Alcohol Free Cocktails -Sipling Beverage Co Review

Sipling Beverage Co – Alcohol Free Cocktails got serious

This is a selection of alcohol free cocktails’ for those who don’t like to call them mocktails. This is a selection so good so try them out. A taster pack that really allows you to pick out your favorite.

Overall Rank for Sipling Alcohol Free Cocktails

Rating 8/10

Great tasting set in a bottle / gift set that gives you a real flavor of some of the best alcoholic free cocktails’. So much better than the awful standard mixes you get sometimes and people rave about the taste.

Product Description

A fruit alcohol free cocktails’ selection with natural ingredients with all the vegan qualities you need, absolutely a thumbs up on the zero alcohol and low calories in comparison.


  • They have not tried to recreate anything new so just the classics but non-alcoholic.
  • Familiar flavors so Gin & Tonic, Mojito, Bellini, Moscow Mule, Old Cuban, Spiced Rum & Cola
  • You don’t need to be a Tom Cruise, they are all mixed ready.
  • Zero Alcohol so gets the thumb up for me
  • Low calories, low sugar, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, alcohol-free and from what I can see and taste wise they use natural ingredients
  • Better than those awful pre-made drinks you get in all-inclusive holidays
  • You get to taste the whole range.
  • Great option to buy online.


  • Potential to be offered alcohol in them
  • Need to add ice and a slice and they really need to be cold
  • It’s a taster pack so you might like one more than another.
  • It’s this a mocktail or alcohol free cocktail? They are the same aren’t they?
  • Never see them in a bar, have mocktails taken over.
  • More packaging than you might need for this product
  • Fruit based so not everyones preference.


To purchase online you are looking at around £19.49 for 6 taster 250 ml bottles. Buy online here:

Enjoy With

This is great for those BBQ moments, or out in the garden. I know people who drink them before going out and really like the fact they can enjoy a cocktail alcohol free.

BBQ Alcohol Free Cocktails


I really like this firstly if you just want to try them out, minimizing the risk so you can try all the main flavors. They keep to the ones people know as well. Nice size bottle with good branding and more choice on the 0.0% abv journey.

Ideal to take around to the party and not feel left out as that social pressure piles on to have an alcoholic drink. It really can take the pressure off you.

It is also great that new alcohol free brands are coming to market and its great to support them. Remember we are part of the mix and it drives more choice and for the supplier there is of course profit in it as more people demand alternatives. Just look at the beers market.

Please let me know what you think, Would you try an alcohol free cocktail, mocktail and is it now your thing. Get the debate going below and I always respond to your comments.

4 thoughts on “Alcohol Free Cocktails -Sipling Beverage Co Review”

  1. Thank you so much for this review! I do not drink alcohol, so am always on the look out for quality non-alcoholic drinks. I have never come across these, so thank you for introducing me. They look divine! Your review is so thorough, that it makes me want to purchase them all. Great stuff!

    • Thanks Puneet, I think they do look very tasty and to be fair they do follow through on the taste as well. If you are looking for an alcohol free fizz one of my reviews is here. I really appreciate you taking time out to comment. Much appreciated, Phil

  2. I absolutely love this fantastic review. One thing in the CoVid crisis, so many have isolated and looked for the solution at the wrong places, like the bottom of a whiskey bottle. People can’t find work and the stress is compounded. Although I know this one blog won’t replace AA or cure addiction overnight, but it is very refreshing to see your article. I haven’t tried out this brand, but a Shirley Temple is one flavor I would be curious to try. They do sound quite scrumptious.

    I wonder if the pros and cons listed are a review plugin? And are these sippy Siplings made in USA? I’m Going back to read more information and send the link out among my contacts.

    Best Regards,

    Nurse Becca

    • Hi Nurse Becca, thanks so much for commenting, You add a great deal of thought here. I know that when times are hard people do search out alcohol and I hope as you say I can provide other thoughts and options. If one person takes action then thats a big deal. 

      Interesting sales of non alcoholic options appear to be on the increase in the lockdown and I write about that here

      The options vary on whats available and to be honest in the states I hear different views of what’s on offer depending on the state. I will write something on that soon so its a good prompt.

      In terms of the reviews, I try every product so I avoid third hand reviews as I want to have had some experience of them myself before reviewing. So its all my view. Shout if I can help finding any product.

      Some excellent thoughts here so I really appreciate you taking time out to comment on Alcohol Free Cocktails. All the best, Phil


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