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Why drinks at work are not a good idea ! My top Five

We have all been there when the boss decided drinks at work are a good thing. Now don’t get me wrong I think social life and work can be a great thing, such as building relationships, talking through things, mixing with other departments. To be fair I could write a top 5 reasons why they […]

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Becks Blue Review – First or Best?

Overall Rank for Becks Blue Review Now Becks Blue was one of the original and not very good either. However over the years it has improved and been the first if not the only offer in many bars. For me personally I go with the saying you have to be first or best. In Beck’s […]

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Problem Drinking vs Alcoholism – is there a difference?

  Problem drinking vs Alcoholism So problem drinking versus alcoholism, is there really a difference? Firstly you can read about my symptoms of liver disease here if that is helpful. I was certainly an average drinker with only really wine as my drink but the drinking can be exasperated by stress and other conditions. It […]

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Alcohol Free Fizz – Overall Rank for Thomson & Scott Sparkling

  Another Alcohol Free Fizz hits the market! At a time when beers, alcohol free gin is making great strides but the wine is not,it is fantastic that we have some fizz to champion where the producers seem to really care about the credentials and the packaging. Overall Rank for Thomson & Scott Sparkling, 75cl […]

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Attitudes to alcohol -the top five challenges

If you are like me and have gone on a journey where alcohol has been an issue for you then you will sure have put up with all sorts of attitudes to alcohol getting in the way. I was slightly different in my experience to many and you will be as well. My liver suddenly […]

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Does Alcohol Stop Antibiotics Working ?

This was one of the early things I used to hear as a kid, my mum would come home with some antibiotics and say to my Dad, “I’ll have to give up sherry for a while as you can’t take antibiotics with alcohol”. So does alcohol stop antibiotics working? Of course these times have gone […]

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Low and no alcohol sales on the up

So it seems lock down may have had the opposite effect on increasing people’s low and no alcohol choice. Its gone up. Retailers are pleased,  well the ones that have seemed to have geared up to prepare. Retailers Over in Australia which is a market I don’t know much about the trends are really setting […]

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Alcohol Free Deodorant – it might seem an after thought

When you embark on an alcohol free lifestyle (so not drinking alcohol) the last thing you are probably thinking about is other products that may contain alcohol. Who would have for instance thought of alcohol free deodorant. Again this is probably totally safe but with serious liver conditions I did not take any chances. Imagine […]

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Alcohol Free Gin – Caleño’s ‘Juniper & Inca berry’ (Review)

It’s probably true that in my search for 0.0% abv choice the alternative to gin really packs some punches. I was not expecting there to be such a choice growing in the market. I feel like the makers have seen the opportunity and run with it. I think this is definitely true of Caleño’s ‘Juniper […]

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Alcohol Liver Cirrhosis Treatment – My Story

Now this comes with a big caveat here as this is my experience and you should really discuss with your medical professional as much as possible or an organization such as the Liver Trust here in the UK who can guide you. If you are not in the UK as many of you won’t be […]