7 Reasons Gran Canaria was good for alcohol-free drinks

7 Reasons Gran Canaria was good for alcohol-free drinks ( mostly)

Alcohol-free drinks in Spain, any good? What about if you go on holiday to the Canary Islands as in Gran Canaria.

Will you be well served with your alcohol-free choice?

Spain has a great attitude to alcohol-free drinks, and yes, they still like to party. So while alcohol-free gin and wine can be a challenge, you will find no issue with alcohol-free beer.

In many ways, the Spanish invented it.

The one thing that jumps out is that the Spanish support it. Unlike, unfortunately, the airlines that get you there.

Despite what they may say.

Here are 7 reasons why Gran Canaria get a thumbs up for alcohol-free with one word of caution.

And that is, you never quite know the alcohol content.

7- You don’t look like an alcohol-free drink freak.

I know men deny it, but I have been witness to alcohol-free discrimination many times. Have you?

So you go to the bar and smile and say, do you have any alcohol-free beer and or wine? The lookback you get is a picture.

Like I have landed from outer space.

I have even mentioned it to alcohol-free drinks owners. Even they seem perplexed. But maybe they are hiding their distribution issues.

Who knows. I will ask them for a blog interview.

Expect a different reaction in Spain.

As I found in Gran Canaria, no one seems to care. One local said to me that the party at the drop of a hat could do so without alcohol.

Spain has a very different attitude to alcohol and, therefore, to alcohol-free drinks.

However, you will find alcohol-free is almost encouraged.

That is good news if you are cutting back.

6- Forced into trying out the new alcohol-free fizz

Great I love to be forced into trying new alcoholic free stuff!

If you live in the UK or even somewhere else, you might be used to a few choices when it comes to alcohol-free fizz.

In many ways, you have to get used to the 0.0% abv brands you trust.

ABV stands for alcohol by volume, by the way. So if you are an alcohol-free drinker for whatever reason, it is a crucial stat to look out for.

Spanish Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine

In the UK, you check what is alcohol-free on the drinkaware website

It helps guide my purchasing decisions.

Outside the UK, it is not as clear.

And neither is some of the fizzes, so you have to take a gamble and try and work out what alcohol-free means.

My favourite fizz is here.

In Spain, it can be anything from a trace to under 1 per cent; it seems when it comes to the total amount of alcohol.

The good news is that some of your food, like orange juice and burger rolls, will have alcohol in them naturally, so it is best not to freak out.

Here is one of the brands I tried, and it is excellent.

Alcohol-Free Cava



Alcohol-Free and, in one case, 0.0%.

Different brands, yes well known in Spain but to a tourist unknown.

They were even well branded in the local shop in Playa Del Ingles, where I was staying.

By the way, avoid asking for help and advice on Facebook groups before you head out there. Instead, please poke fun at yourself.

However, locally all the shops were delighted to help and seemed shocked that it was selling so well.

When you go to Spain, you start to notice how many people drink alcohol-free. It is very different from the UK.

It’s a very different culture.

5- The Spanish get alcohol free when you say sin alcohol.

I mean, you like to try out new Spanish words right, and over the year, you have learned how to ask for a few glasses of wine.

Maybe a beer.

It is the only Spanish language you know.

That’s okay; well, at least you made an effort.

Gran Canaria Sin Alcohol

Now here is the good news.

You need to learn one term in Spanish that will get you alcohol-free, and it is easy.

Everyone gets it.

It is “sin alcohol”, so no alcohol.

Add this to your drink of choice, and you will soon get a yes or no without any fuss.

Although you can get plenty of fruit cocktails in Spain, and they may not call them mocktails. Just watch out for all that added sugar.

4 – After the airline, you’re pleased to get anything.

Now, if you are like me and you are cutting back on alcohol or cutting it out, all together, you like something to celebrate with.

Now before those therapists say sit in the corner and drink fizzy water. Look, shut your horse hole for a moment.

If alcohol-free is not a trigger for you, why have an alcohol-free drink celebrating with an alcohol-free zero beer or a glass of fizz?

If you pay for an airline lounge for two at over eighty pounds for two, you would expect some choice, right.

Maybe a cheeky alcohol-free spirit or gin. Perhaps even a Heineken Zero beer which seems to be the default.

But no, not a thing.

Yes, Heineken does sell, and it is on the menu, but alas, none in sight.

“It’s a bit weird and never sells.

I am not surprised you don’t have anything”.

Meanwhile, the alcohol spirits were stacked in numbers. Anything you could imagine was there!

Alcohol-Free Drinks on a Plane

It would have been easy to say what they did not have.

Get on the plane.

Nope, no choice either. Which does seem off, given airline bosses shout so much about how they don’t want drunk people on their plane.

Well, do me a favour and complain. It is the only way things will change.

3- Gin, anyone? Sorry, I mean alcohol-free spirits.

Now, I would forget alcohol-free spirits. Yes, Spain or Gran Canaria is suitable for many attributes for duty-free shopping or alcohol-free beer options.

But it seems in the bars, hotels, restaurants, and even shops, it has not filtered through. Not for alcohol-free spirits anyhow.

It makes even my local Asda look bearable for choice.

Alcohol-Free Gin

Asda is like Walmart in the UK; you find alcohol-free wine hidden on the bottom shelf. However, they do give the beer a fair hearing.

So with that in mind, you might want to shove a couple of (Gordon’s ) Alcohol-Free Gin in your case wrapped in a towel.

The other great choice to take would be Tanqueray. Avoid something too expensive in case it breaks.

Bear in mind my favourite is still Seedlip.

I know very unsophisticated, but that is what I did!

It is another blog, but if you can or can’t take alcohol-free drinks on board a plane is still confusing, so leave that one with me.

( Airlines don’t like replying to my press requests)

2- It’s a party island but has a different attitude to alcohol.

You have all heard of the great Spanish Fiestas. It seems from the Three Kings Parade to Pride, and the Spanish know how to do this stuff.

However, while these events are surrounded by alcohol in many countries, it looks and feels that there is little pressure to drink.

Locals seem more concerned about the outfits than the alcohol.

So if you are going to a local fiesta, you can enjoy Spanish Wine and Tapas, but it is now the focus.

Celebration is.

That is good news if you are an alcohol-free drinker.

1- Spain was the home of alcohol-free beer before anyone else.

Yep, Amber Sin is still a tremendous alcohol-free beer right now.

And to reduce alcohol consumption in the 1970s, alcohol-free beer was produced.

It is considered ideal to go with a plate of tapas, and that trend still exists now.

This is one of the reasons that alcohol-free beer still exists, with so many great brands available in local stores, bars and restaurants.

Eating out on Gran Canaria is an alcohol-free dream, and you can ask for Cerveza sin alcohol, and it appears without any fuzz at all.

Did Spain invent Alcohol-Free Beer ?

The Spanish were so ahead of the game they produced zero beer for the middle east, so it became a hotbed of production.

You can read more about alcohol-free beer in Spain here.

Okay, you don’t know the alcohol content well, not really.

So overall, it’s good news about alcohol-free drinks in Spain and Gran Canaria. You certainly don’t get any prejudice from not drinking here.

However, the is one word of caution.

What is alcohol-free is very different from some other countries, so you need to look the brands up.

Okay, so in most cases, we are talking a trace of alcohol, but in some, it means under 1 per cent abv.

This is no big deal for many, but if you wish to stay away completely, you will need to do some research along the way, and even then, it can be a bit confusing.

The UK has some excellent regulations around alcohol-free labelling, and while the intention is perfect in many countries, including Spain, it is not quite there!

It does make it a bit more complicated.

Spain is the first glass for excellent alcohol-free attitudes and less so for choice. So alcohol-free drinks in Gran Canaria is still a good bet, as are non-alcoholic drinks across Spain.

Philip Roberts is the Author of Stop Drinking Alcohol Now on Amazon

Alcohol-free drinks in Spain. Yes, please!

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