for many reasons: Alcoholic fee gin tonic could be the same :

  • It’s a great pre dinner drink
  • It drank on vacation, holidays or that special occasion
  • It often used in cocktails
  • It’s a long drink to enjoy with friends
  • It keeps mosquitoes away ( is that even true?)

Overall Rank for The Duchess Alcohol Free Gin Tonic (Greenery, Pack of 12)- Rating 10/10

This is brilliant and a one stop shop for an alcohol free gin tonic in an easy accessible pack.

Product Description

An alcohol free gin tonic made with fresh ingredients and low in sugar and calories. A special mention for convenience which has seen a trend in the alcoholic market but not in this market up till now.


  • Alcohol free
  • A convenient alternative to an alcoholic standard with a great level of convenience all in one.
  • Includes rosemary, lime leaves and a hint of cucumber
  • Certainly replicates a Gin & Tonic feel
  • Low in Sugar and Calories for those of us watching the sugar content and our waistlines
  • 100% needs to be chilled with a slice of lemon or lime.
  • Great branding


I honestly cannot see any downsides it’s a great priced option for online order but not really found in bars otherwise a big thumbs up. Probably one of the best all in one offers in the market right now.

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To purchase online you are looking at around £19.99 for a pack of 12. A special product linked to an online purchase and you can buy it here now.

Enjoy With

A train journey after work on a Friday, it is a great way to enjoy alcohol free gin tonic. Ditch the bar and get straight on your journey home or your weekend away.


AS you will be aware if you have read my blog I am passionate about making more 0.0% abv alcohol free options available especially on the move and I think this ticks so many boxes from the taste, branding and more convenience.

Everyone I know who has tasted it speaks very highly of the taste and the overall price. Of course, it’s great for those of us looking for an alternative before a dinner party.

What do you think ?

Would you consider trying alcohol free gin tonic? I would love to hear your views if you have tried it or will you be keeping to alcohol free beer? I would love to hear your views and I always respond. Message below.

4 thoughts on “Alcohol Free Gin Tonic”

  1. This is what I have been missing since I went alcohol free 15 years ago. My gin and tonics,I loved the taste back then and I often miss it. This would make for a great alternative drink instead of just soda water. I do wish they would sell this at the bar though. I hate not going but since I cant drink it is awkward to be at a bar with only soda. Great addition to the non alcoholic market. It comes in 3 differrent flavors I see. Have you tried all three and what do you think is the best one? I am thinking the floral myself.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. It is one of my biggest frustrations about bars not selling enough choice. Yet when they do offer it up as an alternative very often after my suggestions it jumps off the shelves!  

      The one that is slowly hitting the bars bit by bit is reviewed here if you are interested. So the demand is there. 

      You are right on the flavours all their range is great and to be honest I think they all lend themselves to different moods. You cannot go wrong really. I appreciate you taking the time out to contribute to alcohol free gin tonic. Let me know if you do test them out and come back and write a review! All the best, Phil

  2. Hi Phil

    Who does not like a good G and T but for those who do not want to partake in alcohol the alcohol  free version  sounds like a godsend. It does seem that gin is another alcoholic drink that has a murky and unsure past. You cannot imagine nowadays a doctor prescribing  any alcoholic drink to be medicinal. I find it hilarious  for gin to calm you down, as alcohol can actually make you more jittery.  The only thing I know is that gin was drunk in large quantities  in the UK as it was safer than drinking the water that came from pumps. Even children were drinking it.

    I knew that the British  had to be involved  somewhere  and they probably invented it to get quinine  into their system, medicinal  of course. I think that this product is a great addition to the  on drinker repertoire. Now to drink it with lemon or lemon that is the question?



    • Thanks Antonio your comment did make me smile on alcoholic free gin tonic as you are so right about alcohol being used as an alternative to water in drinks because the water was so bad. That is spot on. Its often how beer brands came about as well. Scary but interesting at the same time. I really appreciate you taking time out to comment. My preference is lime by the way…. get me being the aventure driven soul that I am!  Phil


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