Can someone be allergic to alcohol ?

Can someone be allergic to alcohol

Can someone be allergic to alcohol and how would I know? Yes it is the possible but like any allergy it can be complicated. After all it could be for various reasons like the alcohol itself or the ingredients of alcohol. It is rare to be allergic to alcohol free. It depends on the contents …

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Torres Alcohol Free wine great choice

torres alcohol free wine

Torres Alcohol Free wine and why its special Before I developed liver disease as a result of many factors but social wine drinking surprisingly was in there, just shows you …well I loved wine. However, I was an average drinker compared to many of my friends. But I loved many wines per se as you …

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Aldi Alcohol Free Gin

Aldi Alcohol Free Gin – Worth It It smells like Grandma! Slightly harsh I thought when I read some of the reviews so they must have been trying a different product. After all I may not want to drink alcohol, in fact I can’t, it would kill me but I still want choice and good …

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The advantages of not drinking alcohol

The Advantages of not drinking alcohol

The advantages of not drinking alcohol – my top tips The advantages of not drinking alcohol are clear but to be honest we often don’t see them until we stop drinking. I am not even talking about “problem drinking” here either. In the UK the guidelines are 14 units per week and as one of …

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Alcohol Free Beer Reviews lets go craft

Alcohol Free Beer Reviews

Alcohol free beer reviews lets go craft Is it lager, normal beer, craft beer or what is it ? I’ll let you into a bit of a secret. I am not like some of these guys you read about on the internet who have mastered their craft beer and know the in’s and out’s. To …

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Signs Liver Disease

signs liver disease

Signs liver disease Straight up you may not notice the signs liver disease and it is more likely those people who are not close to you may notice it more. Pay attention to casual comments. I certainly wish I had. To be honest I never would have thought I would have liver disease as a …

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