Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine – English style

The options keep on coming for alcohol free products and drinks which is great news although some of the names get confused. English alcohol free sparkling wine with kombucha !

What does that mean?

Is it really wine and what is kombucha? With alcohol free I have to be honest the labels can be confusing and whatever the reason you don’t drink, my big question and the only one is:

Is it alcohol free and 0.0% abv is other words is it safe to drink sugar aside of course.

My reason for not drinking alcohol is liver disease but for many is just a lifestyle change and why not!

I recently had the opportunity purely by chance to drink Sparking English Rose which is an excellent product by LA Brewery and I have to say I was really impressed.

One of their core ingredients is Kombucha, but what on earth it is as its a new one for me. I clearly need to get out more!

How do you make Kombucha?

Despite its trendy name it is a bit of an art to make. To start you need some cold filtered water.

Then you need some tea either bags or loose tea will do. You will also hear the term Scoby. Which actually sounds a bit alien like but at the end of the day it’s just an acronym so don’t worry.

It stands for.

Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast.


That is what it stands for a nothing more and nothing else. So if you think about the fermentation that goes into beer and wine, this is a bit simpler.

It takes time but once made you have a tasty kombucha drink which can be nice and fizzy it certainly has a citric tang or after-taste once added to other ingredients.

It was certainly was a new one for me but then to be fair since going alcohol free my world has changed so much.

So think of scoby as the catalyst that makes the drink!

It can be purchased on line although here I am not suggesting you make it fresh why would you when really what you are looking for is an alcoholic free option and there are now plenty to choose from!

kombucha and tea

But in case you are feeling adventurous kombucha is made by letting the tea, sugar and boiling water fuse together and then letting it slowly cool.

The next bit is not for the fainthearted and you just have to let it sit for just over a week. Make sure the liquid is covered while sitting there in a container which is nicely sealed.

You can also add more sugar if you so wish but the longer it is left to stand the more fizzy it will become. So ideal for a fizzy option in terms of an alcohol free drink choice.

Its starting to make sense!

kombucha and digestion

Kombucha is a great source of probiotics so good for stomach health and there’s evidence it is great for digestion. It’s certainly has become trendy of late.

Of course, given its ingredients you would expect it to be high in antioxidants and it is!

Antioxidants can be a great in protecting free radicals that can contribute to our aging. Although science has lots of different viewpoints on this and I am not here to argue either way.

The one thing we do know of course about Kombucha is that you are creating many vitamins and minerals which can happen when the yeast combines with and then breaks down the sugar.

So we are talking vitamin C and B. Now that’s good news.

It’s important to bear in mind that there is limited clinical evidence to support some other aspects of its health benefits however if it is alcohol free not too much sugar with some vitamins it’s good enough for me.

As with any product if you are breastfeeding or pregnant always check with your doctor as there has been some reports of unpleasant side effects.

There are also flags if you have a compromised immune system. I would stress that these are just advisories and for the majority it can be drunk freely but its always best to check

You can check food to eat or avoid in pregnancy via the NHS in the UK.

The good news is that for the majority of us a Kombucha based drink can provide a bit of fizz and is a fantastic alternative to alcohol free options.

After all, alcohol is one of the most poisonous substances we can take into our systems so we need to view everything in a balance!

So what about a great drinking product you can buy?

LA Brewery and Sparkling English Rose with Kombucha and added White Rose Petals and Wild Elderflower

This for me is a great find but if you have never heard about the LA Brewery before here is a bit about them. Like many alcohol free and no alcohol producers they have a clear mission and purpose and I personally like that.

A lady by the name of Louise Avery is behind this brewery and like so many people who started up this kind of drink business they have a real passion for natural ingredients.

Of course, it started in her kitchen as many entrepreneurs do of course.

Sparkling Wine with kombucha

She now runs this brewery from Suffolk in the UK and they still go for the home brew approach which I really like and it is alcohol free with passion.

Sounds like a win win to me!

The LA Brewery Sparking Rose is a great drink and really refreshing and so much so I have now got through at least 5 bottles. Its so drinkable in that sense!

Here is my summary.

I give it a 10/10 score and it’s delicious especially if you are considering it as an alternative to sparkling wine or champagne especially as it is non alcoholic.

My kind of drinks!

As I mentioned tea is a key ingredient but don’t let you put you off as the taste could not be further from that it my view but that might just be my taste buds.

In terms of the type of tea added in the production process we are talking Assam and White Monkey tea which is used to create the Kombucha and then they add organic white rose petals and wild elderflower which I have to say is a personal favorite of mine.

English Sparkling Wine Alcohol Free

A crisp complexity balances a fresh zesty acidity and floral notes with a dry finish, a drink reminiscent of wildflower champagne.

Best enjoyed chilled as a perfect start to a dinner or celebratory occasion and of course socially it means you don’t feel left out!

The one thing that surprised me was that I was expecting it to be really sweet or that taste where you wince as it is so sour however this drink balances the two.

My concerns were very misplaced.

For me it was the perfect balance and of course there is something about popping a cork! Sad I know but when you are alcohol free you find its the simple things that matter.

LA Brewery and Sparkling English Rose with Kombucha and added White Rose Petals and Wild Elderflower seems to keep its fizz overnight as well even if you use a bottle stopper or not.

I did not feel it lost any of its taste overnight in the fridge. So it you are a solo alcohol free drinker and just fancy a glass this is ideal.

I know many of you are a bit fed up of choosing between cola, water, fruit juice or any so called soft drink so this could be a great alternative for a Friday night treat!

It is certainly full of flavor and definitely effervescent!

My affiliate link is below but you pay the same !


  • A great English sparkling wine alternative to some of the traditional drinks like cava, or prosecco.
  • The Assam and White Monkey tea gives it a unique non alcoholic alternative in terms of a sparkling drink.
  • Dry finish and not too different to a really dry champagne minus the alcohol of course.
  • Great alternative to an alcoholic gin & tonic or even an alcohol free one as a pre-dinner drink.
  • Great tasting experience
  • Low in sugar and high in natural ingredients
  • Contains friendly bacteria.
  • Non Alcoholic
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Decent Price



  • Contains Caffeine as it uses tea as part of the fermentation process
  • Does have a natural trace of alcohol but less that of some bread rolls and orange juice
  • It’s not calorie free but its a low in those numbers
  • Kombucha can have some side effects for some people
  • Some drink consumers have an issue with Sparking English wine and I am not sure why!
  • Difficult to purchase in a bar or restaurant as the choices are so restricted as a rule.

Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine with Kombucha


Nutritional Information Per 100 ML

Energy (KJ) 68

Energy (Kcal) 16

Carbohydrates (g) 3.75
of which sugars 2.6

Does constrain some pro-biotics and of course vitamins which is no bad thing.

Contains Filtered water, Green Tea, Black Tea, Organic Sugar, Kombucha Cultures, Organic Rose Petals, Elderflower Extract, Natural Flavorings


This is great for a toasting or one of those celebration moments although to be honest I have tasted it with food and it goes well.

The other night it accompanied a homemade chilli so I think as a drink it is really flexible but I would also drink it with Thai and Chinese food especially but it’s a great drink on its own.

That’s the beauty of it!

If you really wanted you could also add a strawberry and I personally have no problem having it in a champagne glass as it is sometimes nice to “package” the fizz.

The price between this and alcohol free wine is marginal.

You would like to read a review of my recommendations for alcohol free wine or my other alcohol free fizz options and let me know what you think.

If you are shifting away from alcohol or cutting back drink aware is a great source of information so that you can double check your limits!

Awareness is the key to making a change in lifestyle.

In terms of alcohol free sparkling wine I would definitely recommend LA Brewery and Sparkling English Rose with Kombucha and added White Rose Petals and Wild Elderflower. As ever leave a comment below and I will always get back to you.



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  1. Kombucha is very trendy right now you are very right, so it is a good idea to be writing about it. In my house we have a big glass brewing container that is always filled with Kombucha for the family and I can honestly say it’s done nothing but help us over the years. I also have a little experience with sparkling none- alcoholic wines and I can say this. It is good to not be drinking but none-alcoholic wine probably isnt the healthiest either. Thanks for this post

    • Hi there, thanks so much for this, its fascinating that you have Kombucha in your house brewing away! Wow, I was so impressed by that. Its great personal feedback and experience from you as well first hand and that is what really helps the blog. Your comment is amazing and really appreciated, all the very best, Phil

  2. Hi Phil, 

    Thank you very much for this great write up. I didn’t even know such a product existed and now I have an alternative to flavored soda water. What’s great is the health benefit of probiotics from Kombucha. Do you know if this particular product is available in the states? I’ve been drinking less and less alcohol these days so it would be nice to have a replacement and why not do it with a product that’s beneficial while I’m at it 😁. Thanks again for bringing awareness to a neat product.


    • Hey Hon, thanks so much for your kind thoughts, its really appreciated. Yes it is available worldwide is some form and the brands vary but the core product is out there. Again with these kind of drinks distribution can vary. I think you are so right that the key to all this is about having alternatives so your point is really well made.

      Thanks for commenting on alcohol free english sparkling wine. Its great to have you on the blog. All the best, Phil

  3. Your alcohol free sparkling wine is very impressive. Your wine base is filtered water, Is it 2 types of tea or 3, or loose tea and more?  When you combine yeast to the base how much vitamins and minerals are broken down ?  Is it a equal amount between the two? Vitamin C an B is an asset to this drink.  For the probiotics in this wine do you use any green tea?

    • Hi Diane, Thanks for this it is much appreciated. Unfortunately I don’t produce this product personally as my experience of it is as a consumer so its a review of that product which I really recommend. I have just bought another 3 bottles today as it happens!  If you click on the link the extra information you require is all there. If you have any issues though do get back to me. All the very best and thanks again for reading my review. Phil


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