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Low and no alcohol sales on the up

So it seems lock down may have had the opposite effect on increasing people’s low and no alcohol choice. Its gone up. Retailers are pleased,  well the ones that have seemed to have geared up to prepare. Retailers Over in Australia which is a market I don’t know much about the trends are really setting […]

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Alcohol Free Deodorant – it might seem an after thought

When you embark on an alcohol free lifestyle (so not drinking alcohol) the last thing you are probably thinking about is other products that may contain alcohol. Who would have for instance thought of alcohol free deodorant. Again this is probably totally safe but with serious liver conditions I did not take any chances. Imagine […]

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Alcohol Free Gin – Caleño’s ‘Juniper & Inca berry’ (Review)

It’s probably true that in my search for 0.0% abv choice the alternative to gin really packs some punches. I was not expecting there to be such a choice growing in the market. I feel like the makers have seen the opportunity and run with it. I think this is definitely true of Caleño’s ‘Juniper […]

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Alcohol Liver Cirrhosis Treatment – My Story

Now this comes with a big caveat here as this is my experience and you should really discuss with your medical professional as much as possible or an organization such as the Liver Trust here in the UK who can guide you. If you are not in the UK as many of you won’t be […]

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Dash Water – I’m inspired – Cucumber review

Review for Dash Water – I’m Inspired by a taste of cucumber Alcohol alternatives come in all shares and size, and in our world anything that offers an alternative is to be welcomed Overall Rank for Dash Water -Rating 10/10 Its terms of alcohol alternatives particularly as summer is upon us I am always excited […]

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Why quit drinking alcohol?

Why quit drinking alcohol? To be honest there never goes a day when I don’t hear the words “ I should drink less”. I probably would be saying that as well if my hospital consultant had not said “one more drink could kill you!”. I certainly did not need much persuasion and I was the […]

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Heineken Zero Alcohol Beer – it’s mainstream – review

  Overall Rank for Heineken Zero Alcohol beer In my view this has now gone mainstream so if you have a mainstream bar with limited knowledge of buying alcohol free beer they might well go for this one. Rating 7/10 Heineken zero alcohol beer is in my top five 0.0 choices but I would put […]

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Curbing alcohol cravings

Curbing alcohol cravings can be a good thought however it needs help and a strategy, Even me thinking “cravings” can produce more and more of them. So here are a few strategies if like me you can’t drink alcohol or you just choose not to. Try them on for size, have fun with them and […]

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Five things people only say to you if your tea total

  What does tea total even mean? If you search the term tea total there are many references’. Nowadays it is generally used to describe someone who does not partake of any alcohol in a very sturdy kind of way. It might even be said down someone’s nose. So your tea total? One of the […]

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Alcohol Free Fizz – Scavi & Ray Alcohol Free Sparkling, 75cl

  Alcohol Free Fizz – The New Prosecco for Zero Alcohol Drinkers? Yes in my view, its good because the market is seriously lacking so I appauld this. We need more choice at the pre-dinner moment, the party or awards event. Overall Rank for Scavi & Ray Alcohol Free Sparkling, 75cl Now I don’t have […]