Alcohol-free beer: what’s the point?

What is the point of alcohol-free beer? I mean, real beer with alcohol, you need to have it, don’t you?

You order one; then you get those eyes in the back of your neck.

They are not happy as they slurp that alcohol-based Stella or their next pint of Kronenbourg.

Eventually, you know they will come over and ask that fundamental question.

What the f***k are you drinking that for.

I have experienced it so many times.

Here are 9 reasons as a cynic you might change your mind about alcohol-free beer!

Go on, and you want to really!

You don’t like alcohol.

This is an overlooked group of people who don’t want to drink alcohol. It can be a bad reaction, or you don’t like the stuff.

I agree it can be very alien to almost most people. But stand your ground.

Beer is probably better for you than many of the sodas you might be offered in a pub or bar.


No Alcohol In My Beer


I mean, let’s be honest, if you have any allergies nowadays, most bar owners go into a state of panic. Quite rightly.

Although most won’t care if they give you an alcoholic beer rather than an alcohol-free one.

If alcohol is not for you, then a zero beer like Bavaria could be perfect.

You want to avoid a hangover. 

Can you believe alcohol-free beer can be isotonic to match your body fluid after a workout?

So no more alcohol-fuelled post-workout beers. Getting drunk and getting a hangover is now a thing of the past.

Hangovers are becoming a significant issue for people, and the health-conscious mood kicks in, and you decide enough is enough.

Alcohol dehydrates the body, and of course, we mistake the sign of thirst as hunger.

Check out your alcohol limits through drink aware

Dehydration means your head for the fry up rather than the water.

Alcohol-free beer cuts out the hangover and that “never again feeling”.

There are more and more problems associated with drinking.

Beer can be a problem, and I am not talking just your beer belly either.

Alcohol changes our behaviour -from sensible to an idiot

It can change our moods, create arguments, put ourselves at risk or even get thrown out of the local bar

Having an alcohol-free beer can help, even if it’s just an option during the week.

Always good to remember that despite its natural ingredients, the alcohol in beer is poison.

An alcohol-free beer can be better on our behaviours around ourselves, never mind others.

That’s kind of worth a go at a switch, right?

You want to lose weight.

Now I am not suggesting that you go on a beer diet. But, I mean, you get anything nowadays shoved in those diet drinks.

But the reality is this.

Take the calories out, and you will be getting fewer calories. Wow!

As long as the beer is not brewed with lots of extra sugar, you are on a good route.

And to be fair, most alcohol-free beer makes a big difference in the number of calories in a can.

Bud Zero make a big thing about it on the can.

I mean, that is 7 calories per gram of alcohol, so of course, that will all add up.

Beer does not cause a beer belly, but the calories do!

It’s gotten better over the years.

Alcohol-free beer, that is!.

I mean, it wasn’t perfect. But, like, let’s leave it on the table and hope no one notices.

People’s faces used to be a picture when you told them what you were drinking.

And this is the only time I would say this.

When someone said, “what are you drinking that for”, I would ask a good question: Why are you drinking it?


Alcohol-Free Beer has improved

Look at the brands from Heineken to San Miguel. They are all in the mix and trust me; they would not be if they were not convinced by the product and pumping tons of marketing money into it.

I mean, they even have a focused group and trust me, people say what they think in those things.

Leffe Belgium’s most potent beer has even got into the mix with a 0.0 per cent beer. So that’s the beer you drink if you want to be completely off your face.

And the reaction is? Even from the drinker, it’s perfect.

You can read my review of Leffe 0.0% here.

So it just shows you what an alcohol-free beer movement can make happen.

Your driving costs decline.

And I am not talking car costs, or am I?

I mean the cost of drinking too much and getting a driving ban or even having a nasty accident. It gets easier to go over the limit depending on your country or even your beer strength.

ABV =alcohol by volume

As an alcohol-free beer-drinker, ABV is crucial for me as it means the beer has no alcohol, but it also works for people having high strength beer.

Never be afraid to ask the person serving your drink what the strength of the beer is.

But there is also the cost of the taxi.

So my friend switched to alcohol-free beer and saved about £100 on taxis every week.

I think he used to pay for a vacation.

Expanding your horizons is something you enjoy

Do you enjoy being part of a niche gang?

Not in the wrong way.


Alcohol-Free Beer Can Expand Your Horizons

Since moving to alcohol-free beer, I know I get to try out new beer brands, different tastes and discuss them with a small group of others.

While people mock us, we compare the flavour and see what works.

But, of course, it changes your hobbies and lifestyle as well.

Alcohol-free beer is a natural beverage that contains no made-up ingredients. 

It makes me laugh when people say alcohol-free beer is not suitable for you.

But when you check the ingredients of any alcohol-free alternatives, you suddenly realise that maybe that is not the case.

Even beer, yep, the alcohol stuff, is made with generally natural ingredients.

Well, the good news is that alcohol-free beer is not that different.

Plus, you have none of the alcohol.

Most alcoholic-free beers are made using the same four natural ingredients beer makers have used since that local pub was built at the button of your street.

So yes, let’s roll out the water, yeast, malt as well as hops.

Having all those natural ingredients without the alcohol, you are a health winner.

This ingredient list means that as far as nature goes, alcohol-free gets an award.

So let’s take out the additives, artificial sweeteners and the things that I could not even begin to understand.

That has to be an argument for alcohol-free if I ever heard one; what about you?

It takes the social pressure off to drink alcohol.

No drink in your hand, and you become the centre of attention.

But, put an alcohol-free beer in your hand, and voila, you have a powerful solution to social pressure and social drinking.

And it is not just beer either, from so-called alcohol-free gin to alcohol-free wine.

There is a revolution going on, but your friends may still feel uncomfortable if you don’t have alcohol in your hand.

The world still feels a bit awkward for alcohol-free beer drinkers.

However, alcohol-free beer gives you the perfect opt-out and to be honest, and they may even get curious themselves.

So, Alcohol-Free Beer, what is the point? The list is getting bigger, not smaller.

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