7 Reasons To Choose Alcohol-Free Bucks Fizz

Bucks Fizz has been the quintessential non-alcoholic cocktail for years.

My Mum used to have it as a starter in a pub meal. Weird right? But let’s face the facts.

When ordering a cocktail at a bar, there is not always the option to choose non-alcoholic drinks. 

It seems crazy, but the proper mocktail has not caught on everywhere. It’s not impossible to make alcohol-free bucks fizz, though, if you’re willing to make your own.

But as a drink, bucks fizz is a classic and easy to get without alcohol. If not, we can make it!

Here are 7 reasons with sparkle to choose Non-Alcoholic Bucks Fizz 

To warm up and enjoy during Christmas or any celebration or party. But let’s not get too obsessed by Christmas.

  • Alcohol-Free Bucks Fizz can be used for:
  • Weddings
  • Christenings
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Baby Showers

And remember you don’t need an occasion.

It can just be a night in with a Netflix Movie or some tunes from your Spotify account.

1- Alcohol-Free Wedding Planning with Bucks Fizz

When planning your wedding day, you want everything to go smoothly.

Choosing good non-alcoholic drinks is a great way to help ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Several factors could make guests feel uncomfortable, and not drinking alcohol is one.

Alcohol-Free Weddings


First, you get to enjoy your wedding. Many couples don’t realize this, but they usually get very little time to spend sober with their guests on their wedding day.

An alcohol-free Bucks Fizz is a great one to set the mood for a party of any kind.

2. You’ll save money. Seriously weddings are expensive.

And so is any celebration. Plus, when you are drunk, you spend, right?

The prices for alcohol in most areas can add up throughout an evening, and since most guests are paying for their drinks, there is no reason you should be paying extra for something that they don’t even want.

An alcohol-free buck fizz is a low-cost answer to a freebie drink at any event.

3 It’s better for the environment.

Using less or no alcohol at your wedding will be better for the environment.

By using less or no alcohol at your wedding, you will use less waste.

An alcohol-free welcome drink like bucks fizz means people won’t be legless before the food.

4- It is a fizz for all ages.

It is a drink for all ages.

Bucks fizz, or “fizz” as it’s often called, is a great, refreshing drink for all ages.

There are many reasons to choose non-alcoholic versions of classic drinks like Buck’s Fizz as more people decide to cut back on alcohol consumption or abstain entirely. 

One of the main reasons you might choose non-alcoholic alternatives is because everyone can enjoy them.

Alcoholic beverages are often considered unsuitable for those under 18, and some venues have a policy of not serving them to anyone under 21.


Can Bucks Fizz Be Alcohol Free ?

Because alcohol-free bucks fizz doesn’t contain any alcohol, it’s suitable for all ages.

In addition to being suitable for all ages, non-alcoholic fizz can be served at any time or venue where alcoholic beverages aren’t permitted.

And I know it gets complicated. There are even some rules around alcohol-free beers under the same licencing laws. Well, in the UK anyway.

But it does give you options.

For example, suppose you’re hosting a party outdoors in a public park and need to finish by a specific time.

In that case, you could choose to serve fizz instead of champagne because there’ll be no need to worry about people having to leave early for not being over 18 years old.

And as we know. 

Non-alcoholic options are often cheaper than alcoholic ones too. Bucks fizz can make for a great starter at an evening meal or even if you’re trying to keep costs down.

5- Alcohol-Free spirits can be added.

The classic Bucks Fizz recipe calls for a splash of brandy, but you can keep it alcohol-free because this is served at breakfast.

Non-alcoholic Buck’s Fizz is often made with sparkling white grape juice, but I’ve also seen it made with apple juice.

The recipe below takes the latter approach, and I think it works well here. You can offer alternatives (don’t mix your fizz up)

Not everyone wants to drink alcohol ( and for all sorts of reasons)

Check your alcohol limit with drinkaware

Many people will be ordering Bucks Fizz for their special occasions, and it is always a good idea to treat your guests to a nice drink. 

When you go to a party, you will see that drinks are an essential part of any party and there are no parties without drinks. 

You must choose the right drink for the occasion because each type of drink has its significance.

You can opt for an alcoholic beverage or a non-alcoholic one, and when choosing between the two, you should consider many things.

Can You Add Zero Spirits to Alcohol-Free Spirits

The choice of drinks also depends on what kind of party you will attend and who is hosting it.

When going to a formal party, you should avoid alcoholic drinks as they can ruin the mood if the alcohol does not agree with you.

6 – It is a different refreshing fizz.

You can also choose Bucks Fizz if you want something unusual but refreshing. You should take note that whatever drink you order should be ordered in advance so there will not be any last-minute rush when everyone wants one drink or the other.

I have seen pubs run out of alcohol-free fizz, believe it or not.

You can make a fizz with lemonade ( I know), or what about Squash?

Bucks Fizz is a classic British drink made with lemonade and orange squash.

7- Alcohol-Free Bucks Fizz is easy to make ( Homemade style)

The Bucks Fizz is a relatively simple drink to make but can be knocked out of balance if the ingredients are not measured correctly. The glass is made with orange juice, lemonade, cream soda and a splash of 7-Up.

But remember, some people want it to be alcohol-based, But here is a great secret: add some alcohol-free gin to the mix.

Or some Nosecco Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine

There are plenty to choose from, like Gordon’s 0.0, which won’t break the bank.

An actual alcoholic bucks fizz could have lots of alcohol in it.

I was recently sent a bottle of Bucks Fizz with a card saying (thought of you because you don’t drink alcohol!)

I am serious. 

People think bucks fizz is alcohol-free, and it can be, but not always.

Here is an idea.

Ingredients: 2 ozs orange juice 1 oz. lime juice 1/2 tsp sugar 1 1/2 ozs dry alcohol-free gin (Gordon’s Zero)

So why not Bucks Fizz ( I am a fan)

Okay, so what are the reasons for choosing alcohol-free Bucks Fizz, you ask.

Many people prefer to drink alcohol-free because they don’t like to drink it or are not old enough.

What about driving? Alcohol-free beverages might also be preferred for health reasons or simply for religious or cultural reasons.

Alcohol-Free Bucks Fizz is an easy option and quite lovely as well. If old fashioned.

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