Alcohol Free Gin – Caleño’s

It’s probably true that in my search for 0.0% abv choice the alternative to gin really packs some punches. I was not expecting there to be such a choice growing in the market.

I feel like the makers have seen the opportunity and run with it. I think this is definitely true of Caleño’s ‘Juniper & Inca berry’

Overall Rank for Caleño’s ‘Juniper & Inca berry’

This is probably one of the better new entrants to the alcohol free market  so would be in the top five for me and of course it is really well branded and gaining a reputation. I love the brand and the taste which is served as you would a gin and tonic but without the alcohol. Rating 9/10

The rating feels a bit skewed as my experience of them is limited so I can only go on taste but this is certainly up there for flavour.

Product Description

This is an alternative to gin so of course it is not a gin that has been made where all the alcohol is taken out. A better description would be a distilled zero alcohol spirit that packs a punch with its tropical flavours. The experience is similar however.


0.0% ABV so alcohol by volume and this market does need supporting. Great for creating mocktails in the summer or holiday festivals like Christmas. Definitely got a kick in terms of zest and is low in sugar calories and gluten free , the latter is a trend growing with these products.

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It includes a fusion of juniper, citrus and spice botanicals which gives a similar but not the same as a gin and tonic. However I say again this is not an alcohol free gin but gives you the experience of one.You can save on a subscription order here.


The only negative really is people telling you it’s not really gin so tell them to put up or shut up, you are drinking this for a reason. Like its competitors this is a bit on the pricey side but then again the quality is first class.

It’s not really out there in my experience in the bars I visit yet so it’s probably an online purchase at this stage but great to have at home for special occasions. You would use it sparingly as you would gin.

Tell that to your grandmother when she visits!


Caleño’s ‘Juniper & Inca berry’ or as we like to call it alcohol free gin comes in at around £24.99 as an average for a bottle (online purchase). Cheaper if you do a subscription which I do with some alcohol free beer purchases and it’s definitely worth it.  Difficult to say what you would pay in a bar but based on the quality and other brands it would be similar to the cost of a gin but it’s served with tonic , ice and a slice.


Usual statutory rights apply.They don’t shout about their credentials but its based upon the creator of the brand mainly. No bad thing!

Product Specifications

0.0% ABV. and Gluten free , natural and Vegan. Low in calories.

Enjoy With

Great before a meal or welcome drink for 0.0% abv lifestyle where you hunt out alcohol free choices. Remember you can use this as part of a mocktail but for my preference I would have it with a really good tonic like Fever Tree after all its excellent ingredients so don’t drown it out.


An excellent addition for me personally in the alcohol free gin market if a bit pricey currently but great taste. It boasts its natural credentials  and definitely seems to have a passion from the owners for its product. I would recommend a good social drinkers alternative.

4 thoughts on “Alcohol Free Gin – Caleño’s”

  1. Now this is rwlaly getting serious. I never knew there could ever be a gin without alcohol constituent. I actually thought gin is an alcoholic product that is made of spirit. Wow! This is rwlaly a big one NAD this review is quite great to see. With this rapid rate of less consumption of alcohol and the use of less alcoholic products, then we might soon see the end to the long lasting alcohol. This juniper and Inca berry is looking quite good consisting their constituent generally. Thanks

    • Thanks Phillip, I agree the products are moving fast and furious in this market to having no choice to a few to select from. It is certainly a trend. Thanks for taking time out to comment, it is much appreciated, Phil

  2. I’ve not been able to have a taste of this Caleno Juniper & Inca berry, but I have the feeling and by what I’ve read that it’ll be a very good adventure of a drink. If you don’t mind, I’d love you to specify it’s health benefits in a more detailed way. It’s very true that the market is full of same product, alcohol free gin will serve as a reroute into another aspect of drinks. Thanks for his enlightenment.

    • Thanks Maurey, of course I will make sure I do that. Of course the biggest health reason is no alcohol which I think is a big plus. I will give your great idea some thought and make sure I add something to the article. Thanks for taking time out to feeback, I really appreciate it, Phil


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