7 facts about alcohol (often misunderstood) 

I am always surprised by how few facts about alcohol we know.

The questions I get on the blog and why I am alcohol-free in terms of drinks constantly amazes me.

But maybe not.

It has become such a part of our fabric we probably don’t think about it enough.

Or maybe that should read we think about alcohol too much.

I don’t know about you, but I get more prejudice for not drinking alcohol than I did as a social wine drinker.

7- Yes, it gets you drunk

Now, this may seem obvious, but it is not at all.

How many people have you heard say, “I can’t believe that went to my head so quick!”

Beer, wine, and spirits contain alcohol (ethanol or ethyl alcohol), and yes, it gives you enjoyment but is also an expert at making you drunk

I mean, the initial feeling of euphoria is overtaken by the morning hangover, but that first bit is what people buy into.

Plus the aspect of fitting in should never be underestimated.

People often talk about the taste of alcohol, but of course, it is what is mixed with the alcohol that people are talking about.

In fact

Alcohol does not have a taste or smell. I mean, look at vodka?

Get my point, right?

6- Despite its toxin nature, alcohol is quite natural.

It’s like the birds and the beers.

Sorry I meant bees.

It is one of the reasons you might be surprised that alcohol is formed naturally in many foodstuffs like burgers, rolls and orange juice.

Read more about alcohol and orange juice.

Yes, of course, the amount is meagre, but it is still there!


Is Alcohol Natural ?

Alcohol is a science in reality.

It is formed when yeast ferments (decomposes) the sugars in different foods.

Yes, you heard me right, it is made from food.

In addition to wine, beer, cider and vodka are all made with sugar, especially sugar from plants. For example, wine or beer is made with grapes; beer comes from malted barley (grain).

So when it comes to alcohol formation, it is food that does it.

And some yeast, of course.

If I left some fruit out in the sun, it would start to ferment. Crazy right?

5 -It sits on your nervous system

High doses of alcohol depress the central nervous system, making them sedative-hypnotic.

On the other hand, moderate amounts of alcohol can make you feel euphoric and talkative.

Tall about opposite sides of the coin.

Alcohol Sits On Your Nervous System

Still, too much can make you tired, cause respiratory depression (where your breathing gets shallow or even stops), or even put you in a coma.

BAC is nothing to do with your bank but alcohol and your blood

Every organ in the body is affected by alcohol depending on its blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over time, plus its sedative effect at high doses that can be deadly.

4- Alcohol is predictable on its journey

It’s like a well-oiled train.

I mean, you know where it goes after hitting those lips and your off your face, don’t you?

The effects of alcohol are felt within five to ten minutes of drinking, say a glass of wine after it has been swallowed (20% of alcohol is absorbed through the stomach and 80% through the intestines).

After 30 to 90 minutes, all the body organs are affected, and the blood comes to a head full of alcohol to give you that floating feeling. 

Alcohol is broken down in its own time.

And by that, I mean it won’t be rushed.

All the detox “mad” supplements you hear about online are simply non-sense.

And that includes coffee!

Please don’t believe them.

I have now got it from many a doctor’s mouth.

3 – Yes, it goes through your lungs – more facts about alcohol

It is the liver that metabolises most of the alcohol in the body (90%).

At the same time, the remainder is excreted via the lungs (enabling breath alcohol tests), the kidneys (via urine) and via sweat.

It’s kind of why a breathalyser is used to check if you have been drinking and driving.


Does Alcohol Go Through Your Lungs ?

It kind of makes sense, right?

The liver can only break down a specific quantity of alcohol per one hour, which is around one standard drink for an ordinary individual.

Read more at the drinkaware website

The best stat to get your head around is that roughly 1 unit is one standard drink. And I mean a single small glass of wine, not a large one.

2- Yes, speed is an issue when it comes to knocking the alcohol back.

Alcohol and knocking them back like Grandad.

You know the score when Grandad comes to visit, and he has been drinking before he arrives, and you wonder how that one drink hit his system so quickly.

The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) rises, and the sensation of being off your face with alcohol occurs when alcohol is drunk faster than the liver can deal with it.

Contrary to rumour, you only have one liver.

I met someone the other day who thought he could give one up one of his organs.

Joking aside, it is why many people forget about the effect of alcohol on only one liver.

And I get it it is not talked about very much.

It is why slowly but surely, alcohol-free drink options are becoming part of everyday living.

Although it is still a challenge to get them in pubs and bars everywhere, bar the selective few.

1- My body size does not affect the alcohol in my body.

Woah, hold on there, tiger.

Our body size can make a difference.

Even though the way we process alcohol cannot be changed, the fact is that the speed that affects us and so hits our bloodstream varies from person to person

Are you a big guy or girl, full of muscle or a bit too much fat like me?

It also influences the alcohol speed factor.

Except if you are like me and drink alcohol-free options.

Physique is critical, but it does not stop the long term effect of excessive drinking.

Age, sex, ethnicity can all influence how fast alcohol hits your system. It can be down to all sorts of reasons, including our metabolic rate.

Even if you are used to drinking, that very fact can have an influence.

And there lies in the problem.

That wine drinking and that wine fridge become the norm.

How frequently you drink alcohol can make you think you are invisible.

Stop Drinking Alcohol Now – Philip Roberts

If you would like to read my story and how it can help you as a social drinker. There is a link below.

And no, there is no park bench, just a social wine drinker.

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