00abv.com Review for Seedlip Non Alcoholic Spirits

00abv.com Rating for Seedlip Non Alcoholic Spirits

In my top one percent for 0.0 abv % choice for a spirit alternative and the taste is first class as an “alternative” in my view. Remember its not trying to be gin. Personally love it so 10/10 but it does come with a price tag.

Product Description

  • Sugar and sweeteners free, Calorie free, No allergens, No artificial colors or flavours
  • 0% ABV thus I am happy reviewing for 00abv.com
  • There are three varieties so called Mediterranean Orange, Lemon peel, Ginger & Lemongrass with an essence of Japanese Sansho Peppercorn. You will need a tonic and I’d recommend Fever-Tree great taste.

Pros & Cons

0.0% ABV in terms alcohol and an excellent alternative to a gin before dinner or on those special occasions. It can also be sold under the banner of a mocktail sometimes. Cons its pricey so try one maybe or get a bottle for a few friends and try it out. It can also come in a small taster set so you can to make sure you like it as an alternative.

It’s not everywhere and in terms of bars there is selective positioning of where its sold and bar staff don’t always know what to do with it. I once had to tell them how to serve it which in essence as you would a spirit. It’s not cheap stuff!


A bottle of seedlip non-alcoholic spirits comes in at around £23.00 to £27.00 as an average so restaurant do charge the same if not more than a shot of gin.

Alcohol Free

Yes 100% so no worries. To be clear this is not gin but an alternative mix of herbs and spice without juniper. It’s definitely 0.0 abv so an bonus. I can get it in Manchester UK with a lovely tonic for £5 so a very fair price. It is not brand itself as gin which can help. Double check if its in an order with gin and tonics to be safe and ask for it to be served separately.


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Product Specifications

Their own brands sum it up when it says “The world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits solving the dilemma of ‘What to drink. when you’re Not drinking®.’ Three sugar-free expressions to discover. Browse today. Calorie Free. Bottled in England.

No Calories” So a double bonus there but the tonic you choose can add the calories. Your call really.

Enjoy Seedlip Non Alcoholic Spirits With

Not sure I would have it with food but neither would I have had a gin and tonic when I drank so i’d say great for pre or post dinner drinks or special occasions. Nice for the weekend. I bought some for Christmas Day. 10/10 despite the price.

Do you drink it ?

Yes I don’t recommend anything I have not tried. It is also liked a lot by people who do drink gin as an alternative when driving or at times you need to be safe.

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