Alcohol Free Beer UK – my top 5 choices

Even when I started to write this blog alcohol free beer UK choices were restricted, in fact in comparison to alcohol beers our choice is very limited. A quick walk around Manchester City Centre UK last night still proves

  1. When I ask for an alcohol free beer I am looked upon like I am from another planet
  2. I am lucky if they have one choice let alone any choice
  3. People behind the bar just don’t get it, so it is have a cola or what is the point?
  4. They will serve you anything that has reduced alcohol in it, they do not understand 0.0%
  5. It can sometimes feel like your not a customer and are asking for the earth
  6. You get that look that says “aha this one has a problem”.

Yet when I did drink they would think nothing of saying “hey have a large glass and take the bottle free on the train”! I never did that!.

However, alcohol free beer UK is in a better state than ever and so hopefully the choices here will help you get around some stigma. If you wish to order any from my blog just click on the picture and it will take you to the best deal that I can see at the moment.

The other pictures are landmarks in the UK but I am sure you will work that bit out unless you really want to buy a castle?

It’s a bit like being left-handed people do not know what they issue is! So since I was seriously ill with my liver it is 100% zero alcohol for me and before people say well “you could have fizzy water?”

I have no problem having an alcoholic free beverage and believe I should not be told to sit in the corner as a naughty school boy.

Of course, I realize this approach does not suit everyone and you will know if that is you. However, that are the other reasons people choose not to drink

  • They don’t want to
  • There are religious reasons
  • They are pregnant
  • They are driving
  • They are the consumer and get to ask for what they want or they will go somewhere else lol , that’s a great business reason if nothing else!

So here is my countdown of my favorite alcohol free beer UK with an 0.0% rating, these are not fancy 0.5% beers they are ordinary beers you might want to have at home and are classed as 0.0%. My liver won’t stand for anything less.

Please note the formation of law may have to include “not more than 0.05% alcohol” on the back of a bottle so it signals a potential trace but bread and some orange juice would contain up to 0.5% or in some cases even more.

Fermentation happens in bread and other natural foods.

However, this blog is associated with 0.0% brands so all these beers below come under that banner in alcohol free beer UK

Number Five in my top alcohol free beer UK -Heineken Zero Alcohol beer

This is probably the one you might get served in a standard bar and seems to be the default. Please note this is one of them with the 0.05% warning on the back of the bottle but still a good choice in my countdown of alcohol free beer UK.

My Rating 7/10 is based on taste and it is reduced for the 0.05% issue but this is not a big deal outside serious health considerations.

Heineken zero alcohol beer is in my top five 0.0 choices.

Its got all the Heineken taste and I really love the blue 0.0 brand which is really clear. As the brand says “with the uncompromising Heineken characteristics since 1873: made with natural ingredients and Heineken’s unique A-Yeast. It wasn’t easy, but not impossible. ”

The smooth talkers!

It’s a popular choice but personally I can find it slightly gassy!

However, whoever I talk to really loves this brand. The funny thing is I have started to see it in TV programmes where the actors are meant to be drinking alcohol but the blue logo gives it away. It pays to be eagle-eyed sometimes!

Labels are actually key to you knowing what you are getting so I think they have done a good job with this.

Price wise Heineken Zero Alcohol Beer comes in at around £28 for 24 bottles.

In a bar you can expect to pay many variants from £2 up to £6 a bottle. In the so-called middle of the road bars the price is well at the bottom end and I’ve actually ended up paying £1.80!

It’s a big choice in UK airports but given that they are all about reducing alcohol on flights I wonder why they are not introducing more options.

This is the one that after Becks Blue is recognized out there and although it is not my favorite because of the 0.05% caveat it has a great taste if a bit heavy.

Please note before you message me about Becks Blue it is just not to my taste but I know it was one of the originals. It not a slight against the brand at all it is just not for me.

Number Four – San Miguel Non Alcoholic Beer

This beer is the choice for me in Spain and the UK, although it is often bizarrely offered in theatre bars. There are also the smaller retailers that are selling it such as the “co-op” brand in the UK. I would rate this a solid 9/10 because it is truly a 0.0 abv alcohol beer no question with all the credibility of the San Miguel brand.

This beer is light with subtle barley and roasted flavors jumping out. Very much a lager beer. It personally sits well on the stomach for me and avoids the gassy feeling you get with some beers. Like most beer colder the better and it has got a great color if you pour it into a glass. To order the best deal click on the picture below.

To purchase online you are looking at around £42.99 for 24 bottles but prices vary. Decent bar price in Spain at around 2.50 euros per bottle.

It’s a great one to have with tapas and in Spain I have actually seen it on tap but make sure you get the right one in other words alcohol free especially if your health depends on it and or you have a hire car to pick up.

Having said that, the attitudes in Spain to non-alcoholic drink is so different to the UK so it is everywhere and people know what you are asking for. Sin alcohol is fine to use as a term.

I was even sat drinking this brand in an all-inclusive hotel in Gran Canaria, so much so at the end of the week they decided to charge me because other people were drinking it too.

I am not sure I’ll be going back, they lost a very loyal customer that day!

Number Three Bavaria Zero Alcohol Free Beer

My parcel of Bavaria alcohol free beer arrives and it is one of my surefire bets in terms of a purchase. What’s not to like so I give it 9/10 as a score. It changes the cost of alcohol free drinking at home and they have just modernized the branding and it looks fantastic!

Full credit to the brewer this is such a great deal for alcohol free beer UK.

I think they know they are onto a winner here. It is also stocked in some bigger supermarkets which is good to see. This is my number one choice for VALUE, click the image below for the best deal now. You can also add auto-renew to get regular order with further discounts.

Taste is good and it arrives on time and I can re-order on subscription if I choose. Good value in terms of volume for 24 cans

It’s great to know that beers can be made with absolutely no alcohol and this is something the many brewers will need to think about in terms of their responsibility in alcohol consumption.

They have also just improved their branding as well. Just a great taste and so easy on the stomach!

My secret is always having one at the top of the fridge and it is available in both bottles and can just as long as they are cold.

The Bavaria region has a great heritage in brewing beer and I think it is a mix of the natural ingredients and their water supply.

Number Two Peroni Alcohol Free

In my top two percent for 0.0 abv choices for non-alcoholic beers and you can tell it’s from the peroni stable. Remember it is brand called Peroni Libera.

People get really confused and it is one of the few brands that have not gone for the 0.0 brand. Personally love it so 10/10 but it does come with a price tag compared to the others. 73 calories per bottle but a pure 0.0% brand.

Bar staff will sometimes say they have not got it when they have, it is like a pantomime, “it is behind you!”

So that branding does not always work in their favor but that a personal view, if you know what you are asking for it is fine. To purchase a good stash for home click the image below. Delivery options are available.

A bottle of Peroni Alcohol Free is not always at the cheaper end and it can come out as £2.30 per bottle on line but sometimes over £6.00 to buy in a bar. It’s worth it if it is a bit pricey.

If there is no Cobra Zero around this is great with curry but also pasta and pizza as well. My review for the award-winning Cobra Zero is here and to be honest I love it.

I should say that Cobra is not in my top 5 alcoholic free beer UK because it is really hard to get apart from my lovely neighborhood Indian Restaurant in Manchester. So I have only not included it for that reason, to be honest if it was more accessible it would be in my top two options.

Number One Bud Zero or Budweiser in Alcoholic Beer Free Beer UK

Or as I like to call it whatever they decide to call it today, crikey how many launches they need! To be fair I think they are working each market one by one.

It is easy to forget that prohibition in the states was a big deal and this was born out of the family brewing process so Budweiser part of the American way. Although their roots are in the Czech Republic and they had been brewing there since around 1245. So last week really!

Now this is number one for me because it is crisp and lite and you get the feeling it is definitely from the Budweiser stable.

However, remember if you do not like normal bud you won’t like this so I would choose one of the other options above. To purchase bud zero click the image below for a great can offer.You can purchase online at around £34.99 for a pack of 24 cans.

So around £1.45 per can so not bad I reckon. I get the sport thing which bud is famous for but it can be drunk as a light beer for most occasions. Again I would go for Cobra Zero with a curry and I write a review of that here

Alcoholic Free Beer UK

So overall the UK has some really good beer lager style especially if you are going for a 0.0% option as I have to.

They are great drinks and if you compare them to years ago when you would just spit out the alternative it was that bad things have really moved on big time.

Maybe the attitudes have not however and as I said walking around Manchester last night it made me a bit sad that the choices were zero on the alcohol free beer UK front. I am grateful to an ever-increasing outline opportunity and all the choices are linked in a way so you buy them on my blog, I get a small free to fund the blog but your price does not change regardless.

What do you think ?

What do you think of the alcoholic free beer UK? Are you a fan of the brands? I would love to hear your views if you have tried any of them ? What other non-alcoholic beers have you tried? I would love to hear your views and I always respond. I want this to be a place where we as a community really debate the choice so your comments are always welcome.

If you know where all the UK pics are from in terms of the city, let me know in order below, no prize but I would dead impressed!

10 thoughts on “Alcohol Free Beer UK”

  1. I haven’t tried all alcohol free beers but I do like San Miguel most of the alcohol free beers I’ve tried so far. Heineken is quite ok too, but I would rank Budweiser higher too, I like it more. You are right that Cobra Zero probably is hard to find anywhere else apart from your favourite restaurant because I’ve never heard of it 🙂 If I ever get to it, I’m definitely gonna give it a try!  

    • Thanks Lenka, so are so right about Cobra, I know it is linked in Indian food but its an award winner in its own right. I just wish it was in more places. San Miguel Alcohol free holds a special place in my heart as does Spain! Thanks so much for commenting on alcohol free beer UK, I really appreciate you taking the time out to add to the debate. All the very best, Phil

        • I think you are right Lenka , it gives you that feeling! I also admire their approach to alcohol free beer. I have happy memories sitting on a hotel rooftop with my san miguel zero and the sun going down in the distance. That is good as it is raining here today!. Thanks so much for your message, all the best, Phil

  2. Heineken Zero Alcohol beer is my first choice although the others are very ok but I have to choose this as it has a very relatively fair price and to its a household name that has been delivering premium beer form many years now and has always been increasing in quality.

    • Thanks so much for commenting on alcohol free beer uk. I know heineken zero alcohol beer is very popular and again shows the power of a brand. I guess I just like total 0.0 options from a health point of view. I do think price is a big factor so its a point well made as people expect it to cost less and have fewer calories. I am not sure that is always true :). I really appreciate you taking time out to add to the debate at All the best, Phil

  3. Hello there! This is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure this information here will be of great help to any one who come across it as it is to me. I think I will consider changing from the main Heineken to the Heineken Zero Alcohol beer as it tastes different to regular Heineken.

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

    • Thanks Joy, I really appreciate you taking time out to comment on alcohol free beer uk, I really appreciate it. I don’t think anyone has done a straight swap before and posted about it so that would be really interesting. I suppose it shows the power of an alcohol brand when it moves out into a non alcoholic area. I really appreciate your perspective All the best, Phil

  4. First i commend the effort in coming up with a website like this. The selections made here are simply spot on. I used to be a fan of certain brands of alcoholic beverage and i haven’t really taken out time to compare and contrast this particular beer make up. When next i will be visiting the UK i will be on the look out for a complete experience from these beverages

    • Hey Lucas, thanks so much for commenting on alchohol free beer UK, it is really appreciated. I think the compare and contrast seems to get good feedback generally. I hope you come to the UK soon and let me know how you get on with some of these beers. Wishing you all the best, Phil


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