7 best alcohol-free gin 2021

Alcohol-free gin or alcohol-free spirit are making a march on the non-alcoholic beer, and as for wine, don’t get me started.

It is funny, but it seems alcohol-free gin makers are getting their act together. What are the 7 best alcohol-free gin 2021?

But no, it’s not alcohol. Sorry, you missed the point.

The thing is, there are lots of so-called zero gins that are not alcohol-free.

Just because you drink less of it does not make it lower alcohol. They seem to be saying it is lower in alcohol because you will consume less of it.

What planet are you on – please take a hike

I mean, really!

Which idiot decided it was good to play around with that notion in the marketing department.

The Great Alcohol-Free Gin Brand are out there.

However, the good news is that some great brands honour the 0.0% abv, albeit with traces of alcohol.

But then it’s probably less than your banana or orange juice; I kid you not,

It appears that some food has more alcohol than you could imagine.

I guess fermentation is natural, I suppose.

However, search in google, and you will get low alcohol gin labelled 1.1% or sometimes even more.

It isn’t very clear, so I am here to help you. Fear not!

So let’s dive into some alcohol-free gin, and yes, I have tried them all.

I am strict on the alcohol front.

ABV stands for alcohol by volume

After all, nothing beats a gin and tonic and a summer evening, pre-dinner event or even Christmas holidays.

My favourite location was sitting on a hotel balcony in Ibiza, slowly sipping a gin and tonic.

Alas no more. But the good news is that I have a whole new world of alcohol-free drinks to try.

Try some of these alcohol-free option spirits or gin; call them what you want and let me know what you think.

. A cool drink in summer beach resort sorted. So you are not feeling weird that you don’t drink.


So I have moved my eagle eyes for non-alcoholic gins for 2021 to give you some suggestions.

Oh, and you don’t get a hangover either.

I mean, there is no alcohol, right?

How can alcohol-free gin taste like it does

The response is that you make the same cool beverage but without the alcohol.

Sounds easy, right? Not so quick!

It is quite an intense process, and it isn’t cheap to make.

But then, for the gin’s I drink, you can taste the quality products that went into it.

Is Alcohol-Free Gin the real deal?

It is better than some of the alcoholic versions, well, the cheap ones anyway.

Keep in mind non-alcoholic gin has a big aim to simulate not be it. And of course, it has to taste good.

It’s strange that many people try alcohol-free gin and afterwards say, “however it’s not alcohol”.

Come on, get with the plot

Allow me to dive deeper..

Gin derives its primary flavour from juniper berries and a distilled alcohol stemming as a medicinal liquor.

It has been around for centuries and also is well-known as an alcoholic drink base.

Yet instead of real drinking gin, a rising number of buyers are now steering clear of the alcohol component, favoring something a little lighter.

Wow, these alcohol-free drinks tasting good can really catch on!

And it is big time!

‘Clean gin’, as it is nicknamed.

Do they mean it’s not dirty gin?

Well, it has all the breaking flavours of typical gin. And you can taste it and smell the aromas too.

It is still traditionally distilled without the hangover or high-calorie consumption that some alcoholic drinks have.

I know I sound like I am on repeat but watch the tonic!

Seriously, what a high sugar mixer can do to your hips is staggering.

Alcoholic gin or non-alcoholic gin regardless, you might be tempted to think of its low calories; however, it is the tonic water that kills it.

Tonic Water Is Key with Alcohol-Free Gin

It is the tonic water that places an inch on the hips, not the gin!

Remember to make it simpler for you, test a few alcohol-free gins out like you would an alcoholic gin. See what suits your tastes buds

I have added some affiliate links to a few of these.

As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases but this does not affect what you pay. 

I do my best to make that clear at all times and follow FTC guidelines.

7 – Juniperl Alcohol-Free Gin

Well, Juniper is critical, right? So this alcohol-free gin is hitting all the right notes.

Think of the quality ingredients such as Juniper Berry, Cardamom, Cassia, Rosemary and also Grapefruit.

The flavour makes this one, although it is not my biggest favourite.

It got a slightly unusual bottle, but I won’t hold this against the brand.

The grapefruit probably makes this drink.

Grapefruit and Gin Alcohol-Free

So for a treat that is 100% non-alcoholic, you can still drive with it as well and has absolutely no calories.

Just couple it with your much-loved low calories Tonic Water and it makes a tall summer drink with lots of ice.!

This has nothing to do with the taste of the zero alcohol, but you might want to keep the bottle.

I am just putting it out there, or you might think it is total clutter.

Either way, drink the alcohol-free gin first.

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases but this does not affect what you pay. I do make that clear at all times and follow FTC guidelines.




6. Gordon’s Alcohol-Free Gin.

Now here is a name from the past!

And if I am honest, I would never think you would get these guys to make alcohol-free gin.

But they are cleverer than I expected.

Out of all the brands, this one probably comes the closest to alcohol-free gin, and to be honest, that is perhaps why it is not higher in my ranking.

But these are only my rankings—nothing more and nothing less.

Gordons Alcohol Free Gin

Gordon’s has been around for about 250 years producing their alcohol gin, and to me, their alcohol-free gin tastes precisely the same.

No kidding!


Read my review of Gordon’s Here

What they have done is very clever.

Rather than create a whole new taste and brand, they have made it just like Gordon’s.

Yep, that’s right.

Their alcohol-free Gin has 0.0% alcohol but has the same dynamic, authentic choice as well as the special recipe they made use it.

They likewise have numerous other flavours of their alcohol-free gin collection, consisting of pink gin, completely dry gin, lemon gin, white peach, and more.

And there is one thing I agree with them on.

Gordon recommends appreciating your gin equally as you would your standard G & T by pouring 50 ml over ice with your selected mixer as well as a garnish.

Then just rest, sip along and enjoy as if it were alcohol. I wonder why if that is the whole point.

I don’t want to be treated any differently just because I don’t drink alcohol.

5 – Caleño Light & Zesty.

I have got a confession. I don’t think this should be in the alcohol-free gin category at all.

But I like what they have done, and as we are all about the alcohol-free version and option, it’s right I include it here.

So officially not called a gin.

But legally, neither should the other be called that as gin has specific alcohol by volume minimum, so they are probably all breaking the law.

Alcohol-free spirits should not even be called spirits.

I write more about what is an alcohol-free spirit here.

Who cares if it helps people cut back on alcohol. That is the main thing. I expect some legal action at some point, though, as it gets more competitive.

Caleno Light and Zesty have a strong feeling of it with its mix of Juniper berries, which are characteristically used to make average gin.

Caleno Light and Zesty


It just tastes more like a light mocktail, but I don’t disagree with it being it on this list.

They additionally include 10 various other botanicals without produced colors, sugar or sweeteners.

It has a natural zingy fresh choice with only 39 calories per 100ml and no alcohol- recommending you enjoy more than one on your night out.

This is an excellent choice for garden parties.

Just add tonic in addition to ice! Plus, my top tip is grapefruit.

Plus, of course, low, low cal fever tree tonic.

Bingo, you’re sorted.

Check out your alcohol consumption with drinkaware

4 – Warner’s Dry Gin.

Now I was not sure about this one as I have just tasted it casually; however, it was very remarkable, dry and fresh.

It has a trace of alcohol at 0.01%, which is nothing compared to your very ripe banana.

So I will undoubtedly let them escape the trace concern.

But it’s a fabulous farm gin-making outfit, and if you like your alcohol-free gin completely dry, this could be for you.

This correctly and legally call it an alcohol-free spirit, so it may not always come up when you search for it.

Its called

0% Botanic Garden State Of Minds Nature’s Non-Alcoholic spirit.

I’m spaced out just saying it!

The good news is that with 0% ABV and 100% natural botanicals, Warner’s Botanic Garden Spirits are a great home farm product.

It’s got tons of flavour, and they locally source all the ingredients.

Certainly, a brand to watch out for.

3- Salcombe Distilling Co ‘New London Light.’

I am a big fan of Devon, so it’s good to try out this kind of drink from the UK.

They Are also giving back to the environment as they make it, which I think is fantastic and much-needed.

Flavour-wise, think Juniper, ginger, capsicum, orange and also sage. 

 In addition, it boasts a range of local and natural ingredients.

Alcohol-Free Gin From Devon



It’s made with a mix of abundant Macedonian juniper berries, spicy ginger and also cosy habanero capsicum to create a strong base spirit.

Their ‘New London Light’ was the Champion of the 2021 Individuals’ Option State of Minds Honor for the ‘Conscious Consuming’ group, as well as likewise their gin-like drink is seriously well-known.

It has no alcohol and is gluten-free while being suitable for vegans.

I love it when it ticks all the boxes, and it is a much-needed addition to the market.

A smooth gin with a consciousness for the environment.

What’s not to like?


2 Strykk Not G * N

These guys are the only ever alcohol-free drinks brand to message me and say thanks for a review.

I can tell they are passionate about the brand. 

They chat with me, and I think they love what you think of them too.

It’s alcohol-free and tasted good, and very different to the other brands out there.

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases but this does not affect what you pay. I do make that clear at all times and follow FTC guidelines.




They create this drink by combining juniper berries, basil, coriander & rosemary to create an authentic tasting alcohol-free gin.

They distil using conventional techniques before having the alcohol removed to generate a spirit with all the flavour but 0% ABV.

And we like 0% abv.

Again alcohol-free gin knows how to roll the carpet out, so it’s Vegan, Gluten-Free as well as Ultra-Low in Calories.

Strykk knows how to make themselves and us rock when it comes to alcohol-free gin.

I also think the bottle is adorable and trendy, does that count?

1. Seedlip Alcohol-Free Spirit or Gin

Now, if you read my blog, you know I love the taste of this gin alternative.

And yes, they rocked the alcohol-free spirit world first.

Spooky or what!

Now here is my caveat and it’s a big one!

This brand tastes the least like gin out of them all!

I kid you not, but that’s why I love it.

It isn’t cheap, but because of the competition, it’s coming down in price.

You can read my full review here.

They have gin tips as the base of the drink and include various other botanicals to establish their one-of-a-kind take on it.

This is a quality drink, so match it with a low-calorie tonic water mixer like Fever-Tree. 

Or my corner shop does one.

How bizarre!

What’s your view?

What would your choice be for a non-alcoholic gin, and leave your comments below?

If I can find it and drink it without alcohol, I will.

Let me know your 7 best alcohol-free gin for 2021



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