Alcohol Free Beer Brands

If you are going alcohol free the good news there is a better choice than ever before. Choice and taste has really expanded. Alcohol Free beer brands now have some serious cash behind them and they mean business.

From marketing to production spend they really are putting their money where their beer mouth is.

However, the smaller breweries are as well. Fantastic news. They take risks.

That is not to mention the organic and vegan shop that seem to have become its best friend and are promoting them and stocking them.

They have a lot in common when really caring about the ingredients. Vegan and Gluten free are often covered by the alcohol free beer brand industry.

You actually write to me and tell me how excited you are about this by product of going alcohol free.

Alcohol Free Beers Gluten and Vegan

For the sake of clear labels, it’s probably easier to get some alcohol free beer delivered rather than ordered from a bar than ever before.

However, it’s not all plain sailing. Yes you get them online but try and order one from a bar or restaurant and it can be a bit of a challenge.

Like the strange looks for example.

In fact when you look at some of the options in bars you will probably head back to water, diet cola or at best a presse. That is because there ain’t any!

Can you believe that?

I have nothing against presse but it’s actually great to have some other choices within your grasp without looking like you have come from another planet !

The different types of alcohol free beer brands

There are three categories in my mind.

I have only mentioned the ones I can vouch for. That’s because of my health I only drink 0.0 alcohol beers.

ABV stands for alcohol by volume by the way and is key to knowing if something is alcohol free or in fact very alcoholic. Labeling is key!

Some of these beers will have a trace of alcohol. So it will say less than 0.05% alcohol.

Before you worry its part of the natural fermentation and orange juice and bread rolls will probably have more alcohol in them, even when considering a low alcohol beer let alone a totally zero one.

In the UK any beer under 0.5 % so alcohol by volume is considered alcohol free. Read what is alcohol free here.

There is a reason for 0.0 branding as it gives us confidence in the amount of alcohol in them. Useful for all sort of reasons including if you are driving.

Some beers are now even adding pregnancy safe logos to them!

The big brands are not the only ones out there. But they are driving the market and putting some big bucks into it as well

So we have the big alcohol free beer brands who keep it clean and add 0.0 to the front of the bottle which say “yes this is alcohol free”.

They have made it their brand.

And this works for me!

The alcohol free beer revolution has created a whole new identity for people and options. This is also allowing the big brand to create new ones that they can go to market with and also the craft brewers to get in on the act.

On average sales of alcohol free drinks is climbing at a rate of 23 per cent which is an impressive figure.

Alcohol Free Brands are Creating New Audiences

The alcohol free craft beers that are new brands with “their own identity” and are a bit more adventurous in terms of flavor and style in has to be said.

To be honest all the alcohol free brands in my view are working together certainly from a consumer’s point of view to enhance our experience.

And competition is healthy in my view. After all there only used to be one choice and it was not a great one! Harsh but true.

Big beer brands are expanding into alcohol free

The big brands are putting big money into alcohol free marketing and the production process and it shows!

With these brands you can instantly tell they have the big brand behind them and that maybe European or in the case of Bud American, or so you might think!

My review of Budweiser Zero is here

The positive of this is that you know that there is a big brewery behind them and this is also reflected in the price you pay.

The downside is that I have on occasion been given an alcohol version rather than an alcohol free one. Its still a confused market in many ways.

Is alcohol free beer healthy


Most of these brand however have zero as part of the branding,

That literally might be zero as in Bud Zero or 0.0 as in San Miguel. The other thing that jumps out is the use of the “color blue” which is now generally in the center of the bottle and is used across the industry.

This is great for identifying what is alcohol free and what isn’t.

0.0 is a key part of the alcohol free brand

I can even tell when actors are getting drunk on TV and rolling around but the blue bottle logo gives it away! Of course for most people they would just see the big brand jumping out.

Yes I know it is acting!

Bud Zero is a bit different as it uses grey with red and Bavaria uses red as well. So again it does vary.

The blue and red combo really jumps out and for me I think the branding is really spot on with the alcohol by volume really clear to see.

Some advice always check the label.

If you are looking for the least alcohol by the way 0.0 is the way to go and the only brand I drink.

Some alcohol free beer brands may say a trace so less than 0.05. But there is more in many products including bread rolls and orange juice for example.

There might even be more in desserts when you eat out.

Profiteroles come to mind and that has even had a legal challenge on the branding! My Mum comes to mind with her infamous sheet trifle where half the bottle goes in!

You can purchase some of these alcohol free beer brands through my kink below. As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases but this does not affect what you pay.


All the above beer gets my seal of approval but I would normally opt for San Miguel and Bavia 0.0 for cost and convenience.

You may find that if a pub or bar does have an alcohol free option is Heineken. That’s it!

However, Bud Zero is a great addition to the market and great on the calories front as well.

When you order Bavaria you are getting great beer from a great area of German that prides itself on its water and purity and of course San Miguel just reminds me of Spain.

Its light and fresh and that is a good call in my book

My least favorite is Heineken just because of its 0.05% ABV rule but that is a personal thing.

Peroni Libera

Otherwise known as Peroni Alcohol Free.

This brand takes a rather different approach and it has adopted a different name with the Peroni side taking a back seat.

Now what is interesting is that if order this it can be a bit confusing.

The bartender is not always sure what I am asking for.

Peroni Alcohol Free

Bars have told me they don’t sell it even when I can see it behind the glass cabinet.

So I ended up saying Peroni Alcohol free which they then I get. With a shrug of the shoulders.

Branding is an interesting area even in terms of drinks.

This is an excellent Italian Alcohol free beer which I would give 10/10 for.

It’s a bit more on the pricey side for some reason. However, with its smooth taste it is very worth the extra pennies.

The new smaller brewers or craft brewers

Smaller craft brewers are really trying hard to stand out in the market and I think they are doing it with style.

This can bring zero alcohol beer to the market that looks and feels different from the usual standard “Faye”s.

You will notice more style of flavors, and different more original branding in these beers as a rule. They take risks which I like.

Free Star get my vote every time.

The branding is cool and you get the citrus additional flavor which is a big change from some of the bigger household names.

My review of Free Star Beer is here.

The other one to mention is Unlimited Smashed Lager which wins big time for me on taste and it is 0.0% so alcohol free.

Craft Lager Alcohol Free

Drynks Unlimited are a great example of a smaller brewery delivering quality content and they have set themselves up both for beer and cider as alcohol-free specialists.

I review many of the alcohol free craft beers here and I have tried all of them!

This beer using so called “front end technology” in the alcohol free brewing industry called “cool vacuum distillation” which takes out the alcohol but here is the big thing it keeps the flavors.

It’s where so many of the original alcohol free beers went wrong.

Yes they were alcohol free but tasted awful.

So here think pale gold color and a great strong aroma with your alcohol free beer.

Do remember that if you want to expand your horizons there are many low alcohol beers so over 0.5 % but I am afraid I cannot do a shout out for them.

If you are drinking lots of alcohol you can also check out your limit at the drink aware website.

Your favorite alcohol free beer brands

So do you have a favorite or are you new to the alcohol free choice world.

That is OK as to be honest my journey was forced in terms of health but you might be doing it for all sorts of reasons. I know one of my readers just made the switch to alcohol free beers to avoid a hangover.

For some people they just have a bad reaction and many just don’t like alcohol. What we need is a greater choice when it comes to alcohol free beer brands as that will help on the cost front!

Leave your comments and thoughts on alcohol free beer brands below and I will always respond to your comments. It’s always great to hear your choices, thoughts and reflections.



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  1. I haven’t drunk during my pregnancy. But when I start breastfeeding, I often drink some non-alcoholic beer, because it is supposed to be useful for breast milk.
    That’s why I read your article Alcohol Free Beer Brands with great interest. I know these more recognizable brands, but for some, I admit I haven’t heard of them yet. Thanks for your list and ops of all these types of non-alcoholic beers, maybe I’ll really order one via your link to try it out.
    Friendly greeting,

    • Hey Nina, I did not know that about breast feeding and alcohol free beer. Wow I will need to look into that some more. The stuff you learn on this blog is brilliant. 

      I am pleased your enjoyed the suggestions on alcohol free beer brands. Really lovely to connect and thanks for a brilliant comment. All the very best, Phil

  2. I love alcohol free beer! I used to drink a bit of wine before my pregnancies, but I need to stop during pregnancies and breastfeeding. I don’t like to drink beer before because i find it bitter. But I learned to love drinking it once in a while when I got pregnant and the secret is getting an alcohol free beer with lemon flavor! I love the ones from San Miguel and Heineken!

    • Excellent Julai, wow sounds and feel like a great strategy you have there for alcohol free beers brands. I agree about San Miguel one of my favs! You would love freestar if you like the citrus side of alcohol free beer. Its a good one! I really appreciated you stopping by with an excellent comment. All the best, Phil


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