30 Days Alcohol Free Benefits

Alcohol-Free for 30 Days

30 days alcohol free benefits is very significant for a couple of reasons, firstly you had built a habit which is key especially if you are a social drinker. Imagine your brain is full of hundred thousand million neurons taking shape in response to the input that you have going into your brain and it loves short cuts as it moves toward pleasure and away from pain. So a habit becomes more difficult to break the more it goes on.

When you do something for over 30 days day alcohol free benefits it will be that more neurons are making connections so the habit is more likely to stick. So what may be the first challenging thing over this period becomes the least as your brain establishes itself to think it is normal. A new habit is formed!

Before my top 5 lets us look a bit at the psychology, think about riding a bike or anything for that matter. You go through 4 key aspects of it.

Unconscious Incompetence.

So you don’t know you cannot ride a bike and frankly nor do you care. The bottom line it’s just not on your radar.

Conscious Incompetence

It’s hard when you realize you don’t know how to ride a bike and you clock your mistakes and your urges to give up.

Conscious Competence

Now you are aware your learning is working, you are achieving wins and you know how to ride a bike

Unconscious Competence.

By this time the subconscious mind is in charge and running the show, you don’t have to think consciously about riding your bike!

Now as I don’t drink anymore my friends are more aware of it than me. So I will go into a bar, maybe look for a suitable alcohol free alternative like San Miguel 0.0 and if they don’t have any choices which is often the case I will just have a soft drink. I am way past my 30 days so my conscious mind doesn’t need to think about it. It is an automatic response.

The aim of 30 days alcohol free benefits is that it becomes natural, a habit you had built up but is it worth it?

1 – Weight loss.

Did you know that one of the top 5 benefits of going alcohol free for 30 days is weight loss. People often ignore the amount of calories in alcohol and we can have anywhere near 228 calories in a large glass of wine. I know people who do the “lets socialize” after the gym with “just a glass” which kind of rules out any benefit they achieved in the gym.

Also, it can affect your blood sugar so as a result you have a “hit” and eat more to sustain the energy.

Think of this equation drink- kebab- no water- sleep

Bar- Nuts -Dehydration- Drink – More Nuts, you get the idea!

How do you want to look in the mirror can easily be part of 30 days alcohol free benefits? Yeah got it ? Great!

2 Your liver regenerates better when you don’t assault it with beer and wine.

So I am not saying your liver will collapse within a day of drinking but over time binge drinking, social drinking and serious drinking as issues can kill us. The reason you are reading this is that I was admitted to hospital with liver disease and hours to live just because a mix of factors meant my liver was failing and badly.

So even if we think we are drinking normally once the damage has been done to the liver it can be irreversible despite what the common perspective is.

Now I was really just a wine drinker so it does not have to be the hard stuff here. Consider making a switch to alcoholic free options and don’t believe the notion that its “OK I am just a binge drinker” gets you out of jail card. It does not!

Over 30 days without alcohol you will at least have a rest and remember you only have one liver. Look out for jaundice and a swollen stomach as that could be a big warning you have liver disease.

There is evidence to say that with minor liver disease the damage could be potentially reversed if you give up or in my case I get to live a bit longer.

Remember Alcohol really dehydrates all the organs of your body, so in reducing your intake your whole body will feel more hydrated and you will end up feeling better as a result. The bottom line we are mostly made of water!

Read my review of alcohol free fizz here for those celebratory moments

3 Better sleep.

Now the notion that you sleep better with a tipple is just not true,

Evidence is increasingly proving that alcohol while maybe helping us to drop off in front of an old episode of Dallas, through the night we do not get the deep sleep we require.

Now get this fact the only time your immune system is in full operational mode is when we are in very deep sleep which means if we are not restless throughout the night you will not feel so lackluster so not only will you feel better in theory you will be less prone to serious disease.

Fact: After 30 days alcohol free benefits will hopefully improve your immune system – now that is a result!

2 You will feel a sense of achievement.

Going no alcohol for 30 days shows to you and others you can commit to something that really matters. This is the kind of momentum you can take into the rest of your life.

This by the way includes money, a client of mine who gave up alcohol for a year went on a luxury holiday instead. You could of course pay into your pension or pay the mortgage with time but I do say make it fun – reward yourself.

I am sure you remember when you achieved things you thought were possible then you did it so it made other goals seem much more doable. You are also more likely to keep the habit up after 30 days or more.

1 You will look and feel younger

Alcohol dehydrates not just your body’s organs but also your skin. After 30 days there is no doubt you will look and feel younger. The bottom line is your sleep will be better, you will be more creative and your brain cells won’t be squashed!

Imagine giving up a toxin for 30 days of course you would feel better. Now for many it is fine and they see no bad side effects but you are still drinking poison, if you drink too much many people can have alcohol poisoning, maybe you just suffer from bad hangover but now you get up early to enjoy the day.

You feel and look better with your weight improved and of course down the line your skin looks less haggard. Apart from UVA rays in sunshine this is probably one of the biggest causes of aging. Stress aside.

No alcoholic options are a reality now, certainly online so I would encourage you to exercise in some way even if it is a walk over 30 days but also to explore other options like my reviews of alcoholic free gin or my favorite zero alcohol beers which I write about here.

The benefits are amazing but only you can make that call.

Have you have built up any habit for 30 days or more and if so what was the effect? When have you tried to keep off alcohol and if so did it work? When you have tried some alcoholic free choices? I would love to know what you think, leave your comment below and I will always respond to you.

6 thoughts on “30 Days Alcohol Free Benefits”

  1. Alcoholism has remained a nightmare in my life. My elder brother made this addiction worse all his life, and our whole family is still in crisis. This article is therefore of special significance to me. Giving up alcohol will increase the body’s digestive capacity – I really benefited from reading this part. It would be nice to have a special article on the relationship between alcoholism and mental illness.

    • Hey thanks for sharing that, its very personal but I know both I and others will appreciate it. I am pleased you found it useful. I will make sure I write a specific article regarding the link of alcohol and mental health. There are a few related articles but not directly. Leave it with me. I really appreciate you taking time out to discuss 30 days alcohol free benefits. Again thanks for sharing your personal story. Addiction is tough in so many ways. Look after yourself and family. Very best wishes, Phil

  2. Hello Phil, its really cool when I see articles about drinking because there was a time I was really heavy on it and I would not like to go through that again because of the damages he caused me. One thing I can certainly say about stopping the habit, even if its for a while, is how much your skim changes and look better compared to when you really drink.

    • Hi there Justin and thanks so much for taking time out to comment on 30 days alcohol free benefits. I enjoyed reading your personal story and I do agree the skin does really change, its amazing the effect it has really. Well done on the lifestyle change, that’s inspiring! Phil

  3. I really enjoyed reading this article. I will take the 30 day challenge. I drink at least 4 to 6 ounces of hard alcohol a day. I want to give that up and live a life style where I can only have a drink at a social gathering. If that is possible. It may be too late and I have to give it up all together.

    • Hey Tammye, thanks so much for leaving a comment, I really value you saying that here. The fact is if it reducing or giving up alcohol its never too late to start taking action, that is a great thing to say. Even a small change can make a big difference. I wish you well and do let me know how you are getting on, I would really love to know, all the very best, Phil


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