Is non-alcoholic like natural wine?

Does non-alcoholic wine taste like real wine?

Does non-alcoholic wine taste like natural wine? The question about the taste of alcohol-free wine is excellent and asked a lot on this blog. Does non-alcoholic wine taste like natural wine? The answer is yes and no. The problem I have seen is two-fold. The wine industry made some fairly awful wine initially, which, let …

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Is alcohol-free sangria worth it?

sangria alcohol free

Is alcohol-free sangria worth it? Yes, it is the answer. People often ask if making alcohol free sangria is worth it, holidaymakers, and the answer is a big yes. The reason is that with the advent of alcohol-free wine and spirits, you can quickly create an alcohol-free sangria that is worth it. And no, it’s …

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What Is A Mocktail Drink?

what is a mocktail drink ?

What Is A Mocktail Drink? They say that you know when something has gone mainstream when people start looking it up in a dictionary, and it is there. Well, what is a mocktail drink is now in the dictionary. Merriam-Webster defines a mocktail as a usually iced drink made with any of various ingredients, and …

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Facts About Drinking Alcohol

facts about drinking alcohol

Facts About Drinking Alcohol  Since becoming tea total because of my health, I am always told facts about drinking alcohol. Most of which, like any fact, are made up on the spot. It’s like lies. They often go around faster than truth. As a human, we can be very dramatic at times. But I think …

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Alcohol Free Spritz Review

alcohol free spritz review

Alcohol-Free Spritz The fact is Spitz is one of those alternatives that not everyone gets if you were to ask for it when you are out. Ask for an alcohol-free spritz, and it creates even more confusion. A Spritz can go in and out of fashion, but there is a strange movement happening right now, …

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Seedlip Gift Set Review

seedlip gift set

Seedlip Gift Set Review More and more people are finding out about drinking alcohol-free gin. In fact, since giving up alcohol, it’s been a lifesaver in terms of choice. Seedlip Gift Review which I have written is key as an alcohol-free spirit option that I reckon ticks a lot of boxes. We know that finding …

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Alcohol Free Eggnog Review

alcohol free eggnog

Alcohol Free Eggnog Review Now before you go “it’s not Christmas” I really don’t care. Alcohol Free EggNog is an option. And us alcohol free drinkers welcome options with open arms. When was the last time your walked into a bar and there was an alcoholic free drinks’ menu on the table. Exactly! In fact …

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Can Red Wine Lower Blood Pressure?

Does Red Wine Lower Blood Pressure

Can Red Wine Lower Blood Pressure? You maybe see it a lot in health magazines. Can Red Wine Lower Blood pressure? However, as an alcohol free blog maybe the question is. What about alcohol free Red wine – can it have the same effect? Can Non Alcoholic Red Wine actually lower blood pressure? You have …

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