Alcohol free face moisturizer – Review

Doing a search for alcohol free moisturizer is well a real pain. Now I speak as a man here but I really value a good face care system.

However, do a search and it’s really difficult to find an organic one without alcohol, one that does not mess up your skin.

Now since a health scare I avoid alcohol in food, drink and health products. Some people might say I am a bit over the top but then many of you in your questions or comments have agreed.

Alcohol based products do not agree with everyone and they can dry out the skin, As an aside you have no idea how difficult it is to deal with the alcohol sanitizer that you now have to use before you go anywhere. Its a bit like asking for an alcohol free drink, you get that “look”.

So I just say I am allergic and ensure good hand washing. It very basic but thorough and of course as I have highlighted on my blog there is at last alcohol free hand wipes that you get.

Those products are now out there but you don’t see them when you are out and about. Get them in that bag of yours.

So there is an overall challenge with alcohol free moisturizers for face creams and that is do you go for a mix of one that includes both natural product and or one that has UVA protection.

Ideally you would go for both as we know sunlight can age the skin. However, in an alcohol free world it is sometimes difficult to find both in the same product.

My solution is to mix and match your alcohol free face cream.

Overall Rank Natural Alcohol Free Face Cream 60ml by PureChimp – (60ml) Rating 8/10

This is a great product and to be honest given it’s so hard to get alcohol free moisturizer with no alcohol this gets a big thumbs up from me.

It’s one of the brands you just want to love. Natural ingredients and you can tell they really want to make a difference. They also have created ethics and if I am honest the price considered it is very natural seems to be much lower than other providers.

It feels good and I have scored it 8/10 only because of the UVA sun protection issue and that I still need to build that into my purchasing mix, having said that for a moisturizer this is quality stuff!

Product Description

A natural face cream with a slight smell of banana and rich in texture. It is reviewed here because it is vegan which many people ask for on the blog and my personal preference is alcohol free.

Its 60 ml in a reusable glass container. The brand qualities are excellent and it’s ideal for sensitive skin and any bad reaction you get to the other face cream that are there so it reduces the risk.

Is this more female or male as an alcohol free face cream? I am not sure to be fair as I think unisex product transcends most of those issues now.


Safflower Oil, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Wax, Shea Butter, Hemp Oil, Banana Flavor, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Vitamin E Oil


  • Recyclable Glass
  • Aluminium Lid
  • Jojoba & Sea Buckthorn
  • Vegan
  • Alcohol Free
  • Palm Oil Free For Sensitive Skin
  • Organic
  • Great ethical brand
  • Next day delivery
  • Vegan
  • Natural Product
  • 5% of profits go to charity
  • High in vitamin E
  • Helps with inflammation
  • It can be used on your hands as well.


Safflower Oil, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Wax, Shea Butter, Hemp Oil, Banana Flavor, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Vitamin E Oil

My review on alcohol free soap is here


  • No UVA protection so you will need to give that some thought
  • Banana type smell which I was fine with personally
  • Very thick, definitely creamy so it takes time to blend it.
  • Might be more suited to a night cream but I used it during the day.


The tub of alcohol free face cream is well presented and the price I think is very ethical and good at £ 9.95 You can purchase that here.

There is an option to double up on their product as well. I don’t do this but there is a saving if you do. There are also a great range of tea products they do which is well worth a glance or two! Subscription option available.


The usual standard terms apply.

Ideal for

For people with sensitive skin issues as they have ensured it contains 0 of the 27 known allergies that occur in face products.

I thought that was very impressive.

It’s a very thick in texture but leaves the skin feeling really refreshed. I personally love it. If you are ethically minded as well this ticks all the boxes so it pays the living wage, contributes to the planet and donates 5% of its profits to charity. Big smiles!


It certainly makes your skin feel fresh and although I think I’m going to stay with it as it is alcohol free. I will continue to keep an eye on the UVA option but as far as credibility for a product is covered you cannot go wrong with this.

The smell of a mix of banana and vanilla was not a problem for me and it felt great on the skin.

The big challenge will be to provide a mix of UVA and moisturizing cream all in one. Having said that the amount of people who contact me on the blog and say alcohol disagrees with the skin is massive so I guess alcohol free is going to be the way to go!

People often don’t realize the effect alcohol can have on drying out aspects of your skin so I am really pleased to champion this product.

Its a bit like wheat in food when you are attempting to go wheat free, its turns out it is much harder than you think! So more options the better for me.

The company itself has their history in matcha tea which is a Japanese find and they seem to work exclusively with their supplier there.

PureChimp’s mission seems to be to keep us all well and that is a good thing. They state their 4 morals as Be Helpful, Be Natural, Be Environmentally Friendly and Have Fun. You can’t say fairer than that.

I would love to hear your view generally on alcohol free products and would you consider using alcohol free face moisturizer?

I love hearing your views and your experiences so do share below. As part of the community I respond to all your comments.

10 thoughts on “Alcohol free face moisturizer”

  1. Thank you for sharing this here. I value all you have shared here and it makes a lot of sense seeing all of these here. Honestly, this has encompassed it all here for me and I value the thing explained here about being able ti use face moisturisers that are non alcoholic. Surely this is really great to see in all

    • Hi Nath, thanks for commenting on Alcohol Free Face Moisturizer, I really appreciate it. Yes once you start to look there are slowly products out there that are progressing that prove skin care can be alcohol free. I am pleased you found it useful . All the very best, Phil

  2. It’s very true that most of the face moisturizers we have in the market are have some alcohol contents in them and this may not be so fine with some people, that’s why I like your idea of sharing this alcohol free face moisturizer, I think it’s very good that you did as it’ll be very helpful to those searching for it.

    • Hi Bruce thanks so much for commenting on alcohol free face moisturizer , I really appreciate it. You are spot on so many products have alcohol in them and to be honest you have to really look closely. Its a key area of research for me at the moment. Thanks for stopping by, all the best, Phil

  3. Hello Phil, one of the things I look for in any product is the benefit it gives to me and all the ingredient used in making it and I really like this face moisturiser you have shared here. I have not really been using any form of moisturiser until my wife imposed it in me and since then I’ve always been careful about the one I use. This is actually a great product 

    • How funny Justin that you got it imposed on you, that made me chuckle but its sounds like you are sold on it now. I agree it is so important to choose a product that works for you which is why I am so keen to promote alcohol free face cream and they are hard to find. I really appreciate your taking the time out, Much appreciated, Phil

  4. A well written and balanced overview, description and summary of alcohol free products. As a tee-total myself, im immediately attracted to the content and the creator clearly has experience in this area and it shows to be very well researched. Good addition of photographs and other visuals to keep visitors to this page interested and engaged.

    • Thanks Dameon, I appreciate the fact that the review kept your interest and I agree the use of pictures always helps. I really appreciate your feedback on alcohol free face moisturizer. All the best, Phil

  5. Oh well, this is. A good review. I mean who thought that those alcohol face moisturizers can actually work wonders. I think that it is something that I would like to give a try personal because you have the details about it so well and I like it. I am willing to try it out especially looking at the amount of work you have put into it.

    • Hi Suz, thanks for commenting on alcohol free moisturizer it is really appreciated. Yes it arrived recently and very well packaged so thought I would review as soon as I could. I get excited over this stuff !

      I really love this natural alcohol free cream that is so ethical and out there! I really appreciate your comment. All the best, Phil


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