7 things I like about the Good Karma Beer (plus the 0.0 Option)

So, let’s be honest. What makes a beer great for us, beyond the price and the taste? Well, Good Good Karma Beer has a story, and it is a good one at that.

Their marketing is relatively calm.

We have many reasons when choosing any beer, not just an alcohol-free one.

Is it how long we’ve enjoyed being with a particular brand or style of beer? Is it the label or the story behind the shape and colour? Is it because it was all we could afford when we were in school? Or is it simply because they taste good and make us feel even better?

The Good Karma Beer brand hits all of those notes and more.

And with alcohol-free, we need all the options we can get, right?

7- It Is based on mindful drinking

Steve Sailopal, an industry consultant and pioneer of alcohol-free beer, came up with Good Karma. Assisting in the rise of the ‘mindful drinking movement’ by selling alcohol-free beer since 2014 as part of the beer industry since 2008, initially selling Belgian beer.

One of the best things about Mantra is that it’s a beer for people who don’t think they like beer.

Good Karma Beer and their Mantra is for anyone who wants control of their lives.

It’s for people who want to feel good and have fun. Finally, The Good Karma Beer Mantra is for people who don’t like the taste of alcohol or don’t drink at all.

6- The creator Knows how to market drinks and use that experience

Besides providing beer consulting services, he creates organic drinks, designs marketing campaigns, and enhances sales.

And when it comes to alcohol-free marketing drinks, we need more people like that. But, unfortunately, despite what you may think, the awareness and understanding of alcohol-free beer are still low.

This beer is complex and simple at the same time. You’ll find a creamy, frothy head with roasted malt, fruity hints, and a touch of vanilla.

The mouthfeel is smooth and clean, with enough carbonation to refresh each sip. And you’ll enjoy the lingering finish, with subtle hints of toasted malt and light fruit lingering on your palate.

5 – Steve Built the brand from personal experience of drinking alcohol

Steve had to deal with health problems in 2001, just like so many high performing people

As a means of restoring his health, Steve went to Goa, India, to study mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda.

And that is cool, right?

What I love about the alcohol-free beer movement is the backstories of the creator and owners.

To make an alcohol-free beer, you do have to understand us, the consumer, and this is one beer that does that.

It is almost like they know the struggle to get an alcohol-free beer.

I was hoping you could read my story of how I stopped drinking alcohol in Stop Drinking Alcohol Now by Philip Roberts.

4- He became inspired to empower others in terms of alcohol-free

With a renewed passion, the creator returned to the UK with what he learned on that healing journey for 2 years.

His experience has led to a fresh and innovative brand, enhancing people’s lives while also doing good for the environment.

And that turned into an excellent low and no alcohol-free project.

So it reaches out to more than just the beer-drinking, which adds to the credibility.

3. A good mantra, much like a good person, makes the world a better place.

Mantra is a sound, a vibration through which we mindfully focus our thoughts, feelings, and highest intentions.

And I kind of like that in a beer that is alcohol-free as it goes with the whole alcohol-free vibe, don’t you think?

Good Karma Beer has a good vibe

So the name Karma Beer fits perfectly with the overall vibe going on.

Although the colour can make you go slightly crossed eyed, I digress. It’s cool.

2- The Good Karma Mantra Black Lager 0.0% is a drinkable art 

With hints of Apricot and Vanilla balanced with roasted & toasted malt flavour for smoothness. Yes, they have lots of 0.5% abv options, but it is great to see that they have included a 0.0% beer.

ABV stands for alcohol by volume. And are you going for an alcohol-free beer?

That is one of the things on the label you want to check first.

You can read about the difference between abv and what is alcohol-free and not on the drinkaware website.

Artfully crafted and delivered on a tongue of velvet, this beer will help you focus on what matters.

It is not often that beer truly matches the existing branding, but this beer certainly hits the mark.

The beer is smoother than many alcohol-free beers I have tried; however, it is far from the lighter beers I prefer.

But if you like your old-world beer alcohol style, then you will love this. P, us the colour of the can was kind of the ’70s spaced out, but it a good way.

1- A good beer is like a meaningful thought.

It takes multiple ingredients to make something worthwhile.

And simple mantras are the best, and I love this beer.

Black lager is a traditional old-world beer style, and it’s an AF Black lager, balanced roasted & toasted malt flavours smooth, hints of Apricot and Vanilla, crisp and clean.

Ingredients: Water, Malted Wheat, Malted Barley, Hops, Yeast, Natural flavourings

I told you just simple ingredients.

The Good Karma Beer could be your go-to beer

If you enjoy darker, European style beers. Or just something a bit more way out.

Mantra is a beer for those who want to expand their consciousness, whether that means exploring the world, their inner psychic landscape, the nature of reality or the space between breaths.

This particular beer will please the ardent craft beer lover and those who have not yet given craft beer a try.

And of course, this one beer is alcohol-free, which the other beer bring 0.5% abv.

It would be best if you still tried out the brand despite that.

What a great back story. Now that is one bit of Karma and a Mantra I am happy to be part of.

Good Karma Beer brand is undoubtedly exciting, but I must find a bottle of it!

Cans of alcohol-free beer only go so far.

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