5 Alcohol-Free New Years Drink Ideas 2022

What can you serve on New Year’s Eve that is alcohol-free and not boring? Do you need some alcohol-free drink ideas for New Year’s Eve?

And if you don’t drink or choose not to on New Year’s Eve, I bet you are just hoping that someone else helps you out.

After all, you might be left with just a cola or, at best fizzy water, and that won’t do, right?

Come on, shake yourself. 

There are so many options right now, from Alcohol-Free Gin to some great-tasting zero beers, so there is no excuse, right?

So there.

You heard me right!

Yep, I am afraid there is more alcohol-free choice than ever, so there is no excuse! Sorry!

The answer is easier than you think.

You don’t have to put much work into it, and you also don’t have to be that creative.

But it is a big but.

You have to put yourself in the shoes of an alcohol-free drinker. Otherwise, nothing will happen.

Nope, not a jot. After all, alcohol and New Year’s Eve is the default, right?

Just imagine how you would feel?

New Year’s Eve and alcohol go together, right?

Sure they do.

For many individuals, New Year’s Eve and alcohol are associated. But with the influx of choice, you might do the right thing and think about the people who don’t drink alcohol.

What are they weird or what?

Well, they might be, but not because they don’t drink alcohol.

Many people can not imagine a New Years Eve party without alcohol; however, each year, many people opt to host a non-alcoholic New Years Eve party.

And that is you, right?

Okay, scrub that. Most people won’t go alcohol-free, and why should they but at least have some options.

Yes, years ago, maybe? Now there is no excuse to get an online order in before the chiming bells start.

No one does deliveries on New Year’s Eve night, and the local takeaway won’t have them either!

Planning is key.

But why bother – just let the idiots drink alcohol

There are many reasons why non-alcoholic New Years Eve celebrations are popular.

  • Religious preferences
  • Alcohol-related catastrophes in the past
  • Simply their way of life.

It might be the incident in the bathroom with Uncle Tom or that long-lost Aunt.

Or, on a serious note, the drunk driver.

You might make all sorts of bad decisions when you have had a drink. This is because alcohol, as we know, changes our behaviour.

You check out your limit on the drink aware website.

Your non-alcoholic New Year’s Eve celebration should be planned carefully, no matter what the reason.

And yes, I know you will have alcohol there. I am just trying to put an alternative view.

If you plan on hosting a non-alcoholic New Years Eve party, you should make it clear from the early phases that the occasion will not consist totally of alcohol.

You might get some friends there that might not turn up otherwise.

Let your guest know, and they will be forever grateful.

Even though it may seem redundant to expressly state that children will not be drinking alcohol at the party, it is not entirely unneeded.

Assuring the other guests and their parents that the New Years Eve party will not tolerate alcohol abuse and have alcohol free options available will help to ensure that the event will run smoothly.

Some people have an issue with kids drinking alcohol-free beer, but it could stop them from sneaking out for alcohol.

Social pressure and all that!

The juice and soda mistake

Go on. They will be okay with orange juice.

Ironically orange juice may have more alcohol in it than you may think!

Is coloa the only alcohol-free option?


Okay, but at least it is a kind of effort.

Even if you plan a non-alcoholic New Year’s Eve party with options, you still have to consider what drinks you will serve to your guests.

And I mean, don’t fall into the cola is a good option mentality.

Make sure your guests have a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks available to them during the party since you cannot expect them to refrain from drinking throughout.

I mean, that is mean, right? You are meany!

As an alcoholic free drinker, would you like it?

If you have ever been to a dry party, you will know what I mean.

The tables are turned.

Okay, so you will want to have some basics.

Juices, sodas, and water are some non-alcoholic beverage ideas.

But why not go wild?

You could also serve mocktails as a beverage option.

They’re non-alcoholic versions of popular cocktails like Martinis, Pina Coladas, and Margaritas in various styles, colours, and flavours.

Choosing non-alcoholic drinks for a New Years Eve party may be one of the essential preparation issues the party host has to deal with, but it’s not the only one.


Well, for the non-drinker in the room, it will matter.

The social pressure increases as the night go on.

Go on, then show us you can have fun without alcohol.

So says one drunk guest to a sober one.

You may think it is bonkers, but trust me, it happens.

However, they put a glass of alcohol-free in their hand from Spirit to Gin and the reaction changes.

People are either too drunk to work it out or seem happy that you are joining in.

I talk about how you get more prejudice for not drinking than you do drinking in my book Stop Drinking Alcohol Now. It was quite an eye-opener.


Stop Drinking Alcohol Now Philip Roberts


So alcohol-free guests will get more challenged as the night goes on.


Which is why it is crucial to give alcohol-free options, right?

New Year’s Eve is never an hour-long party.

Your New Years Eve party will therefore include food and alcohol-free options.

Whether you are planning a New Years Eve party or any other celebration, it is essential to consider this because these parties usually last longer than any other type of celebration.

You may serve a sit-down supper, offer an open-end dinner buffet throughout the night, or serve appetisers and sandwiches throughout the celebration.

Visitors may also be offered a breakfast buffet in the morning.

So alcohol-free bucks fizz or a bloody virgin Mary could be just the ticket.

Imagine having no bubbles at midnight?

It’s a bummer, isn’t it?

Many people can’t imagine a New Year’s Eve party without alcohol, but people choose to host non-alcoholic New Year’s Eve parties every year.

So if that is not the case, the least you can do is think of critical moments, like a welcome drink or a toast.

No matter why you’re throwing a non-alcoholic or booze fest New Year’s Eve party, make sure you prepare thoroughly so everyone has a great time.

You can have a midnight toast too.

Imagine toasting the New Year with orange juice.

It is an afterthought.


5 Easy Alcohol-Free Drinks Options for New Year’s Eve.

I would opt for a range of drinks that complement each part of the evening.

After All, the drinkers will be going for what they deem appropriate at any one time.

For example:

1 – Fizz

Bubble and Alcohol-Free when your guests arrive. I mean, you could be stuck with orange juice, so it makes sense to provide some variety, right?

Noughty Sparkling Alcohol-Free Wine is a great brand but doesn’t sniff at the cheaper brands like non-secco or even Belle and Co.

Belle and Co do a Rose and also have fizzy white.

2- Alcohol-Free Gin Anyone

Everyone likes an option for Gin, well, the alcoholic free stuff if you are going alcohol-free.

You might have noticed alcohol-free Gin is leading the way on options.

The big and small brands are on the case, and it is selling like hotcakes.

If you want to go mid-price, you could do worse than a Tanqueray Alcohol-Free Gin. But failing that, there is now a trend of superstore brands like Asda in the UK.


Alcohol-Free Gin for New Year

Although I think they have priced it too high.

It is Asda Gin, after all. ( Think Walmart in the states)

You will find countless ideas by simply doing a quick search on Google.

For example, alcohol-free beverages are among the hottest trends right now.

3- Non-Alcoholic Beers In a Bucket Or Cider?

It would help if you had beer, and at the want of sounding tedious, go with Heineken Alcohol-Free or Heineken Zero.

People will know the name, and it has broad appeal.

Plus, it comes at a lower and cheaper price nowadays.

Sound boring, I know, but you might get some of the other guests driving home because of it.

Failing that Bud Zero in cans is a great option!

4- Cider Alcohol-Free

Cider, the alcohol-free stuff is often overlooked.

I mean, some people think cider is alcohol-free anyway. But if you want to cater for people who are driving, this is a good option.

Bizarrely it does not come with any alcohol-free baggage.

People might say yes, but it’s cider, so it does not count. But, unfortunately, when it comes to being alcohol-free, people are weird.

I would opt for the fruity range, so Koppaberg is a brand lot of people know and love.

The branding looks the same as their alcohol version, which is good for cred but comes with its curse of looking the same, so check the label.

5- Mocktails for New Year’s Eve

Mocktails are not without the sugar but can add a bit of showbiz to any NewYear’s celebration.

Be aware they can contain lots of sugar, but if you are splashing out, you could opt for a no and low with Seedlip.

This is Seedlip Alcohol-Free Gin with a low-cal tonic.

First, however, make sure it’s one like Fever-Tree.

Apart from that, you can buy some ready-made cocktails. This actually can be an expensive route, so be careful if you are on a budget.

Plus, as you know, shove a sparkling alcohol-free wine in your hand and your anybody’s (alcohol or not).

Just give me some alcohol-free choice.

The fact is you could make someone’s night by getting some alcohol-free choice, so never overlook those weird alcohol-free drinks.

Just go to a decent website, and voila, you can at least provide some alcohol-free sparkling wine or some proper non-alcoholic spirit like Lyres, who do a great range.

It is all really about the guest at the end of the day.

And that matters when it comes to non-alcoholic drinks on New Year’s Eve.

What would be your choice for alcohol-free drinks on New Year’s Eve?

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