9 Reasons Why Being Drunk Is No Longer Cool

In our society, we have a tendency to idolise people who are doing what everyone else is doing. So being drunk is cool. Being Drunk is No Longer Cool.

Unfortunately, this often leads to people thinking something is excellent when it really isn’t that cool.

Why being drunk is no longer cool. Well, younger people are saying so. 

Now that is a trend waiting to happen. They are also drinking alcohol-free drinks.

Like the unthinkable alcohol-free beer not so long ago. Like Alcohol-Free Fizz and GIn.

Bring on Gordon’s 0.0 Spirit. I review it here.

I mean, I am right. Even more so now as people are looking out for the signs of others being drunk.

But it is a slow trend, and you may be thought of as odd if you don’t drink!

Sober shame is here to stay, of course.

Have you ever wondered if you may be drunk when things seem to be off? No longer cool?

In fact, until you give up alcohol, you may never realise that you were or are drunk.

The signs often escape us.

And so does how we really look, which we only see when we are drunk, right?

In fact, with more young people drinking alcohol-free, more and more older people are asking themselves if being drunk is cool.

And maybe it never was.

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But with the rise of sober shaming, which I talk about in Stop Drinking Alcohol Now on Amazon, you need to have a good reason why being drunk is not a good idea.

If you are having trouble making decisions, here’s a list of signs you may be drunk.

Who knows, you might be, right?

The zero-alcohol drinks revolution may depend on it.

So why is being drunk not cool?

9- You get in your car drunk, and you think it’s cool.

It seriously is not.

Drunk driving is a serious offence that has led to the death of many innocent people. When you get drunk, your reaction time and your ability to drive safely get impaired.


Drinking and Driving Is Not Cool

Your reaction time slows down: When you drink, your reaction time slows down. As a result, you would find yourself taking longer than usual to respond to a danger on the road or even at home.

8- You are away with the fairies

When you’re drunk, you start daydreaming: Your attention will also be affected by alcohol.

Where was I again!

When you’re sober, your mind focuses on what’s happening around you, but when you’re drunk, your attention will be focused only on yourself and your thoughts.

You’ll start daydreaming and ignore what’s going on outside

That can also lead to you looking like a complete jerk, right? But, of course, at the time, you were so cool.

7 – Where did I put that last drink?

Lack of concentration: Alcohol tends to make people forgetful and absent-minded.

It becomes difficult for you to concentrate on one thing for an extended period when you reach the stage of intoxication when confusion sets in.

It is obvious to everyone else and in fact, your new drink might be in front of you.

6 – You fall asleep in the corner or in your dinner

And no, not in some hypnotic Pual Mckenna way either.

Cream or stew over your face is never a good look, right

But Have a few drinks, and you feel sleepy:

Alcohol tends to make people feel tired and sleepy. It does this by slowing down body functions like heart rate and breathing rate. If this happens while you’re driving, it’s only a matter of time before it starts affecting your reaction time and coordination.

5 – You don’t know you are drunk

It’s easy to assume that if you’re drunk, you’ll know it.

However, the effects of alcohol on the body and mind vary widely, and some people can be completely unaware that they’re heavily impaired by alcohol.

We Often Don't Know We Are Drunk


While everyone is different, there are a few common signs that you might be drunk. 

The more of these things you notice, the more likely it is that you should stop drinking for the night:

You feel like the room is spinning.

You feel lightheaded or dizzy.   You slur your words or can’t think clearly.

4 – Your start swaying even though you don’t know it

Your balance is off — you’re stumbling around or feeling like you might fall over. Your coordination is off — you drop things or bump into people and don’t realise it.

Watch that table nearby; need I say more?

Poor Gladys she only came out for a game of bingo.

3- Confusion reigns, and you have been here before.

You feel confused and disoriented — perhaps like you’re experiencing deja vu, or like objects aren’t where they “should” be (like at home). You feel exhausted but can’t sleep.

When you stand, it’s challenging to keep your eyes open, and you might even fall asleep (which could lead to an accident).

You experience blackouts — gaps in memory from earlier in the evening when your memories should be intact.

You feel sick or throw up. Your speech is slurred, or you’re having trouble communicating clearly. In fact, you wonder if others are drunk!

2- You wanna take on the world

You’re agitated, hostile or combative.

I mean, like what you are looking at. Of course, that brut could be a gym monster, but you don’t care.

But remember, you have trouble walking straight, staggering around or falling down. You might have a hard time even standing up, let alone taking on the bodybuilder.


You can’t hold your liquor.

Alcohol affects everyone differently, so it’s hard to say whether you’ve had too much just by how you’re acting. However, dropping your drink is one sure sign.

Someone hands you a drink, and you drop it there and then.

You blame the fact the glass is slippery, but it ain’t right?

1- You say stupid things

When I was a teenager, teenagers thought that being drunk was awesome. I guess that is normal behaviour for teenagers.

If you are drunk, then you might do or say some stupid things. Some of these things might be funny, and some of them might be a little weird for other people to hear.

The following day you see a video and think, I can’t believe I said that, right?

It was funny at the time.

If someone looks like they’re walking with their feet all over the place, forgetting how to put on their clothes or walking into walls, then it could be because they’re feeling the effects of alcohol or some other drug. 

If you have a few drinks, you might be able to hold your liquor — for a while.

You are more likely to exhibit symptoms of intoxication the more you drink.

Simple right? But you only know this when you are sober, and that cannot be cool!

My alcohol takeaway

Since becoming sober, and to be honest, I was never really drunk, but I notice it more and more.

Things change.

Every generation pushes the boundaries, changes the rules, and makes its own rules. 

The 70s disco era was about changing perceptions about what was cool. The 80s were all about excess…the 90s were all about grunge. 

And now it seems that being drunk is no longer cool.

Or am I just getting old?  After all, I was just a social wine drink before being given 48 hours to live.


Stop Drinking Alcohol Book Philip Roberts

Read Stop Drinking Alcohol Now 

In the end, it seems that what was once considered being drunk was a badge of honour.

Now it appears as a source of shame. Maybe that is where social media kicks in.

That is what younger people are saying.

In this day and age, where all the adverse effects of alcohol are increasingly known, it’s no wonder.

It does seem it is not cool to be drunk anymore.

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