Alcohol Free Beer and Health

Do the two go together? Alcohol Free Beer and Health.

It can be a bit of a minefield to be honest and I can understand why!

This is a big question and there are many answers so let’s take it step by step.

If you drink too much alcohol then it is a great option. The downside?

Have you ever heard of the phrase too much of a good thing?

Of course alcohol free beer might have fewer calories but it’s not a diet drink.

Is water healthier? Probably!

Drinking Water and Alcohol Free

But we also live in the real world right?

But then if you are drinking too much alcohol and its way of getting your alcohol reduced. Why not!

So then I would say alcohol free beer is very healthy.

Is Non-Alcoholic Beer Bad For You?

Its question I often get asked along with can I get drunk on alcohol free beer?

Now I am not an expert in the diet field but many of my clients come to me to reduce alcohol intake and lose weight.

Is Non Alcoholic Beer Bad for You?

“Is non-alcoholic beer bad for you?” is often asked in two situations.

  • You want to lose weight
  • You want to cut back on alcohol
  • Its combination of them both

Alcohol Beer and Health is a great thing to talk about because I am of the firm belief it can really help on both fronts.


Because when we are drunk we drink and eat more.

Alcohol free beer can have fewer calories than their alcohol counterparts.

Plus people are often put off my alcohol free beer because of the taste.

Well yes it used to taste horrible and I am being kind there. But the industry has moved on.

The market is growing and where there is profit business will find a way.

What Bad Means for One Person is Good for another?

What if I compared it to fruit juice, surely that is better? Maybe, maybe not!

The occasionally smoothie yes probably but lots of concentrated orange juice probably not!

It’s all about context.

How Much Alcohol In Orange Juice ?

So when I gave up alcohol I would drink lots of orange juice and that was probably the last thing I should be doing.

Read how much alcohol in an orange juice?

So what is an Alcohol Free Beer?

I have written about this a fair bit including :

Can you get drunk on alcohol free?

When I gave up alcohol completely because of my health and decided to look for an alcohol free alternative and I was confused.

One look at the labels on alcohol free beer and it’s easy to think really “what is the score here then”?

The key is alcohol by volume or ABV. It tells us how much alcohol is in our drink.

Of course, I’m a 0.0 kind of guy.


  • no alcohol,
  • low alcohol
  • alcohol-free

Is it any wonder people get confused!

Alcohol Free Labels are Confusing

Some fermentation of alcohol can be found in certain fruit juices and bread so I have learned that to aim for a completely 0.0% alcohol free lifestyle is harder than I thought.

But compared to full on alcohol based drinks “alcohol free beer” is going to be the best option you are going to get without driving yourself mad.

I am also shocked how much alcohol is added to our food like profiteroles.

Read Alcohol and Food

So generally an alcohol free beer is stated as less than 0.5% alcohol by volume.

Anything else and your level of even the amount of trace alcohol goes up.

Of course on this blog I only really champion 0.0% but even they might have a trace so 0.05%. Depending on how they are made with any natural alcohol fermentation that may occur.

Even if you let fruit rot in the sun it might have some alcohol fermentation in it! Go figure!

Shall I go for soft drinks instead?

Cola verses Alcohol Free

So there will be a lot of high sugar drinks that will also be high in calories.

But there will be diet drinks as well.

Alcohol free beer will be somewhere in the middle but with the added benefit of no or low alcohol.

We know that exceeding 14 units of alcohol per week is not recommended by health professionals.

1 Unit – 1 standard drink as a generalization.

So you are looking for total calories, carbs and sugar.

In reality this is what will give you a proper comparison of alcohol free beer versus soft drinks.

Carbs are important to us as they give us much-needed instant energy.

Too much of course and it can really affect our weight.

Alcohol free beers are not diet drinks!

So alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer have carbohydrates in them.

This will come from the malts and hops.

Alcohol Free Beers

A full on cola however will get its carbs straight from a sugar source so that is the big difference.

As we know from the low carb diet too many carbohydrates create fat if not used and eventually we pile the pounds on.

In the UK the NHS say we should not really go over our daily intake of 30g.

Read NHS and Sugar here.

Compared to a full sugar soft drink, alcohol free beer is going to be better for you.

It will have much lower carbs.

Of course, you could go for a diet drink of ginger beer, tonic water light or a diet type cola and you would get zero carbs so it has some competition of course!

My best diet option in terms of alcohol free choice is Seedlip Gin with Fever Tree Tonic Water Light.

So sugars versus alcohol?

If I had to sum it up then yes alcohol free is better.

Alcohol has around 7 calories per gram which is almost the same as a gram of fat.

With a good deal of sugar based soft drinks it’s just the sugar that is going to put an inch on our hips.

Pizza and a full on sugar soft drink and you get the idea on the calories front.

Know your alcohol limits with the drink aware website.

Benefits of Going Alcohol-Free

Alcohol free drinks list their ingredients which is great.

Alcohol also can dehydrate you and high sugar soft drinks can also give you mood swings which we know from research.

Going alcohol free can have lots of benefits from hangovers, overall health plus we eat more when we are drunk.

Late night pizza or kebab anyone?

The fact is the effect of alcohol can be devastating not just for our weight, but other health conditions and mental health.

Alcohol is a poison at the end of the day even though we might forget that it is!

So best check your Alcoholic Free Beer?

Like anything check the label from calories to carbs, to sugar. It’s all there on the labels.

Also, check the ABV to make sure it is alcohol free.

I have selected a range of beer from my affiliate partner that are 50 calories and under. No its not diet cola or diet ginger beer but without the alcohol there are some great benefits.

Not all are totally zero alcohol but many are.

Only you can make that choice but with these brands you certainly won’t go wrong on taste at least. Plus socially it can really help on cutting back your alcohol intake.

You can check them out below. I do get a small commission but you pay the same.

Just get used to checking the labels and you will soon be an expert.

So Health and Alcohol Free Beer?

Is alcohol free beer good or bad for you?

It’s all about choices and balance.

In fact in reality by having an alcohol free beer under 0.5% abv you will probably be consuming less alcohol than orange or a banana.

Read how much alcohol in a banana.

If you are pregnant or you had a drink problem always get medical advice as your circumstances may differ.

By going alcohol free in terms of beer you are going natural by and large as opposed to the mass market of sweeteners.

And yes you can enjoy your drink while knowing your are consuming fewer calories and sugar.

Also remember the taste of alcohol free beer has dramatically improved and I love it.

These are just some of the brands I often give a shout out to.

Do you think alcohol free beer is healthy?

Well if you are drinking like a fish and over the limit I think they are a great option for reducing your alcohol intake.

If you search out the alcohol free beer affiliate link “below 50 calories” than you have to be onto a winner right?

I get small commission but you pay the same and they are a great ethical company.

However diet drinks they are not but they are also not packed with artificial sweeteners either.

So as with anything it’s always going to be a balance.

But we do know that both alcohol and sugar are harmful in extreme amounts.

So if you go into alcohol free beer with that in mind it’s a win-win.

I would love your thoughts on alcohol free beer and health. Would this be an option for you? Leave your comments below.

2 thoughts on “Alcohol Free Beer and Health”

  1. I somewhere ride that beer contains all nutrients that you need and that you can drink it for breakfast,because will give you all necessary energy, vitamins and minerals. I trayed alcohol free beer few years ago and didn’t taste good. Now it has great flavour. Thanks for give information about alcohol free beer and their benefits. 

    • Hey Aleksandra, yes you are right alcohol free beer did used to taste really bad. 

      Thankfully the industry has got its act together. Now alcohol free beer is a great driving force!

      You make some great observations about alcohol free beer and health. I really appreciate you stopping by, all the best, Phil


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