00abv.com Rating Peroni Alcohol Free

In my top three percent for 0.0 abv choice for non-alcoholic beers and the taste holds its own against its alcoholic friend. Its Peroni Alcohol Free .

Remember its brand is Peroni Libera. Personally love it so 10/10 but it does come with a price tag.

Product Description

  • Crisp refreshing with a fruity but subtle aromas.
  • Totally 0.0% ABV thus I am happy reviewing for 00abv.com
  • Quite new to the Peroni family.

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  • Clearly I like it as it adds another option to our restrictive choice in bars and is what I would call a clean beer.
  • Easy to order online.
  • Great taste and you can tell its part of the Peroni brand. 0.0% ABV.


Peroni Alcohol Free


Cons are that there is still some confusion around the brand with some customers asking for Peroni Alcohol Free and some  going direct for the brand name so Libera.

I have to say when I use Libera they say they don’t stock it even though its clearly in the fridge. Drink cold and out the bottle for the best taste.


A bottle of Peroni Alcohol Free is not always at the cheaper end and you can end up paying a few pounds more but its a quality brand and excellent taste.


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Product Specifications

Ingredients- Water, Barley Malt, Italian Maize, Hops, Natural Flavorings

Allergy Information -Contains Barley

73 Calories per  330 ml bottle
0.0% ABV so (alcohol by volume)

Enjoy Peroni Alcohol Free with

To be honest I would have this with a curry if there was no Cobra Zero on offer. So great with pizza and nuts and nibbles but watch the salt content if you have a low sodium diet.

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Certainly 10/10 from me price aside, great taste and I would seek it out if in a bar or online especially if you like Peroni as a brand. Peroni Alcohol Free really does make an alchol free beer worth seeking out.



6 thoughts on “Peroni Alcohol Free – Review”

  1. Interesting. This is my first time come across a non-alcoholic beer. May I know this beer is available in your country only or internationally?

    Can you taste the different compare with a alcohol contain beer?

    • Hi Janet, like with most non alcoloic beer its still finding its feet so it can be hit and miss. However Peroni exports internationally so you should be able to find it. If you let me know which country you are in I will do some digging around options for you. Thanks for asking and sharing, Phil

  2. I would definitely be interested in trying this. I do find it difficult finding great tasting non alcoholic beers. I do like Peroni, the alcohol version but it’s great they now offer this.

    it is quite pricy but maybe its worth paying when you find a good one.

    I appreciate the review though otherwise I would never have come across this.

    • Thanks Amy, I really like the taste of this and it comes with a great brand. Thanks so much for taking time out to comment. Phil

  3. Peroni was always a favourite brand of mine, so I imagine the quality must be as good as the reputation says so far.

    The 0.0% business is gaining speed these days and in my country you can find it everywhere. I did like the way you put all in order with the pros, cons and suggestions, it’s definitely a good approach for keeping your audience engaged in future post. thanks Phil.

    • Thanks Kosta, I generally get good feedback on the pros and cons approach so I will keep to that format. It is interesting that the 0.0% ABV progression is happening in lots of countries. I really appreciate you taking time out to comment. Thanks very much, Phil


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