Alcohol free cider – I blame the Normans in 1066

Like any of these alcohol free drinks or the alcohol ones for that matter they always have a history which is why I always giggle when people say it’s new on the scene. Actually nothing could be further from the truth with alcohol free cider and the brands. Scroll down to go direct to the choices now if the history bores you ⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓

When was cider invented?


So let’s take some nice innocent apples from the orchard and make alcohol said no-one ever. Well actually they did say that!

The Romans have a big history in England and in fact I grew up near one of their biggest fortresses in the city of Chester or Deva as it was called. This would have been around 55 BC, but here is the thing it was already being drunk here.

Apple trees had already made the journey from the forest in Kazakhstan and were now across both the Asian Content and Europe. History is amazing when you think of it.

Where I grew up if you dug up the back garden which my Dad did frequently there were many drinking containers that could only have been used historically to drink cider. We were just over the border in Wales and you could see Chester in the distance so it makes sense.

In 1066, it was the Norman invasion of Britain and as we know France is still well-known for its cider today.

Cider the alcohol journey

Now I kid you not as I was growing up we had cider delivered by the milkman, he would come with his delivery and not just milk, four and eggs ( I wonder if this was the early version of food deliveries).

Now when it came on the scene it was for kids and had no alcohol added whatsoever, it was a bit like cider lollies, remember them ?

I said remember them? No OK.

The big brands got involved and of course with the power of fruit and fermentation you can create alcohol so I think the journey went from alcohol to soft drinks then back to alcohol which is a very different journey to some alcoholic drinks.

Although beer with the temperance movement went through some of that and in fact it was how non-alcoholic beer came about in its early form.

Is the cider good for you?

Well we are back to those dangerous headlines. One that came through the PR news agency stating that of course it has antioxidants! These natural ingredients help stop damage to our organs and bodies. It is often over quoted about wine and tea for example.

The thing is that no one mentions is the damage alcohol can do

Yes of course putting aside things like “probiotics’ ‘ which is often talked about, yes cider has vitamins and lots of them and I guess it’s not too far away from apple juice which would make sense. I’m a genius!!

So as we know apples have plenty of the B-vitamin and what they call “polyphenols” which are plant-based antioxidants and all these are credited with health benefits.

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However, many people would like not to drink alcohol for lifestyle issues and for me it’s a health issue so it is great that we now see some alcoholic free cider coming through. What are the options?

The Alcoholic Free Cider choices

These are great options and I have teamed up with my affiliate partner for the best deals to purchase them so :

Click on the pics below for more and your sorted!

Magners Zero Cider 0.0% – 24 Bottles

So Magners is one of the big brands of the moment. You know when the brand has made it when people in a bar ask for Magners rather than cider!

Now imagine you have all the flavors known with the brand but none of the alcohol. In fact, we love the fact it is 0.0 abv here.

So as with many ciders they take the apple juice as you would expect but then treat it with what is known as non-alcoholic fermentation. The cider of course then keeps nice and crisp and honors the alcohol version. So if you like Magners per se hopefully you will feel you are not missing out.


In the UK currently you are looking at around £34.80 for 24 bottles

Calorie Watch – 66calories

Enjoy with :
As with all ciders a very cool glass is the way to go. If you are at home just pop it into the freezer for 10 minutes but do remember you put it there not like I do frequently! To buy click on the pic above.

Kopparberg Mixed Fruits Non Alcoholic Cider 0.0% – 8 or 16 Bottles

Kopparberg is another brand asked for by name which is an amazing achievement and their venture into the alcohol free world has meant they can make their alcohol version come alive for people who don’t drink alcohol.

Here they have focused on the popular Mixed Fruits Cider which is often asked for either by people who can’t make their mind up or who really like variety. Go for the one that really suits you!

Think blackcurrant and raspberry and the refreshing nature of the fruit jumps through despite the alcohol zero option. It’s a bit more heavy on the calories but you have to remember any fruit based drink that contains sugar is going to be at the upper end.

Price 6 bottles £18

Calorie Watch 190

Enjoy with

(To buy click on the pic above).


This is great for any occasion and good if you are under social pressure to drink. People would never know but make sure you don’t get the brand mixed up between alcohol and alcohol free.

One of the downsides is the labels are not radically different which you do get in non-alcoholic beers for example. The brand has kept the color of the label but you can always fall back on the abv, just check the back of the bottle.

Drynks Unlimited Smashed Cider 0.0% – 12 Bottles


This is a very new brand to me but please don’t let that put you off. If we are supporting non-alcoholic options, we need to support them all. This keeps to the tradition of how you would brew cider and the alcohol is removed leaving that great taste of apple.

It’s light on bubbles and both sweet and sharp which to be fair some of the best ciders are. Vegan & Gluten Free

Price 12 bottles £ 22.68 To buy simply click on the pic above for more info.

Calorie Watch 84

Enjoy with:
Great with friends wrapped up on your balcony or in your garden at home and keep it chilled regardless of the weather.

Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime Non Alcoholic Cider 0.0% – 8/16 Bottles

Again if you are decisive and know the cider you like, Kopparberg and their Strawberry & Lime Cider is on offer but its alcohol free with a 0.0% abv stat attached so happy faces all around.

The brand itself describes this option as “summer in a glass” so given we don’t have much of one where I live it’s probably a nice option at any time of the year !

There is something about putting strawberries and lime together that gives you that hit when you drink it. That sharpness in the mouth that then turns into the phrase ”actually I really like it!”

Price 8 bottles £ 18 To buy click on the pic above.

Calorie Watch 205

Enjoy with

Again this is all-rounder but given the intensity of the fruit with these drinks some people can drink lots and others not so many. Remember the calorie intake.

10 tips for drinking alcohol free cider

  • Remember cider has calories in it so just because it alcohol free does not mean its calorie free
  • Watch out for my calorie watch note by drinks where possible
  • Stack up the ice as it great cold
  • There are great brands out there but remember the new unheard brands are equally great
  • It does come with plenty of antioxidants so that’s a good thing
  • Add ginger in the winter to give it that winter holiday feel
  • Fruit flavored cider can taste very different so if you don’t like one expand your horizons

What is better for your waistline beer or cider?

This is a tough one as generally speaking if you take a bottle of average beer, taking away the alcohol for a moment they actually have very similar numbers in terms of calories which can be up to 200.

However, there are many alcohol free beers now well below that and even some alcohol free ciders here are as well.

The one complication if you can call it that is cider by its very fruit nature has high carbohydrates because of the sugar. Makes sense right?

Now cider has not ventured into the “diet” options yet as a rule but bear in mind if you go for an alcohol free version you are taking that part of the drink out which is made up of alcohol in terms of the calories.

Your Views

I would love to know what you think about alcohol free cider, have you ever tried it? If not would you and what is your favorite cider of all time? I love reading your views and I always respond. Happy cider drinking.


10 thoughts on “Alcohol free cider – its arrived”

  1. This is a kind of article that brings back memories and I must say cider is a very popular drink, it’s Ben for a very long time. It’s good to hear that we now have the alcohol free cider and this will make it an option for those who’d love cider but not alcohol. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey thanks for sharing, it certainly does bring back some memories. I loved cider ice lollies as a kid! I agree it is great to have the brands coming forward with alcohol free cider. Great news. I appreciate you taking time out to comment, all the best, Phil

  2. There are 1% ciders from Waitrose and Sainsburys, and whilst they are obviously not alcohol free they are the one low alcohol drink that I could honestly say was indistinguishable from a 4-5% strength cider.

    • Thanks Robin that is really interesting to know as I keep away from those but that is excellent to hear. Just shows you how they have refined the taste over the years. That’s a really helpful comment for people. I will have a nose at them next time I am in store. I really appreciate you taking time out to comment. All the best Phil

  3. Thank you for this and I really appreciate all that you shared here. Interestingly, what you shared here is really good to see as it offer so much more in possibilities for people like us who prefer to take cidar that are non alcoholic. I stopped alcohol contents like two years ago and I do not interns to GI back to it ever again. Good to see this here and thank you for sharing here

    • Hey thanks so much for your comments, it is really appreciated. I agree its great to have a clear cider choice that is alcohol free. That’s brilliant to share that you stopped taking alcohol that’s amazing. 2 years is a big chunk of time. I am sure you feel better for it. I wish you all the best, Phil

  4. Hello Phil, 

    I have grown up with a man who happens to make apple cider and I’ve really enjoyed some of the finest blends of it while growing up, that man was my guardian. I have not seen some quality apple cider that is none alcoholic in recent times but reading about it now I feel there is something I’ll like to explore more. Thank you 

    • Hey Lawson, how interesting. We can easily forget there are different blends of cider as people just lump them under the same catergory sometimes. I am pleased you have decided to explore some non alcoholic options of cider and thanks so much for sharing and commenting. I really appreciate it. All the very best, Phil

  5. Hello Phil, this is really fascinating for me and I feel the urge to grab one for myself. The only cider thing that I took before now is vinegar but I didn’t know that there were brands of this drinks that is alcohol free. It’s definetely something Thai I would love to try. I’ll go for that mangers company drink. Seems cool.

    • Hi Jackie, fanstastic comment, thankyou. I had not thought about cider vinegar as you don’t see it around very often but I know its in health food shops. I am pleased you liked the suggestions and that you know about alcohol free cider. I really appreciate you getting involved with my blog, all the very best, Phil


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