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People often ask me about 100 alcohol free beer and of course what they mean is 100% alcohol free.

I have to be honest I am the same as I prefer zero alcohol beer as opposed to alcohol beer with low amounts of alcohol in them.

So in terms of alcohol by volume and that being zero well it’s really up there when I make my choice in terms of beer, wine and gin.

For me it’s my health and my safety but for others it’s just a personal choice and of course many people don’t drink for various reasons.

  • They Don’t want to
  • They Can’t
  • They Choose Not to drink alcohol

From getting fit and healthy to some readers to this blog who just have an intolerance to alcohol.

There are more people who choose not to drink alcohol than you might think.

The reasons are numerous.

This is where a relatively new brand of alcohol free beer comes into the mix.

It’s called Days and it’s 0.0% and alcohol free.

And I have to say it’s getting rave reviews from you here on the blog and elsewhere.

So what is special about Days Beer?

Recently I reviewed Bear Drop Beer which is made in Wales and I got cheered on by the Welsh.

Now it’s the turn to celebrate the Scottish brewer in the 100 alcohol free beer category.

Days is a 0.0% abv alcohol free beer and has its origins in Scotland which is great.

Although I think its an alcohol free lager really!

In fact Scotland has in many ways been leading the charge on the impact of alcohol on society with law of price and regulation of sales on alcoholic drinks.

The BBC reported on it here.

Not only is “Days Lager” a Non-Alcoholic Lager it ticks a lot of other boxes as well.

So it’s good if you are watching the calories as it is relatively low in that area.

It’s Vegan which continues to attract even alcohol based beer drinkers because they are looking for drink criteria that fits with their nutritional priorities.

Many people on the blog have also said that they appreciate the use of “Locally Sourced Scottish Water” and “Malt Barley” as more and more people are appreciating food and drink made near to them.

Local is a new trend that is coming back into fashion.

100 Alcohol Free Beer

The fact that Days Lager uses locally sourced ingredients probably accounts for its clear and crisp taste. It just feels fresh.

It’s a bit like drinking stuff in Ireland, you just know it’s made locally. I don’t know how you can tell but you can!

The taste buds light up!

Read my view of Seelip Alcohol Free Gin here and why is good for the waistline.

What’s in Days Lager Beer?

Apart from the fact it’s crisp and dry people go straight to the calories when it comes to alcohol free beer.

People often make the connection and here it’s a good story and it comes in at only 73 calories.

Now I am not a brewing expert and in fact I know more about beer since I became alcohol free than before when I drank alcohol .

However, if you are an expert you will have heard of Hallertau hops which are considered exceptionally good quality.

Hallertau hops

Days Lager say they use a unique alcohol free brewing process but then again lots of brewers do to be fair!

I would say however that whatever they do the taste is both a refreshing lager with a light malt feel.

Days alcohol free beer have kept some of the feel of alcohol beer and here you are not disappointed with malted floral and citrus essence jumping through.

Natural Ingredients and Credentials

Days uses sourced water from the nearby Scottish springs, malt barley and because of its vegan credentials it uses all natural ingredients.

Days Lager

You can actually tell the natural ingredients used from the taste.

The brewing process is like a few of the other Alcohol Free Beers and they don’t have to get rid of the alcohol or make it evaporate.

So it really is a truly alcohol free 0.0% beer.

Once you buy Days Alcohol Free Beer you are looking for 100 alcohol free beer but some of your investment goes into an activity to do with mental health.

It amounts to 2 percent of your spend and that I have to say is very impressive!

Days Beer also looks after the environment so the containing bottles are made for that purpose and of course the glass can be recycled, supplied in eco-friendly, recyclable glass bottles.

It’s a great advert for Scottish Brewing overall.

You can purchase the Days Beer here via an affiliate link below.

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases but this does not affect what you pay. I do my best to make that clear at all times and follow FTC guidelines.



What are my pros and cons?

To be honest it’s hard to find many cons with this beer and it tastes fantastic and it would be up there with my favorites. I actually give it 9/10.


  • Good branding
  • Amber color and feel
  • 0.0% abv – so alcohol free
  • Well branded in terms if calories and alcohol volume
  • Taste good so could really help you cut back on booze
  • Great credentials and contribution to the wider society
  • No Hangover
  • Natural Water and Ingredients
  • Scottish Brewery and proud of it
  • Good fruit flavor
  • 75 calories
  • Great for summer
  • Good for Spanish or Tapas Food


Days Beers has 75 calories

Days Beer accounts for 75 calories


  • Tastes more Moretti than Bud which you might expect from this type of beer ( personal taste)
  • Needs to be really cold
  • Can be a bit fruit orientated for some palettes
  • Because of the calories being low you might over drink it!
  • Remember alcohol free beer still has calories!

If you are worried about your drinking by the way and even think you just might be going over the limit the best resource to start out with is the drink aware website.

Remember 1 unit is a standard drink not a large one.

It is quite common for people to think a large glass of wine is 1 unit for example.

If you are interested in other craft beer you might be interested in reading my review of Bear Drop Beer and here we move from Scotland to Wales!

I predict local alcohol free brewing is going to be a trend moving forward.

Food wise

To be honest, this is the sort of alcohol free beer that could go easily with any food.

It would not be out of place for an Indian if you could get away from the Cobra Zero. Which is excellent by the way.

Days Alcohol Free Beer is perfect for Thai, Chinese or Italian.

Thai works especially because of the freshness of the alcohol free lager and the spice combination.

Thai Food and Alcohol Free Beer


However, the reason I really like this alcohol free beer is that it can be drunk by itself!

The problem with many alcohol free choice beers in the 100 alcohol free beer department is that people often try to pair it off with food because it might somehow mask the fact its got no alcohol!

In fact the opposite is true of this beer. You know it has no alcohol and it’s better tasting wine for it.

The by gone era of bad tasting alcohol free beer has gone thank goodness!

  • It quenches a thirst pre-dinner or ideal for just a house party.
  • It’s crisp by nature and that makes a massive difference!

Have you tried Days Alcohol Free Lager?

If so I would love to know what you think about it.

Do you like all the natural ingredients and do you actually care about the brewing process?

Does the location of the beer influence you’re purchasing decision and do you think 100% alcohol free has improved.

Or do you prefer some alcohol to be in the mix?

What other 100 alcohol free beer have you tried and is an ABV of 0.0% important to you? I would love to hear your thoughts and I always get back to you.


6 thoughts on “100 alcohol free beer – Days Lager”

  1. Hi, thanks for this article on 100 alcohol free beer called Days, I am not a fan of alcohol, so this is good news for me. My only concern is the ability to gain a lot of weight from the consumption of too much beer, apart from that I will give this alcohol free beer a try any time. I don’t think the location of the beer’s production is a factor as long as the days of bad tasting beers are gone, I am happy with a good tasting alcohol free beer from any part of the world!

    • Hey Nedia, thanks so much you are right about great beer is great beer and if its alcohol free fantastic! You are right to flag the calories with alcohol free. 

      Many people think alcohol free beer is zero calories and while its going in the right direction, of course it still has calories. You make any excellent point. 

      I really enjoyed reading your comment and thanks so much for commenting on 100 alcohol free beer. All the best, Phil

  2. Hi Phil,
    The start of 100% alcohol free catch my attention, 75 calories is great too cuz all the the beverage we drink there’s people out there very conscious of how much calories they take so another’s point that Days Beer will be known globally.

    Health wise as you said various reason but would like to emphasize for sure fellow out there like me #1 nutritional ingredients & environmental friendly is the key, do you agree with me? #2 you gave a person whose tryingto quit alcohol and the same time they will not be out of the crowd if they were in the party seems you know what’s needed to be introduced one of the healthy lifestyle !

    I will be your fan to campaigning to try your Days beer fir 100% alcohol free!

    Congratulations and Cheers to you,


    • Hey Jocelyn, thanks for a great comment and lots of great thoughts in there and a very good summmary.I am so pleased you connected. All the best, Phil

  3. I liked your article on alcohol-free beer. The best I’ve read. I’m a beer lover myself, but I can rarely afford it because I have to be at the wheel a lot. As far as I’ve tried these non-alcoholic beers, they still fall short of the originals. I wanted to suggest you because you are interested in a topic like this, have you tried your Eastern European beer. Namely, I live in a place where the beer culture is already 200 years old, and I would dare to recommend Saku Original. You can’t buy it outside Estonia at all, but I know that it is perfect and best than imported beers.

    • Hey Lea, thanks so much for your great comment on 100 alcohol free beer. It is really appreciated. 

      I agree some of the alcohol free beer brands were really lacking although I think there are some great ones out there now including Days beer.

      In my mind they have massively improved.

      I love it when people make suggestions on products to try so I have added those to my list and hopefully I will be able to write a review of them. Its on my list!

      I really love the fact you did that. Brilliant!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and all the very best, Phil


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