5 Quick Benefits of Going Alcohol-Free

People on the blog often say to me Phil give us some immediate benefits of going alcohol-free. Now I am all for long-term gain, but it’s surprising how quick the benefits come with an alcohol-free lifestyle!

This is not medical advice, so if you are looking for it, get an expert view.

Yes, I am a trained coach and therapist but let’s leave the medical aspect to better people.

However, what I can give you is what I found to be some quick wins that I experienced after being told I had 48 hours to live.

I was a social drinker but nothing really out of the ordinary. Maybe my media career was catching up with me; who knows.

But you will be giving up for your reasons.

From mental health to being bored with a hangover.


Mental Health and Alcohol

Heaven forbid some people to hate the stuff. People are often judged for giving up alcohol for all the wrong reasons.

I certainly know that from experience.

A friend of mine who was doing a run the next day ordered an alcohol-free beer and was told, “what is the point in that!”.

He is a drinker, so getting some quick wins to cut back or give up the booze is crucial to building a new habit.

So let’s get some quick wins and immediate benefits of saying no to alcohol.

You will seriously feel better after a while

And when I say a while, I mean pretty quickly. Of course, if you have a big addiction to alcohol, you will need to manage that and get assistance.

But for many people, and that’s you included, you will notice the difference pretty quick.

The guest on the alcohol-free drinks podcasts and mental health edition commented that hangovers, mental health and even clearer skin came along quickly.

His point was a good one: we think alcohol makes us feel better, but drinking alcohol makes us feel terrible in reality.

Of course, it can make us feel sociable or even forget our issues or stress, but it is very short-lived.

According to the NHS in the UK, we know that excess alcohol over and above the recommended maximum of 14 units means anxiety and depression can result.

Read what one unit of alcohol is?

So it makes you wonder why it costs so much for us to feel bad?

If that were a holiday we paid for, we would complain.

Taking of holiday alcohol can pile the ponds, so it’s goodbye to that poolside effect look.

Alcohol does nothing for our health.

Now I get asked very often about all the newspapers headlines saying it’s full of antioxidants.

Now my consultant says they have got the point, but they miss the big downside.

All the benefits do not come from alcohol. Yes, they may come from hops and vitamins in the beer and even the grapes in the wine.


Alcohol and Health

But come on the alcohol?

No way. Yes, it can help us socialise and even dutch courage, but you are left with a big fat hangover once that benefit has gone.

So the benefit is health, and that is one of the biggest searched topics online right now.

So health has to be up there; there is so much evidence stacked in its favour.

I have noticed, and readers of the blog have told me they have found other ways to enjoy themselves, which can be challenging given all the social pressure.

After all, what is there to do apart from drink.

I list a range of leisure activities here.

You won’t get addicted to alcohol.

That is good news, right.

But let shout out for addiction for what is it. We are all at it, so let’s not judge addiction when it comes to alcohol consumption.

I can think of lots of things people are addicted to, including in an unhealthy way.

  • Sport
  • Exercise
  • Chocolate
  • Sugar
  • TV
  • Risky behaviour
  • Another drug that is not alcohol
  • Sodas
  • Attention
  • Work
  • Laziness
  • Sex

My affiliate link for my recommendation for addiction to anything is below. It’s a great online course:

I would love to get your thoughts on it. I have gone through it myself, and it’s first-class.

Including chocolate!

Cricky, the list goes on, and I could probably write about addiction on my blog for hours. And not just for alcohol either!

Say I am addicted to cakes and no-one bats an eyelid but mention alcohol, and they think you were on a park bench with a bottle of vodka,

The good news is that if you can cut back on alcohol, your chance of addiction decreases.

And I will let you know how a personal habit can lead to addiction and how the brain works.

Very often, tasks allocated to our so-called subconscious because we cannot think of everything simultaneously.

It’s like riding a bike; eventually, you forget to do it and carry on riding.

If alcohol was labelled a depressive, we might think twice about it.

We are always moving toward pleasure, even if pain can be the outcome.

You will stop getting into a fight with yourself.

A quick win of cutting back alcohol is to stop hating yourself, and your self-esteem will rise.

Drinking wins for alcohol, and it’s a loss for us.


Benefits of Cutting Back On Alcohol

High and lows, plus when you are sober, you notice how it affects other people.

Yes, it starts very lovely, but then it leads to shame, including at work the next day.

It an early win as your sense start to notice the reality around you and trust your life becoming a fuller experience,

This can happen within days. Mine was noticing the park animals much more.

I’m serious.

Nature now plays a significant role in my life than even when I was just a social wine drinker,

Monday’s feel is fresher, for starters!

Oh, and there is less drama. For example, did you know that it costs the NHS 3.5 billion a year in the UK?

Source: NHS UK.

And it is not just the physical impact but the behavioural and mental health as well.

You will save money

I worked with a client once who switched to alcohol-free drinks.

Now alcohol-free beer is not the cheapest in the world

Now the thing is, once you cut back or certainly go alcohol-free, you start to be a bit more sensible in your behaviour


Can Going Alcohol-Free Save You Money?


Once we drink, there are a couple of things that happen

  • We buy things we don’t want
  • We eat things that we don’t need.

This client discovered that although the cost of an alcohol-free beer was not that much cheaper and, in some cases, more expensive. Their behaviour changed.

They stopped buying kebabs or pizzas after the pub.

Instead, they drank more alcohol, and we had all been there. So we have one drink too many and go “one for the road”.

So in effect, one or two non-alcoholic beers became the end of the road for them, not still downing beers three hours later.

It is hard to drink lots of alcohol-free beers.

Plus, they did not go home and order loads of home shopping that arrived the next day unexpectedly in many cases.

Their expenditure dropped significantly and quickly.

It was one of those immediate benefits we talked about at the beginning.

Alcohol-Free Drinks Anyone

Yep if you can get your head around alcohol-free beer, gin wine, your world does open up, and I know it’s not for everyone.

If it’s more of a trigger to drink alcohol, then stay away, but if not, it dramatically increases your world.

Younger people drive the growth, so the industry is here to stay.

And before you say they are awful. I get that.

But the taste has changed from being harmful to very good. No, it’s not alcohol, but it does give us alternatives.

You may get bashed for trying them, but boy, it will open up a whole new word.

What are your immediate benefits?

I would love to hear your immediate benefits if you gave up or cut back on drinking.

Leave your thoughts below and cover everything from your health to saving money.

Or are there any benefits to living alcohol-free that you have found helpful?

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