50 Tips to drinking less alcohol revealed ( and it is not what you think)

The tips to drinking less alcohol is all about your mindset. It is sometimes jarring, or maybe it is just the recognition that perhaps something better out there.

We all have our reasons.

The truth is alcohol, while safe for many in moderation, can soon become the norm. I mean, look at the size of wine glasses.

Or buy a glass and get the rest of the bottle free.

I mean, you are hardly discouraged, are you?

Change the mind first and with it your belief system.

Drinking Less Alcohol – Top 50

50 – Be grateful for yourself and reduce your alcohol intake by living in the moment. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You would push me back if I pushed you, wouldn’t you?

49 -Keep in mind several times a day how cutting back on alcohol can benefit your health and save you money. But, unfortunately, you can quickly become sidetracked and lose sight of your original purpose.

48- Identify any obstacles that might affect your ability to reduce your excessive drinking during the week and write down strategies to overcome them. However, you are the one that knows your limits the best.

47- Today, be aware of any intense feelings you have regarding alcohol or not. Take an interest in how other people consume alcohol. Praise yourself instead of feeling envious.

After all, you’re on a different path, right?

46- Be open to any fears you have around cut back on alcohol in any form, from beer to wine. The best coaching programme means you have to start from where you are, not where you want to be.


Find An Alcohol Free Drink You Like

45- Commit to supporting the alcohol-free drinks industry like you are the CEO; imagine for every alcohol-free drink you have, you earn an extra pound or dollar in your back pocket. You are leading a cause. Celebrate yourself.

44- There are times when tough love and just plain honesty are needed to limit alcohol consumption. Create an environment that encourages openness and encouragement regarding that extra beer or wine. Then, if it gets tough, say those words, “stop it”.

43- Identify several people or role models who have cut back on alcohol to achieve your specific alcohol-free goals. Celebrities can inspire us as they are so open about it. Use it to your advantage.

42- Don’t make giving up alcohol about you. Instead, make it your mission to inspire someone who’s struggling. Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile for someone. Even for a day, think about others.

I mean, when you are three sheets to the wind, it is the last thing you do, right?

41- List the realistic and unrealistic fears that come to your mind as you reach a goal about your alcohol binge drinking. Then, you can counter them with a hopeful reminder to inspire you to keep going or finish the alcohol reduction project.

Finally, give the project a name.

The truth.

Even though sometimes alcohol reduction decisions are difficult to make, they are worthwhile. Accept the fears that come up.

Drink Less Alcohol Top 40

40- You can “exercise” your life by doing things you find painful, complex, or uncomfortable that help you tackle alcohol reduction. Your strength will grow until it surprises even you as you use and develop every aspect of yourself, and that includes alcohol-free drinks.

39- Sometimes, it isn’t easy to see yourself as unbiased regarding what too much alcohol is. Check out the drinkaware website and know what 14 units mean. You might be making it up!

38- It is essential to acknowledge what you feel about alcohol generally and what you miss not drinking more. But you should accept that these feelings will change because they will if you want them to.

37- Make cutting back on wine and beer a want, not a should. The words should and could imply pressure.

36- Please don’t let your emotions make you give up, hinder your progress in overcoming alcohol, or negatively influence your choice. Instead, be rational and emotional level when you decide what to drink after work.

35- If the pub you go to can’t be bothered to serve alcohol-free options, change the pub. Give your business to someone who gets it.

34- Feel empowered and confident, then go beyond your expectations by recalling, writing down, and memorizing stories (or people’s examples) that inspired you regarding going the extra mile. Finally, apply these lessons to cutting back on alcohol.

When it comes to alcohol and how much you drink, be SMART.

Use SMART goals to cut back on your alcohol

33- Describe your ultimate goal in detail. Establish SMART goals that you can reach. Each one leads you to the next. Smart is:

Specific – How much alcohol, so you want to drink in a week?

Measure this: So in the UK, get clear on what unit of alcohol is?

Achievable- Can you do what you are saying when it comes to alcohol reduction? Just cutting back a little bit can make a massive difference.

Resources – What do you have to help you, a coach, a book a support group, alcohol-free drinks, shopping habits

Time: What is your timescale for doing this. When do you want to cut down your unit? Next week? Or by next month.

32 – Keep a journal. It will help.

It sounds a bit naff, but it works.

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31- Your gratitude and appreciation help you to inspire yourself, as well as others. Talk about it openly, even as a social drinker.

Cutting Back on Alcohol – Top 30

30 – Acknowledge and remind yourself of times when you inspired or helped someone else through a simple act of kindness. Focussed the mind on other things rather than alcohol can make a difference.

29- When someone comes to you for some helping cut back on alcohol, they are coming to you for support. Be proud of that. They want your opinions, suggestions, solutions, regardless of what stage you had.

Step up and continue the excellent work inspiring others.

28- Be mindful of your attitude, emotions, spoken words, and non-verbal communications every time you interact with yourself about the next glass of wine or beer. Ask yourself, “What story are you telling about alcohol?” Your subconscious mind is listening to it.

Manage the Inner Critic and Alcohol

27- Be nice to yourself for giving up alcohol. . Never underestimate the power of an unintentional “helpful” or “kind” message with yourself and others. You are only human, after all.

26- If you aren’t achieving the success you wanted regarding cutting back on alcohol, spend more time participating in activities that inspire and encourage you to succeed. Get a coach; they could save your fortune and help save your life.

25- Practice turning adverse events and actions into positives.

So you did not achieve your alcohol goals this week. No sweat. Identify how the negative things in the past helped you make changes that will enable you to succeed going forward. It is just feedback.

24- Make a conscious effort to focus on the positives regarding drinking less alcohol, regardless of how small. Avoid seeing it as a chore.

Instead, inspire yourself and develop your confidence by adopting a positive mindset.

23- Put together a list of strategies, activities, and actions to help you resist alcohol. Use them to shed discouragement caused by others’ comments or by your negative self-talk.

22- Everyone grows and develops regarding alcohol awareness at a different rate. So permit yourself to extend beyond the people around you. After all, it is not their life. Is it your right?

In some cases, you may outgrow specific individuals. If they refuse to grow, don’t let them limit you. They won’t help you stop drinking alcohol. It is not the norm.

Drinking Less Alcohol Top 20

20- Learning about beer, wine, and even spirits the “hard way” is often painful. However, a “wound” that has healed and the pain went away can give you a new perspective on how an “ugly” experience can affect your life. So keep in mind these past experiences.

19- Feel the strain and pain in your body when you experience pressure and stress. You are becoming stronger mentally or physically through this experience.

Breathe profoundly and express gratitude or can-do attitude by putting a positive spin on it. You are doing what other people won’t do, so of course, it will cause a bit of pain.

Unless it doesn’t, of course.

18- Do not give up on yourself as you work towards your goal. Slowly reaching your goals is better than going too fast and losing valuable experiences and insights along the way.

17- The connections in your life change and grow as you do. Find people with whom you can develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships around drinking alcohol.

Despite the changes in your life, they act as a consistent source of support and stability.

16- Whenever you are uncertain or feel overwhelmed, try a couple of different things out.

Silencing the mind-chatter and allow your compass to direct and help you.

15- Accept and appreciate yourself, just as you are, regarding that extra drink.

Your self-love and confidence shine through to inspire others while reminding yourself that you are worthy and valuable. But, unfortunately, not having self-worth can drive you to drink!

Stop Drinking Alcohol Now Philip Roberts

14- Pay attention to your experience. When you begin to make small changes and take small steps regarding alcohol, you can learn more important things than accomplishing the goal.

Since no one sees your journey from start to finish, you have these lessons and realizations all to yourself.

13- Try to find inspiration by looking at things differently or with a new mindset whenever you need it.

Instead of rehashing the same old, familiar ideas, step out of your comfort zone and explore new and exciting aspects of bar culture.

Having alcohol-free drink choices around you will help.

Always know your limits with Drinkaware.

12- Be optimistic and confident in your outlook and attitude. Alcohol can chip away at your enthusiasm and inspire you throughout the day.

Getting a shot of your favourite tequila is not likely to keep you going.

11- Learn to think positively. Having a positive mindset is essential to achieving your goals.

Do not underestimate the power of believing you cannot. Success is yours if you maintain a positive attitude when reducing alcohol consumption.

Introducing the Top Ten of alcohol reduction

10- Being “normal” is anything but ordinary! Often, innovation comes from the strangest people, and we wish we could develop them. Embrace your uniqueness.

9- In the process of inspiring others, be aware of your feelings and attitude, no matter what. Non-verbal signs may indicate how angry or frustrated you are, even if you smile. Be able to convey the messages you wish to share with your non-verbal communication.

8-Write down people, places, events, stories or books that have inspired you in the past to reach your goals. Could you take a close look at them? Then, decide if any of them can be adapted to meet your current needs and circumstances.

7- Make a note of your goal of what excites you and what motivates you to achieve it to keep on track. Keeping your enthusiasm high is one of the best strategies for ensuring your success.

6- To replicate the success of the previous achievement, it’s essential to follow the prior “recipe,” which leads to that success. Rather than trying to cut corners, doing the right thing is more likely to inspire you and others to continue on your path.

5- To boost your inspiration, inspire someone who has not yet acquired your level of experience or knowledge.

Fancy An Alcohol Free Cider

4- Help others who do not have the advantages you do by repeatedly reaffirming your self-worth and confidence when you doubt yourself. Your desire for alcohol will seem less intense, even if it is just that nightcap.

3- Read less what newspapers tell you about alcohol. They will say it is good for your health, but they never mention the quantity. Social drinking is celebrated as the norm.

2- Always demand alcohol-free choices when you are out. Unless you ask for it, restaurants and bars will never stock it.

1- Celebrate with an alcohol-free drink in your hand but drink something that you like. It might be alcohol-free beer or gin. Build a habit of trying out new drinks with alcohol as there is more out there than you think

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