Alcohol Free Fizz – Review

Another Alcohol Free Fizz Review!

At a time when beers, alcohol free gin is making great strides but the wine is not,it is fantastic that we have some fizz to champion where the producers seem to really care about the credentials and the packaging.

Overall Rank for Thomson & Scott Sparkling, 75cl

Now I don’t have a great relationship with alcohol free wines as I end up drinking grapefruit. However, it now seems we have a couple of options available on the alcohol free fizz market. Fizz is always a great option for wedding parties and at home celebrations.

The thing is, if we are zero alcohol drinks wise or “tea total” we get left out with a glass of orange juice and an odd stare. Luckily there are a few good options on the market now and this is one of them.

Rating 8/10

Alcohol Free fizz rating for Thomson & Scott. , 75cl is 8/10 based mainly on the fact the range in this area is not extensive in the alcohol free zone.

Product Description

This is alcohol free fizz so get another big thumbs up from me. It uses 100% chardonnay grape vegan friendly and of course alcohol free. Good reviews overall and I can see why.


  • The use of 100% pure grapes used for wine
  • Reduced sugar and the owner prides herself on this
  • Transparent label around vegan credentials
  • Many people can’t tell the difference
  • Gently sparking


The only con I can see is that some people do seem to compare it to a supermarket’s own brand but as I don’t know what that brand is and I have yet to find it, I maintain this criticism is a bit harsh when comparing prices. I have not seen these ranges hit the bars yet.


Alcohol Free Fizz Thomas and Scott Noughty comes in at around £8.99 which share a similar price with the others in the range so you can’t say fairer than that. You can purchase online here.

Enjoy With

I would say this is a party drink, great for the usual wedding, parties, and early evening get-togethers.

Quick update this was my choice for my Christmas Meal 2020 and as Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine is was first class 3/1/2021


Another great addition to the alcohol free-range and as a champion of alcohol free alternatives I would certainly like to champion this one. I would love to know what you think if you have tried it. Leave your comments below.

10 thoughts on “Alcohol Free Fizz – Review”

  1. Was looking for some safe alternatives for an upcoming event. I don’t drink alcohol and several of my friends are recovering so your review hit at a nice time! I like that it doesn’t have a lot of sugar, I don’t need the empty calories either lol. I will have to check this out further and hopefully make this my last stop in my search.

    • Thanks Shawn, thanks so much for your comment. I agree suggestions like this are really helpful in a wotld that has so few. This is one area that seems to be grasping the issue thinking about consumer choice but also ethical credentials. I hope your event is a good one. Thanks for taking time out to comment. I really appreciate it  Phil

  2. I like drinking alcohol especially in gatherings! But this post is so interesting–for me to fool around my alcoholic friends! I didn’t know that there are fizz drinks (am I using the right term? because it sounds cooler than “alcohol-free”) packaged exactly like a wine. You got me at “many people can’t tell the difference” part. Thanks for this! Great read, and I bookmarked your site–seems a lot of fun going on around your site! Cheers! -A

    • Thank you for commenting and yes you can call it alcohol free fizz as lots of people do and it kind of says what it does on the tin. I really appreciate you taking time out and also bookmarking the site! Wow, Phil

  3. Thanks for the Alcohol-Free Fizz review! I’ve truly been at parties and important occasions where Fizz was used for the visitors that attended. Wow, good to know Fizz currently has a rating of 8/10! I don’t drink alcohol, and my family doesn’t either. I’d love to have this drink since it’s low in sucrose and has 100% grape content.

    Kudos for providing the link to purchase this product online! I thought it might not be available in my own part of the world, but I was glad when I saw the link you shared for buying online. Thanks.


    • Hey thanks Joyce, Yes alcohol free fizz has been an inspiration to me since giving up alcohol and its a great alternative to both ordinary alcohol free wine and beer. I have also give some other options here and also sparkling wine here. I really appreciate your comment here on the blog. All the best, Phil 

  4. Hello,

    Thanks for review! I really didn’t know there is an alcohol free wine.(A good surprise for me). I like to drink wine but during the week I can’t because of the job. If I drink wine in the evening, I don’t feel OK the next morning. 

    You gave me a solution — alcohol free fizz — super music in my ears. Question: is this wine semi-sweet? 

    Thank you again for a great review!

    • Hi there, thanks so much for the comment. I have to say alcohol free fizz is music to my ears as well. It made my Christmas Day lunch to be honest. 

      On the question of dry verses sweet I have to say it was not totally dry but as near as you could get it. It certainly was not sweet as I hate sweet wine so for me to say that takes something! 

      Its actually very impressive. I so enjoyed your comment and thanks so much for stopping by. All the very best Phil

  5. That could possibly be the most interesting article I have read in ages, in fact, the whole blog blew my mind away.

    I enjoyed the way your personal experience and perspective was brought into your articles.

    I read almost all your posts (not a fan of gin, alcoholic or not so skipped those) and can honestly say it kept me intrigued.

    Will be on the lookout for more posts!

    • Thanks so much for your kind comment, it is much appreciated. I am so glad when people enjoy the blog and more importantly make a connection between the various issues. Its a great to get comment like this. All the best Phil


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