6 Best Alcohol-Free Champagne Choices 

The best alcohol-free Champagne is a bit of a lie. Unless it is from a specific part of France, you ain’t going to get some.

I am just being honest.

But what do you mean when you ask for the best alcohol-free Champagne or bubbles and fizz, right?

Plus, it is great to have one alcohol-free choice that does not have a stigma attached to it.

Alcohol-Free Sparkling wine is just wine made like Champagne but without the alcohol or significantly reduced in some cases.

OK, so perhaps “alcohol-free champagne” is a bit of an oxymoron, but you get the picture. Just because it’s alcohol-free doesn’t mean we can’t party like it’s 1999. 

So here are the 6 best alcohol-free champagne ideas (and no, I don’t expect anyone to make these).

And why would you? These are good brands that make a name for themselves, and people love themselves.

Champagne has now crossed boundaries.

And alcohol-free is following suit.

Champagne is a drink that women have loved for years. But, unfortunately, men often said, “not for me!”


Men have also come to appreciate the bubbly as well. However, many people are shifting away from alcoholic drinks these days.

Now that there are so many non-alcoholic drinks on the market, picking one that tastes good isn’t hard at all.

You will find most non-alcoholic champagne choices are excellent! But of course, they are not Champagne.


Alcohol-Free Champange Or Is It Wine

However, you can find many other non-alcoholic wines that taste great, so after a rocky start, things have massively improved.

Keeping this in mind, here are 5 great non-alcoholic Champagnes.

Bit make no mistake; Alcohol-Free Champagne is cutting through and getting fans every week!

If you thought you’d seen everything, this would amaze you. However, the best alcohol-free champagne ideas can quench your thirst and make party goers happy. 

These drinks are great for many applications ranging from replacing an alcoholic beverage to celebrating without getting drunk to a recipe ingredient or an addition to your festive meal tables.

The choice is yours.

Noughty is not Naughty but Nice.

Sorry, I know!

As one of the most hotly anticipated Wines ever to launch, Noughty has become the world’s first alcohol-free Champagne and sparkling wine. As a result, Noughty is the perfect alternative for those who want to drink Champagne without drinking alcohol.

Their wines are vegan, organic, low in sugar and halal-friendly.

Noughty is not Naughty but Nice

The chardonnay will pleasantly surprise you with its smooth and subtle flavour; you can serve it in place of an alcoholic beverage at any celebration.

The newly released rosé is a delicate blend of fresh summer berries which sits beautifully alongside salads or seafood as an appetiser.

Each bottle is designed to look like an authentic Champagne bottle allowing you to continue your celebrations without causing chaos or trepidation at being caught out for having a glass of real bubbly.

If you prefer your wine to be alcohol-free, then there’s never been a better time to opt for sparkling Noughty over Champagne (yes, it’s allowed on flights).

Although I have tried to ask the airline if it’s OK to take on board, I can’t answer. It is very vague.

Having an extravagant lifestyle will never be out of reach again, and you no longer have to feel like you are missing out.

The award-winning rosé and chardonnay alternatives are suitable for vegans, organic and halal-friendly.

Each glass is low in calories and has light carbonation, making them ideal for special occasions or even just as a tasty tipple with your food when the fancy takes you.

I am a big fan!

Checked your alcohol limit with drinkaware

U.K. Posh store Havey Nicks Wades In

The Harvey Nichols Alcohol-Free Chardonnay is the perfect alternative to a glass of wine with dinner.

This vegan-friendly product uses the finest expertly de-alcoholised Chardonnay grapes, carefully crafted to provide an incredibly aromatic and flavourful wine. 

With a crisp, fruity taste, this sparkling chardonnay makes for a refreshing drink to accompany seafood and veggies or can be paired with a bitter spritzer to add some bubbles.

Alcohol Free Fizz

The de-alcoholised alternative to Champagne, Harvey Nichols Alcohol-Free Chardonnay, should be celebrated in a flute.

If a whisky chaser is more your style, this wine ‘can’ be enjoyed chilled or mixed with bitter lemon, tonic or soda water to make a mocktail or spritzer.

For a sophisticated tipple, I recommend enjoying seafood, sorbets and sushi.

Fortnum and Alcohol-Free

Fortnum’s sparkling is your ideal bottle for those seeking a drier alternative to rosé. With a combination of 11 teas, Japanese sencha and fruity hibiscus tannins, this champagne-coloured beverage delivers a complex flavour profile.

The tradition of Champagne has been incorporated into the Rosé Sparkling Tea to add a little warmth to the cooler months.

The tea has the same finesse, flavour and dryness as Champagne, a style better known for its elegant elegance and delicate flavours. With Fortnum & Mason’s infusion of 11 teas and various herbal components, these unique flavours are brought together and complement one another in beautiful harmony.

If you love Champagne but don’t always fancy a glass, this is the perfect product. Fortnum & Mason’s new alcohol-free sparkling offers all the taste of Champagne without any of the risks. 

The bottle is a blend of 11 teas and herbal ingredients that deliver the same taste as dry Rosé wine. Perfect for long lunches, afternoon treats or even as an alternative to your morning coffee, so make sure that it’s stocked up for your summer BBQ season!

LA Kombacha and Sparkling Wine.

The LA Brewery Sparkling Kombucha packs a real punch. Unrepentantly fizzy, it’s made from a blend of wild fermented green tea, rose petals and elderflower.

This British-style sparkling rose kombucha is brewed up with a collection of lively botanicals: tangy Assam black tea, white monkey green tea and wild elderflower. 

The result is a delicately effervescent drink with a bright floral aroma, boasting refreshing citrus and rose notes and reminiscent of a glass of Champagne.


LA Kombacha

Display your L.A. Brewery Sparkling English Rose Kombucha in this vintage-inspired bottle and spend your day feeling healthy and inspired by the crisp, dry aroma of rose petals and wildflowers, with a lingering touch of tangy Assam tea!

Mark and Spencer are now chasing the alcohol-free fizz tail.

Of the few non-alcoholic champagnes I love is the M&S Fizzero Rosé blend for its scented strawberry tones conjuring balmy days of summer and a gently sparkling pink fizz.

The green tea in the drink adds to the complexity of flavour is an excellent value for the quality.

If you’re looking for a sun-kissed Provence-style rosé, then M&S Fizzero is the perfect match.

Made from grape juice fermented with green tea and flavoured with hints of strawberry, the fizz is wonderfully refreshing and contains no artificial sweeteners.

The sparkling wine is a superb value, and it’s great on its own or in many summer cocktails.

And if you need to go cheap!


But be under no illusion this is a good buy!

If you’re after a budget-friendly way to enjoy fizz, Nonsecco is perfect.

With elderflower, ginger and lemongrass flavours, it’ll become your favourite for summer parties – and with only 70 calories per glass, it’s suitable for health-conscious drinkers too.

The no-alcohol range is an excellent alternative to alcohol-based drinks, suitable for all occasions and made with natural fruit extracts. Nozeco is the ultimate mocktail – a fruity non-alcoholic cocktail that’s under 70 calories per glass!

Alcohol-Free Champagne is not quite yet, but I’m not complaining.

From your friends and family, you’ll likely get the same answer: yes, alcohol-free Champagne can be just as good as the real deal.

However, if they suggest a specific brand, ask them how they like it, and consider trying it if you haven’t already. You might be surprised by how delicious alcohol-free Champagne can be.

The best part is that it avoids the stigma of being an “alcohol-free beverage” since there are no worries about that person you invited not knowing it was alcohol-free. Instead, this looks like a bottle of Champagne.

Interestingly, a company got creative with repositioning their product to connect better with their audience (and avoid using modifiers as much as possible).

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