Alcohol Free Deodorant – it might seem an after thought

When you embark on an alcohol free lifestyle (so not drinking alcohol) the last thing you are probably thinking about is other products that may contain alcohol. Who would have for instance thought of alcohol free deodorant.

Again this is probably totally safe but with serious liver conditions I did not take any chances.

Imagine it is a bit like food when you start to look at what in it well its amazing what you find.

Try going wheat free and you will know what I mean. I know many readers who don’t care about alcohol in drinks have emailed or comment on my blog about their frustrations. You just don’t think about it.

Yet when I was giving up wheat a quick look at ingredients meant all sorts of wheat in a products totally unrelated to bread. You can find more about alcohol and food here.

Alcohol and the skin

Alcohol is in so many cosmetics and toiletries and yet we know it is not that great for the skin. Firstly it dries out the skin and can be an irritant and of course some people can have an extreme reaction to it as in an allergic one. So why does alcohol have to be in deodorants?

Firstly it helps with bacteria and secondly it helps dry out the area quickly. Of course going back time we did not really have either and as long as we wash and are clean we were ok. I am not sure we do need to be so dependent on these ingredients.

I guess it’s all in the marketing and also has been connected with antibacterial and cleaning since history began. The same is true of why I don’t use alcohol in sunscreen and a UVA block.

What is ethanol? Why is it listed?

Ethanol is a form of alcohol so don’t be fooled by the alternative name. So here comes the science bit. You could call Ethanol the following in real terms:

  • alcohol,
  • ethyl alcohol
  • grain alcohol

Imagine it is colorless in form and I am sure you know it one of the main ingredients in beer, wine or whiskey. It dissolves quickly in water. Hurrah! Imagine it is part of the plant fermentation process and before I get blasted it is of course recommended as it sanitizes things especially around covid-19.

But deodorant, really?

Of course, it was around before the current pandemic so that’s not really an argument and with the excellent choice in organic product manufacturers who now aware consumer choice does mean alcohol has got to be there in everything!

Now a quick world about the science of alcohol being seeped into our systems through the skin, the evidence is its low as it evaporates.

As I pointed out however to someone the other day, this is about consumer choice and never did I think a few glasses of white wine could screw up my liver. This blog is about options so I think that’s fair enough! ( I had less hassle when I drank : )

What choice is out there?

Yes there is and manufacturers are now adding this to the labels and to be fair to them the branding has vastly improved. Although unlike many beers it’s not on the front so turn the packaging over and you see it now very clearly.

It’s generally from the brands that pride themselves on natural ingredients so the Nivea and Doves of this world and I have listed some choices below.

Remember it is says ethanol free that is fine it is the same thing and you will find this across both the men and women ranges. There is a difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. One just smells nice and masks a sweaty smell and one stops you from sweating. The things you were never told as a kid eh?

Here are a few examples which are fine and increasingly I am buying online as it is clear in the labeling before hanging about the supermarket turning bottles around. However, shop around these are just my personal choices The Dove, Nivea and Sanex brands are all tested by us and tried at home.

Is a bathroom alcohol free possible?

It certainly is from shampoo moisturizer to bath gel. The tide is turning and it may be because of this fact. Skin conditions are now listed as the fourth form of health issue and yet we hardly ever talk about them.

Again I know the skin is very personal to people and we like to remain clothed generally as a human race so I actually admire nudists. Go for it. There is scientific evidence as well.

“Skin diseases might be even more prevalent than previously thought. Considering their significant impact on individual, family, and social life as well as their heavy economic burden caused by inadequate self- or non-physician treatment, the public health importance of skin diseases is underappreciated,” Dr. Alexander Zink, of the Technical University of Munich.

He went on to say that: “Information and awareness campaigns are needed to better address this neglected issue and to reduce the global burden of skin diseases.”

So maybe a 0.0 zero approach to toiletries could help this at home. I know we generally use the Sanex range which again boasts natural credentials and I have seen more and more shelf space given over to those brands over the years.

Given the effect which is well documented on how drinking can age your skin, maybe it’s time we looked  outside rather than just inside out ? Just a thought!

It can be done this zero alcohol lifestyle

So with the advent of more 0.0 alcohol champions who do more than talk just about drinking we can create a bathroom that is at least more alcohol free. It seems the stuff we put under our arms each morning or after a shower can be one of the first steps.

Remember the gold rules of the 00abv blog. Remember you are a consumer so ask for what you want. Your health is important and social pressure is just that, it’s not about you. Also, who cares if you look odd, I don’t!

Please comment below and add to the debate. I always respond.



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  1. Actually, this is the very first time that I will be seeing a suggestion about an alcohol free deodorant which makes this a very awesome thing to see here. Honestly, I appreciate all you have shared here and most especially the fact that getting an alcohol free deodorant can rwlaly help our skin better which Is altogether great. I will actually try checking out the various suggestions you made.

    • Thanks Phillip, if I am honest I was surpised to learn all about these things as well. It has been a rollarcoaster of a learning experience and I never thought I would be writing about it either! Thanks for your comment really appreciated and it made me smile in a good way! Phil


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