Perlenbacher Beer Alcohol-Free

Perlenbacher Alcohol Free

Perlenbacher Beer Alcohol-Free Taste Test This week we went to episode 7 of the alcohol-free drinks podcast from Presented by Ian James the drinker and Phil Roberts. The alcohol-free drinker is Phil and the Alcohol Drinker is Ian. This week we are talking about Perlenbacher Beer Alcohol-Free 0.0 abv You can access the latest …

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The Le Petit Chavin Taste Test

The Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast

The Le Petit Chavin Taste Test This week on the alcohol-free podcast, we run The Le Petit Chavin Taste Test. After all, I need to convince my co-presenter, Ian, about alcohol-free wine, so it’s a chance to see if he can be confident. There is also a conversation about alcohol-free drinks in general, including non-alcoholic …

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Benefits of living alcohol-free

benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle

Benefits of living alcohol-free So it’s been two years since giving up alcohol entirely, and yes, I admit I had no choice. I was just a social wine drinker, but I needed to go alcohol-free if I wanted to live. I am now discovering a range of benefits of living alcohol-free. You will, however, hear …

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Is that non-alcoholic sparkling wine?

The Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast

Is that non-alcoholic sparkling wine? In this episode of the alcohol-free drinks podcast from, Ian and Phil took a taste test of non-alcoholic sparkling wine. After all, Ian would never drink alcohol-free sparkling wine; it’s much too sweet. Find out how Ian gets on doing a blind taste test of Non-Secco, or is it …

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Doom Ale Alcohol-Free Review

Doom Bar Alcohol Free Review

Sharp’s Doom Ale Alcohol-Free 0% Review I was recently given this beer as part of a taste test on the Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast, and at first, I was not sure. Like really not sure. The smell went entirely through me! But to be fair, this is not my bag after all; I am not known …

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The alcohol-free drinks podcast 4

The Alcohol-Free Drinks Poscast

The alcohol-free drinks podcast from Ian James and Phil Roberts. In Episode Four of the Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast, Ian gives Phil a blind taste test of an 0.0% ABV non-alcoholic beer, and it comes with mixed reactions.   Meanwhile, Ian has spotted a Gin online branding itself as low alcohol but dig deeper, and …

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Are Mocktails Good for You?

are mocktails good for you?

Are Mocktails Good for You? If you need to cut back on alcohol, absolutely, but cutting back on sugar may not be so good when it comes to Mocktails. There is a lot of mocktail choice, but non-alcoholic drinks are not diet drinks. So are mocktails good for you? Although a few have some secret …

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Best Beer Without Alcohol

best beer without alcohol

Best Beer Without Alcohol There is an increasing choice of alcohol-free beer or so-called non-alcoholic beer every year. The mistake some people make is trying to go for something that they don’t like just because it is the best beer without alcohol on some review site. However, your taste buds will never lie. If you …

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The Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast 3

The Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast Episode 3

The Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast Episode Three In Episode Three of the Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast from, Phil defends Seedlip Alcohol-Free Gin and even says it could be the next alcohol-free diet drink. Or should he be saying alcohol-free spirit? What is alcohol-free gin anyway? Meanwhile, Ian is determined to talk about alcohol-free beer and has some news about Bavaria 0.0 …

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Does Alcohol cause Anxiety?

does alcohol cause anxiety?

Does Alcohol cause Anxiety? We have all been there. You watch a TV soap opera, and the person opens a bottle of wine and says, that is just what I need. So does alcohol cause anxiety? It certainly can, and yes, I’m an advocate of alcohol-free drink, but as a BWRT Practitioner who helps others, …

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