7 Reasons to like Noughty Wine (but don’t get sidelined by the price)

I will be honest when I quit alcohol, and I never thought I would be championing an alcohol-free sparkling wine that was not cheap but was brimming with quality.

If you’re looking for an alcohol-free sparkler, Noughty’s Organic Vegan Prosecco Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine is perfect for you.

I mean, I thought I might be shouting about beer and mocktails, but a brand called Noughty Wine, no way.

Noughty wine was made by Amanda Thomson, Founder, Thomson & Scott. And she is not afraid of promoting it everywhere. And getting the higher end price might put you off.

I get that!

But try not to be an alcohol-free snob as I have learned much to my initial disappointment that alcohol-free is not always cheap.

In fact, the more you look into it, the harder it seems to make as a product. Making stuff without alcohol is not a natural process, it seems.

Crikey. But straight up, I am a fan.

Noughty WineWine is blended using the finest organic ingredients and still boasts a clean, crisp finish.

What’s more, unlike other alcohol-free wines that taste artificial and taste different from the real thing, drink Noughty Organic Vegan Prosecco, and you won’t be able to tell the difference.

OK, Sparkling Wine then!

Noughty’s delicious Organic Vegan Prosecco Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine is a perfect sparkling wine substitute for those looking to go vegan and still enjoy the bubbles.

But without the alcohol!

Sparkling wine is a must-have for any party you’re hosting or want to enjoy at home. But some people choose to stop consuming alcohol for various reasons, like their taste buds or health – which sucks!

That was the reason why Noughty was founded. Amanda, the owner, wanted to offer people a choice to alcohol that still tasted good but didn’t have the adverse side effects of alcohol. 

So Amanda created a line of delicious sparkling wines that are vegan and loved by vegans and non-vegans alike.

I like her style of solving an issue when it comes to being alcohol-free.

Listed below are some reasons why you should try Noughty Organic Vegan Prosecco Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine:

And I know it is not Prosecco!

1. It’s vegan and contains no alcohol, but delicious. 

There’s no compromise on taste!

Alcohol-free wine has a bad reputation, and some of it is indeed pants.

But alcohol-free has taken the lead.

Of course, there are cheaper versions like Nonsecco, but this is the highest quality stuff.

The striking thing is that it does taste great. So when I offer it out for people to try, I can see their face-pulling as they go to drink it and then a sense of relief as they realise their worst fears will not come true.

Yes, you can drink alcohol-free, and it is OK!

2. It’s the perfect party wine for any occasion

Alcohol-free drinks for those who don’t drink alcohol. We aren’t all lying on a park bench for an hour on end with a vodka bottle, and it’s none of your business even if we were.

Bit since I gave up alcohol which I talk about in my book Stop Drinking Alcohol Now, I do think parties and celebrations suck big time.


Stop Drinking Alcohol Now - Philip Roberts

And that is generally because you were the only one without some fizz in your hand.

It’s easy, and you’ll have some alcohol-free in your hand in a flash as long as the host plans ahead.

3. It’s naturally sweet and fruity

With a delicate peach flavour and a hint of pear on the finish.

And of course, people think alcohol-free wine of any kind is so sweet it is like grape juice pumped with co2. But this is not the sweet I am talking about.

It is a dry chardonnay that does not feel like sucking lemons. And that is a good thing.

Unless you enjoy sucking lemons.

4. It’s made from organic grapes from Spain 

So it’s organic and eco-friendly.

And that is one of the brilliant byproducts of alcohol-free WineWine. You are cutting back on alcohol. It just ticks so many boxes.

You might not care if you are organic or not, but combined with the fact that it is zero alcohol, it just makes you feel like a better person.

And that is good, right?

After all, who cares. It is your choice either way.

5. It comes in a gorgeous bottle 

That makes it an excellent gift for Christmas, birthdays, or other celebrations.

Leaving work and living an alcohol-free lifestyle, people struggle with what to get you as a leaving present.

Of course, a voucher is lovely and so is a chocolate bar ( yes, I’m serious).

But then you look around at the latest redundancies stacked up, and everyone has been given a nice bottle of champagne.

Well, with Noughty Wine, that problem goes away.

The problem is that people don’t even think about that option!

Drop some hints when you get your leaving dates.

6. You could use it for cooking 

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, making cakes or tarts or even salad dressing is more effortless with this on hand!

What at that price?

Stay with me. Do you want to add cheap stuff to your exotic salad for a special occasion? Now I am not talking cheap plonk here, but if you have a social experience and need a chicken sauce sparking up.

Salad, veggie or yes, it even works with meat.

For that special occasion and fizzing your food, then Noughty Wine and its bubbles are a perfect choice.

Save the cheap stuff for the neighbours.

Noughty Wine

7. It’s a healthier alternative to wine  

being alcohol-free means there are lower calories in this sparkling wine!

Seriously alcohol contains what they call useless calories.

But is it not always the drink that matters?

It is also down to what you’re going to do when you have a few too many glasses of bubbly.

But more stuff online and buy 10 pizzas.

Read what alcohol-free beers go with pizza.

You shouldn’t drink too much alcohol, but if you can drink bubbles and consume fewer calories, isn’t that better than nothing?

8. It can be enjoyed as an alternative to beer 

have some at a BBQ instead of having another beer!

And I don’t just mean alcoholic beer, either. I am talking about alcohol-free beer as well. So, for example, I might sometimes think of San Miguel Zero even though I love it.

It’s OK to want something lighter sometimes. Alcohol drinkers can, of course, make it a habit.

The person who does not drink gets an alcohol-free beer.

With the advent of alcohol-free gin and spirit and now alcohol-free fizz, the choices have exploded.

9. Noughty Organic Is Vegan

Prosecco Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine is suitable for anyone following a gluten-free

Imagine the scenario where you can’t touch alcohol, and then some diet expert tells you that you can’t go near gluten.


Well, some alcohol-free brands are making it more accessible, and this is one of them.

Sparkling Alcohol Free Wine

People call it prosecco, and it isn’t really, so call it whatever if you can get away with it legally.

It is cava!. Nope not really, but hey, all these words are so interchangeable.

But something is either gluten, or it is not.

And it matters.

Noughty (Prosecco) Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine is a vegan, organic “prosecco” made from organic grapes and was one of the first alcohol-free sparkling Wines on the market.

My takeaway on Noughty Alcohol-free Wine

Overall, I just love it. Yes, I know everything about Noughty Organic Vegan Sparkling WIne, and yes, I am not afraid to pay that extra for it either.

It can be served at any celebration, including weddings!

And don’t they suck without a glass of fizz in your hand? Unfortunately, alcohol-free drink options at weddings are overlooked for hurting us, alcohol-free drinkers.

The product is excellent in taste and texture, which secures my top spot!  I would recommend this product to anyone hosting any special occasion, vegan or veggie lover or not.

Noughty is for those who love champagne but do not care for the hangover that often follows.

And why would you!

It’s made from organic grapes from Spain; it has a pure fruit finish and no added sugar.

Check your alcohol intake with drinkaware

Plus, it’s carbonated, with a zing to it that will make drinking your next glass more fun than the last.

So I will shout about Noughty Wine, and I don’t care. After all, I have nothing to do with it. Apart from drinking it!

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