00abv.com Rating Review for Simple Moisturizer 10/10


00abv.com Rating for Simple Moisturizer 10/10

In my top one percent choice for moisturizers without alcohol and the added nasties that go into many of these products without you really knowing unless you check.

Product Description

They have various products from wipes to face moisturizers with zero alcohol so probably one of the best options out there. Personally it is great for dry and sensitive skin and if you avoid alcohol which dries the skins from products generally its an ideal find. I find it very hard to find moisturizers that do not contain any non alcohol on the label so Simple Moisturizers products such as face moisturizers have really helped to keep my skin healthy and refreshing without the worry of the ingredients. The good news is it always protects you from the sun with a UVB protection built in on many products.


Many of the Simple Moisturizer ranges are alcohol free so a great way to continue to use these creams that are suitable for both men and women. I used to use the NO7 Men range in the UK.

The price is fantastic when comparing the elite range of moisturizers for both men and women. It is produced by Unilever, a big brand and the Simple moisturizer branding is clear to be fair to them. The fact it’s produced by a big company could be a con to you depending on your shopping values. Always looking for something handmade and a small company to support.


Some Simple Moisturizer range does contain alcohol and does not add a UVB filter but the packaging is generally clear but do check to make sure.


The price varies from £3-£5 but is generally within that range and when compared to others I would say is a good value.


Usually statutory rights apply but they are very clear on their ingredients which is a good thing and labeling is excellent.

Product Specifications

Dermatological tested, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. No artificial color, perfume or harsh chemicals that can upset your skin. Perfect for sensitive skin. They are also clear on their environmental objective including packaging. 

Simple Moisturizer works with their other products

Given that I have found a brand that supports clean ingredients and zero alcohol I tend to combine it with other products from the range. So check out which one suits you and double check the alcohol factor if that is a concern. I certainly use the face wash. Pretty much unisex throughout its range.


Firstly I do not review anything I have not used myself and I really rate it especially on its ingredients and price. Let me know what you think and comment below.

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